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The Chronicles of Narnia 1

The Chronicles of Narnia 1

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Published by Alankrit Srivastava

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Published by: Alankrit Srivastava on Jan 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The chronicles of Narnia: the Lion,the Witch and the Wardrobe
During the 1940 bombing of Finchley, London, the Pevensiechildren,Peter ,Susan,EdmundandLucy, are endangered by falling bombs. They areevacuatedto the country home of Professor DigoryKirke.While they are playinghide-and-seek, Lucy discovers awardrobeand enters a wintryfantasy worldcalledNarnia. She spends a few hours in the home of thefaun,Mr. Tumnus, who explains thatJadis, the White Witch, cursed Narnia, and it has been winter for one hundredyears. If a human is ever encountered, they are to be brought to her.Tumnus likes Lucy and cannot bring himself to kidnap her, so hesends her home. When she returns hardly any time has passed in thenormal world, and when the other children check the Wardrobe, allthey see is a normal wooden back.A few days later, Edmund follows Lucy into the wardrobe, meetingthe White Witch and her dwarf  Ginarrbrik. She offers himTurkish Delightas well as the prospect of becoming king if Edmund brings hisbrother and sisters to her castle. After she departs Edmund and Lucymeet again and return; Lucy tells Peter and Susan about theexperience, but Edmund denies it. The Professor talks with Peter andSusan; he does not understand why they do not believe Lucy's storyand gives them three possible explanations of Lucy's behavior madness, dishonesty and sincerity — the others know she isneither mad nor dishonest, so she must be telling the truth.While running away from the housekeeper after breaking a window,the four siblings retreat to the wardrobe and enter Narnia. Theydiscover Mr. Tumnus has been taken by the Witch's secret police andmeet talking beavers who tell them aboutAslan. According to thebeavers Aslan is on the move to take control of Narnia from theWitch. The four must help Aslan and his followers; it has
beenprophesiedthat when two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve sit in the four thrones, the Witch's reign will end.Edmund sneaks off to visit the Witch. When he arrives at her castle,she is angry that he did not deliver his siblings. The Witch sendswolves to hunt down the children and the beavers, who barelyescape. Edmund is chained in the Witch's dungeon where he meetsMr. Tumnus. The Witch demands that Edmund reveal where hissiblings are because her police could not find them; Edmundhesitates when Tumnus claims that Edmund does not know anything.The witch tells Mr. Tumnus that Edmund betrayed him, then turns Mr.Tumnus to stone.While Peter, Lucy, Susan and the beavers travel to the Stone Table,they see what they believe to be the White Witch chasing after them,so they hide. It is reallyFather Christmas, a sign that the Witch'sreign is ending. Father Christmas gives Lucy a bottle of cordialthatwill cure any injury or sickness and a dagger to defend herself with,Susan a bow and arrows and a magical horn that will summon helpwhen blown, and Peter a sword and shield.Pursued by wolves led byMaugrim, the group crosses a thawingriver, leaving the Witch unable to reach them. Arriving at Aslan'scamp, the group encounters Aslan, who is revealed as a huge andnoble lion. Aslan promises to help Edmund in any way he can. Later,two wolves ambush Lucy and Susan while they are frolicking by theriver. When Peter intervenes Maugrim attacks him and Peter kills himwith his sword. Some of Aslan's troops follow the other wolf to thewitch's camp and rescue Edmund.The White Witch journeys to Aslan's camp and asserts her claim tothe traitor Edmund, but Aslan secretly offers to sacrifice himself instead. That night, as Lucy and Susan covertly watch, Aslan is killedby the White Witch at the Stone Table. In the morning heisresurrectedbecause "there is a magic deeper still the Witch doesnot know". Aslan takes Susan and Lucy to the Witch's castle, wherehe frees the prisoners that the White Witch turned into stone, formingan army.

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