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16 References

16 References

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Sustainable Neighbourhoods Design Manual - produced by the Sustainability Institute 2009/2010
Sustainable Neighbourhoods Design Manual - produced by the Sustainability Institute 2009/2010

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Published by: Sustainable Neighbourhoods Network on Nov 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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page 182
Chapter 1: Introduction
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Breaking New Ground,
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Our Common Future.
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Chapter 2: Sustainable Housing Options
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5 Year Plan or Cape Town.
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Ecological Design Module
at the Sustainability Institute May 31-June 5, 2004.Meadows, D.H.; Meadows, D.L. & Randers, J. 2004.
Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update
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page 183
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Chapter 3: Sustainable Building Materials
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Green Bricks Save on Electricity.
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Internet resources:
Chapter 4: Renewable Energy options or Domestic Use
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page 184
Sustainable Energy Arica. 2007.
Energy Baseline Analysis
, commissioned by the UNDP and Sustainability Institute.
Chapter 5: Solid Waste Management
 Agama Energy & The Sustainability Institute. 2007.
Biouels in the City o Cape Town
. Unpublished report commissioned by theSustainability Institute and unded by the United Nations Development Program. Agama Energy and The Sustainability Institute.BBBEE. 2003. No. 53 o 2003:
Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 2003.
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Integrated Analysis Solid Waste Baseline Report.
Unpublished report commissioned by theSustainability Institute and unded by the United Nations Development Program. Resource Management Services.Environment Conservation Act. 1989. Act No 73 o 1989. GN. 1986, GG12703, 24 August 1990.Moodley, S. 2007.
“Turning a Landfll into an Asset”
. SA Delivery 2007. Accessed on 21 November, 2008 rom http://www.sadelivery.co.za/documents/edition11/what%20works_Marionhill0305.pd Nampak Recycling. 2009.
Metal Recycling.
Accessed on 5 February, 2009 rom http://www.nampak.co.za/scripts/environment/metal_recycle.aspNEMWA, 2008.
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National Environmental Management: Waste Bill 
[B39B-2007] ISBN 978-1-77037-032-6. As introduced in the National Assembly (proposed section 76); explanatory summary o Bill published in Government Gazette No. 30142 o 3 August 2007 [National Assembly]. Minister o Environmental Aairs and Tourism.PETCO, April 2007. Presentation Given by Cheri Scholtz at the CCT Waste Minimisation Summit, April 2007.Skills Development Act, 1998.
No 97 o 1998: Skills Development Act, 1998.
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 Anglo-American’s Mondi Recycling Empowering Supply Chains.
World Business Council or SustainableDevelopment, 2005.Wienand, R. 2007.
Durban’s Electricity rom Landfll Gas CDM Project.
Accessed on November 21, 2008 rom http://www.eepublishers.co.za/view.php?sid=13672
Internet resources:
PET Plastic Recycling South Arica.http://www.petco.co.za/index.cm?ActionID=47&iDivStyle=3

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