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Winter 2010 Diastema (1)

Winter 2010 Diastema (1)

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Published by BruinASDA

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Published by: BruinASDA on Jan 24, 2011
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The Diastema
School of Dentistry Adopts New Grading System
Alex Shau, 2014
The UCLA School of Dentistry recentlyadopted a revised grading system,beginning with the Class of 2014. TheClasses of 2011, 2012, and 2013 willremain on the former grading system untilgraduation. The accompanying tablecompares the grading options in the twosystems.The IP grade indicates that a studentneeds further work to achieve competencyand earn a Pass. A course chair using thisgrade will specify to the student theadditional work required, the remediationto be provided, and the timeline forsatisfactory completion. An IP willconvert to a Pass (P) when coursecompetencies have been achieved. If competencies are not achieved withinguidelines defined by the course chair, theIP will convert to an NP. The IP grade isdesigned to givefaculty a way to provideremediation to students who need just a bitmore work to attain competency, but notenough to warrant an NP. The In Progressgrade replaces the Marginal and theConditional grades of the previous systemand is more compatible with the
See Grading System Page 2
* Abbreviations denoted in parenthesis* Hyphens indicate lack of an equivalent grade
Former system Revised system
Honors (H)Pass (P) Pass (P)No Pass (NP) No Pass (NP)Marginal (M) -Conditional (CD) In Progress (IP)Incomplete (I) Incomplete (I)No Grade (NG) No Grade (NG)No Pass/Marginal (NP/M) No Pass/Pass (NP/P)Exceptional Performance Report Performance Report
Inside This Issue
New Grading System 1President’s Address 2Honduras Mission 3CA Licensure 4ASDA Regionals 5Dentsply Award 6ASB Cabinet 7HDA 8SPEC 8District 11 Meeting 9AO and DSD 10Intro to PPID 10Meet the 1
Years 11Q & A 12
Diastema News Writers
If you would like tosubmit an articlefor
The Diastema News 
or have asuggestion for us,please email theeditor atnsherf@ucla.edu.
Editorial Disclaimer
The opinionscontained herein donot necessarily reflectthose of UCLA or ofthe UCLA School ofDentistry in particular.
Grading System continued from Page 1
School’s competency-based educationprogram.Additional changes include: NP grades,when remediated, will appear as a NP/P onthe transcript and, at the discretion of thecourse chair, students performing in the topof the class will be recognized with an H(Honors) on their transcripts.Finally, Exceptional Performance Reports(EPR’s) have been re-titled PerformanceReports (PR’s) which is consistent with theiruse to document both satisfactory andunsatisfactory performance. Like EPR’s,PR’s will not appear on the transcript, butwill be for internal use only, for example toclarify the grades to which they are attached.Discussions to revise the grading systembegan in late 2008, due to concerns over theanticipated switch of the National BoardDental Examination (NBDE) scores toPass/Fail score reports and the inconsistencyof the Marginal grade with the School’scompetency based program.During this time, the Faculty ExecutiveCommittee (FEC) appointed a team of faculty and student leaders to review thecurrent grading system. Discussions of thisteam, the FEC, and the full facultycontinued through 2009 and until early2010. A final version of the revised systemwas approved by the faculty on March 17,2010.According to Associate Dean of StudentAffairs, Dr. Carol Bibb, and AcademicCoordinator, Dr. Karen Lefever, discussionsamong faculty and students identified keypoints of agreement including the desire of both groups to maintain the essence of thepass/no pass system while enhancing thetranscript as a record of studentachievement. The adoption of Honorsgrades to recognize students whoacademically distinguish themselves wasone of the results. Course chairs have thefreedom to decide whether Honors will beawarded for their courses. Theadministrative guideline is that no morethan 20% of the class will receive Honorsfor any particular course, but the criteriafor earning Honors is ultimately decidedby the course chairs.Dr. Bibb and Dr. Lefever said that therevised grading system is anticipated toenhance the portfolio of students applyingto residency programs. Students now havethe opportunity for excellent performanceto be recognized on the transcript withHonors, rather than the current EPR whichdoes not appear on the transcript.Additionally, with the introduction of theIn Progress option, students who requireadditional time and effort to achievecompetency are less likely to receive apermanently negative grade such asMarginal or No Pass/Marginal on thetranscript. Dr. Bibb and Dr. Lefever addedthat Honors can be an important element of the student portfolio, especially whenreceived in a student’s chosen area of specialization.At the moment, further revisions to thenew grading system are not anticipated.
