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Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMA Tahun 1998

Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMA Tahun 1998

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Published by Andhika A. Setiyono

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Published by: Andhika A. Setiyono on Jan 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Evaluasi Belajar Tahap Akhir NasionalTahun 1998Bahasa Inggris
Wacana 1
Years ago, young children used to say that theywanted to become train drivers or bus drivers. Today,some children are -say, 'When I grow up I want to bean astronaut'. And it is quite possible that some of thesechildren will do just that. In a few years we have madeenormous progress towards living and working inspace.
Here are some important dates in the history of spacetravel.
1957 The Russians send a rocket into space andSputnik 1, the first satellite, is sent into orbit around theearth.
1961. Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man in space.
1969 The American put a man on the moon. NASAastronaut, Neil Armstrong, becomes the first man towalk oh the moon.
1971. NASA launches Mariner 9. Five months later, itbecomes the first spaceship to orbit the planet Mars. ,
1973 Pioneer 10 was launched by the USA. The littlespacecraft has already gone beyond the nine planetsand passed out of the solar system. It will go into deepspace beyond our galaxy. It will travel billions of milesand journey past distant stars to the farthest points in
the universe.
1977 NASA launches Voyagers 1 and 2. These twospacecraft fly close by and photograph the four largeouter planets of the solar system: Jupiter in 1979;Saturn in 1980-81; Uranus in 1986; Neptune in 1989.
1982. NASA launches the space shuttle Columbia.This is the first manned spaceship to leave the earthand return so that it can be used again.
1990s Both the Soviets and the Americans plan tobuild huge space stations which will orbit the earth.There are plans to continue to put a man on Mars.
Taken from Vocabulary Builder 
The text focuses on the information about ...
the successful mission of sending astronauts to themoonB.
the important dates of the launching of spacecraftC.
the success of the Soviets' outer space projectD.
the discovery of the four large outer planetsE.
the observation on certain planets
The first spaceship to orbit the planet Mars is …A.
Mariner 9B.
Sputnik 1
Voyager 1
Voyager 2E.
Pioneer !0
The Americans launched Pioneer 10 in ...A.
Which statement is
not true
according to the textA.
NASA launched Voyager 1 in 1971B.
The first man in space was in 1961.C.
The first satellite was sent by the RussiansD.
It was the Americans who launched Pioneer 10E.
The space shuttle Columbia can be used for morethan once
Pioneer 10 is launched by the USA.
The word 'launched means ... into outer space.A.
"Both the Soviets and the Americans plan to build hugespace stations which will orbit the earth." (1990s)
The word 'huge' means very ...A.
Wacana 2
Television has a great influence on our ideasabout what is right and wrong about the way we shouldbehave, and about life in general. Sometimes the valuesand life styles that we-get from television are inconflict with those that are taught at home and, atschool. Critics of television point out that crime andwestern programs often appeal to a taste of violence,while many games show appear to greed. Many criticsalso believe that television, should be used for sociallyconstructive purposes as well as for entertainment.The first commercial television broadcast wasmade in April 20, 1939 by Radio Corporation of America (RCA). Since 1939, it has become one of themost important facts of modern life. Television is verymuch part of the modern world. Its effects are felt allover the world.
Television is a reflection of the modern world,say some people. It shows contemporary society. Itaffects customs and culture, others say. Television isbad for culture because it keeps culture from growing,say still others.Good or bad, television is difficult to avoid. Itspictures enter homes, stores, airports, and factories. Itis here to stay!
What is the topic of the whole text?A.
The social constructive purpose shown bytelevision program.B.
The different opinions on the influence of TVprogram.C.
The educational aspects included in TV program.D.
The cultural values reflected by TV program.E.
The useful influence of television program.
Which of these sentences in true according to the text?A.
Television can influence all aspects in our life.B.
Having a television is a sign of modern life.C.
Television doesn't keep culture, growing.D.
Television cannot be used for business.E.
Many games show constructive value.
What do critics think about violence on television?A.
It teaches the teenagers how to solve problems.B.
It teaches the teenagers to be brave.C.
It is often enjoyed by the viewers.
It makes the viewers feel happy.E.
It can change life style.
The following TV programs give bad influence onpeople, except that is related to ...A.
the ideas about what is right or wrongB.
crime and western cultureC.
values and life styleD.
greed appealing gamesE.
a taste of violence
"It affects customs and culture, others say". (Paragraph3)A.
"Crities of television point out that crime and westernprograms appeal to a taste of violence to greed."(Paragraph 1) 'Violence means ...A.