ASDA President’s Address
Mark Hower, 2012
As we kick off the new year, it is never too late to welcome the Class of 2014 to the American StudentDental Association with the
 Diastema News.
 UCLA ASDA is comprised of 16 committees each with a unique set of functions geared towardsaddressing our core mission statement of “advancing the rights, interests and welfare of students pursuingcareers in dentistry.” The Newsletter Committee is responsible for producing the quarterly
 Diastema News
which disseminates information about ASDA and non-ASDA events to the School of Dentistry.Other committees provide a myriad of opportunities in both service and leadership. A few of theseinclude the Community Service Committee, Pre-Dental Committee, and the Three-on-Three BasketballTournament Committee. A complete listing of committees is available online at www.bruinasda.com. Iencourage you to contact the respective Chairs if you find any of these opportunities engaging.While UCLA ASDA does an incredible amount to advocate and improve the lives of our student body,it is also part of a 17,000 member national organization. The efforts of our local chapter have earnedUCLA a strong reputation across the country. The culmination of these efforts was recognition as the Ideal ASDA Chapter in 2010.UCLA’s reputation is also communicated by our student involvement in national level leadership. Currently, UCLA holds more nationalleadership positions than any other school in the country.At this point, I hope you are wondering, “How do I get more involved?” Fortunately, this year, it couldn’t be easier. The annualconvention for ASDA, known as Annual Session, will be taking place in our own backyard, the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim fromMarch 3-6. With hot topics such as the recent changes in licensure, it promises to be an exciting event. I look forward to joining many of you in representing UCLA as we continue to establish our reputation for leadership in organized dentistry!
Thank You
We would like tothank the followingfaculty for theirsupport andmentorship:Dr. Carol Bibb,Dr. Karen Lefever,andDr. Ronald Mito.
UCLA Student Dentists Go ToHonduras! 
Anita Kris and Stephanie Cappiello, 2013
UCLA student dentists have made great strides inhelping Honduran villagers attain better oral health.When Stephanie Cappiello, ’13, was anundergraduate at UCLA, she visited the sleepyvillage of Guaimaca, in central Honduras, toprovide volunteer medical care one summer. Thedifficulties that many of the townspeople had inaccessing healthcare, especially oral healthcare,remained in her thoughts for a long time to come.As a 1
year dental student last year at UCLA SOD,she arranged for two groups of 13-14 dentalstudents to visit Guaimaca during the June andSeptember quarter breaks and serve in a week-longdental clinic under the supervision of local dentists.Thanks to vendor fairs such as ASDA’s AnnualSession in Baltimore and the California DentalAssociation in Anaheim, the Honduras mission tripwas well advertised to many high-profilecompanies and
received generous support
companies such as Crest Oral-B, MedicalProtective, and Johnson & Johnson
.During the trips, the student dentists worked for5 days to gain a better understanding of how a lack of basic oral health education in underservedcommunities like Guaimaca can significantlyimpact overall health and well-being. Over 200patients were served, providing 400 fluoridetreatments, and distributing 800 toothbrushes. In aplace where a toothbrush costs more than theaverage daily wage, this made a big difference inthe lives of the residents of Guaimaca. Forexample, the majority of the high school girlsgiven oral hygiene instruction had already lost atleast one 1
molar to
decay, and some even hadremovable partial dentures to replace significantnumbers of missing teeth.At the end of the week-long clinic, each groupgot a bit of a “summer vacation” with a trip toRoatan, an island off the Caribbean coast of Honduras. The students were able to indulge inmany outdoor activities, such as snorkeling, scubadiving, zip-lining through the rainforest, and beachvolleyball.
In 2011, trips to Honduras have been planned forthe following dates: June 11-23, September 4-14,and December 10-22. For additionalinformation, please contact Stephanie Cappielloat Stephanie.cappiello@gmail.com.

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