dangerJakarta (JP): The cooking oil industry in NorthSulawesi is facing a shortage of raw materials totalingabout 100.000 tons of coconuts annually, a report said.Data at the research center of Sam RatulangiUniversity in Man ado show that there are 30 cookingoil plants operating in the province at present with acombined capacity of processing about 350.000 tons of coconuts a year.Due to the limited supplies of coconuts, thecooking oil plants in, the province cannot operate atfull capacity, the report was quoted by Kompas dailyMonday as saying.North Sulawesi's coconut production reachesabout 250.00Q tons per annum, but a portion of theoutput is sold to cooking oil mills in Java.Lucky Sondakh, chief of the research center,blamed the coconut shortage mainly join the old age of coconut plantation, which are mostly owned by localfarmers.He said that the farmers whose incomes dependlargely on their coconut trees, have been reluctant to join the replanting program because they are requiredto fall their old trees before planting new ones.
What causes the cooking oil plants not operated at fullcapacity?A.
There is not enough coconut supply.B.
There are too many cooking oil plants.C.
Coconut trees are mostly owned by local farmers.D.
Most of the coconut production is sent to Java.E.
Farmers are not interested in planting coconuttrees.
Coconut fanners should join the replanting program
because ...A.
it is the government's programB.
the old trees have been unproductiveC.
they live on the income from coconutsD.
North Sulawesi is the biggest coconut productE.
the research center causes them to fall their trees
'Farmers have been reluctant to join the replantingprogram. The underlined word means ...A.
Which statement is not true according to the text?A.
Cooking oil plants are out of business.B.
Most of the coconuts belong to the farmers.C.
There are various report on the cooking oilindustry.D.
North Sulawesi's cooking oil industries do not runwell.E.
Not all of the coconut production is processed bythe local oil plants.
'The cooking oil industry in North Sulawesi is facing ashortage of raw materials." (Paragraph 1). The word'shortage' means ...A.
a lack of B.
a number of C.
a significant total of D.
a considerable amount of E.
a satisfactory amount of 
"Due to the limited supplies of coconuts, the cookingoil plants in the province cannot operate at fullcapacity, the report was quoted : by Kompas dailyMonday as .saying", the report was quoted by Kompasdaily Monday as saying." (Paragraph 3).The word 'quoted means ...A.
describedWacana 4The American Cancer Society has announced asweeping revision in the, cancer-detection tests. Thenew guidelines, intended only or people who have nosymptoms of cancer, or who arc not considered to heathigh risk, are designed to "deliver essentially the samehealth benefit as previous society recommendations atgreatly reduced cost, risk and inconvenience to thepatient," says Dr. Saul B. Gusberg, president of thesociety and gynecologist at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York.The Society, for example, no longer recommendsan annual chest X-ray and sputum test for cigarettesmokers and others who might incur lung cancer. Thusfar, these tests have not been shown to increase apatient's chances of surviving lung cancer, even thoughthey may detect the disease in its early stages. The"annual" Pap smear is changed to "at least once everythree years," after two initial negative tests a year apart,for all women between 20 to 65 years old and foryounger women who are sexually active. It usuallytakes many years to develop cervical cancer from pre-cancerous lesions. Thus, an annual test to detectabnormalities of the cervix is not necessary for mostwomen.Other new recommendations include: aproctosigmoidoscopic examination for colon-rectalcancer every there to five years for those over 50; abreast examination every three years for women under40; an annual mammogram for women over 50; asingle "baseline" mammogram for women between 35and 40 and as often as advised by a personal physicianfor those under 50.
Paragraph 1 tells us about ...A.
the benefit of the new cancer test guidelinesB.
the people who are at high risk of cancerC.
the new cancer detection test guidelinesD.
the school of Medicine in New York E.
the new symptoms of cancer
What is the topic of paragraph 2?A.
The function of X-ray in detecting cancer.B.
The necessity of regular detection test.C.
The recommendation to cigarette smokers.D.
The victims of various kinds of cancer.E.
The ineffectiveness of cancer-tests.
What is Dr. Saul B. Gusberg's expertise?Dr. Saul B. Gusberg is an expert who usually dealswith ...A.
delivering babiesB.
detecting cancerC.
family planningD.
..curing diseaseE.
birth control
It is recommended that women ... every three years.A.
over 20 should not be X-ray testedB.
under 50 should have colon-rectal testC.
over 65 should have annual cancer testD.
under 60 should have routine breast testE.
over 20 should have their breasts tested
Which statement is true according to the text?A.
Women over 50 are at high risk of cancer.B.
The new guidelines are intended for healthypeople.C.
The physician advised all women to have a routinecheck.D.
The American Cancer Society intended to build ahospital.E.
Dr. Saul B. Gusberg has once, been hospitalizedfor cancer.
"The new guidelines, intended only for people."(Paragraph 1)The underlined word means ...A.

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