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Aap Ki Amanat Aap Ki Seva Mein_02

Aap Ki Amanat Aap Ki Seva Mein_02

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Published by Moiz Uddin Qidwai
This is the English Translation of a small booklet written in Hindi language by Maulana Kalim Uddin of Phulat India .

The original addessee are Non Muslims of India. But I have transalted and posted it for the benefit of other people also.
This is the English Translation of a small booklet written in Hindi language by Maulana Kalim Uddin of Phulat India .

The original addessee are Non Muslims of India. But I have transalted and posted it for the benefit of other people also.

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Published by: Moiz Uddin Qidwai on Feb 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AAP KI AMANAT AAPKI SEVA MEIN (InHindi)– By Maulana KalimUddin
(Your Trust Returned Back To You – English Translation byMUQ
(One can only try to translate words, not the emotions andfeelings which are present in every word of this small booklet-MUQ)
Front Page
River does not belong to any one, no one owns the road, every one is free to drink fromriver and walk on the road. Truth has no caste or creed or belongs to any country. Everysearcher of truth has a right to search and has right to find and accept it.He is really ungrateful; who thinks that truth is his personal property and does not allowothers to come near it. One is great who is successful in finding the truth. One whose life becomes shining example and causing others to come to truth, he has real life.
Foreword (By the pen of Wasi Sulaiman Nadwai (Son of MaulanaKalim Siddiqui- MUQ)
If a burning coal is your front and a little child is walking with naked feet and his feet isabout to touch that burning peace of coal, what should be your reaction?Will you not consider it your duty and feel happiness by holding that child in your armsand steer him away from that burning piece of coal?In the same way we fell passions and feel pity and pain when some one gets burns fromfire… this is our natural reaction, one human to another human.Have you ever thought why is it so? Because every human is ultimately children of onlyone set of parents and every one has a working heart inside their breasts. This heart isfilled with love, compassion and welfare for every other human. That is why one enjoysat the success of other and feels pain and pity at their loss or suffering.A true human is one, who has in his heart the welfare of whole mankind. His every work is for the welfare of humanity, and he is moved seeing the suffering of others and italways ready to help them and indeed this becomes the mission of his life.Human life on this earth is very uncertain and after death he will get a life which is permanent. Only those who worship their Creator and follow His guidelines will enter  paradise and enjoy a blissful never ending life. And those who end their life withoutrecognizing Him and follow His guidelines, would have to face punishment and burn inhell fire for ever and ever.We see Millions and Millions of people of our time as running , as if in a race, to jumpinto that fire. Is it not the duty of those who are on the right path and have care of humansand humanity in their hearts, to come forward and save all these multitudes from fallinginto hell?We are happy to say that Maulana Kalim Uddin Sahib , who has the welfare andwellbeing of humans and humanity as his guiding principles of life, and who is alwaysdeep in thought as to see their present condition, has come forward and said these fewwords, which do reflect innermost love and compassion of his heart,With these few words, I put before you, these pieces of his heart…..which he has namedas “AAP KI AMANAT AAP KI SEVA MEIN” i.e. YOUR Trust, returned to You.
Wasi Sulaiman NadwiPublisher, Urdu Monthly, ARMAGAHAN, Phulat, Muzaffar Nagar, UP.
1. Pardon Me !
Dear Readers,Please pardon me, on my behalf and on behalf of entire Muslim community, I seek your  pardon and indulgence, who due to the influence of that greatest enemy of mankind,(Satan) did not gave to your biggest trust that was with us.And that Satan inserted in your hearts the hatred of criminals and not the crime, to turnthis world into a big battle field.With the view of “late rather than never” I have picked up the pen, to return that trust toyou and talk to you in the tone of love and human values.That one, who knows the innermost secrets of the hearts, knows that I am selfless inwriting this to you and I am speaking with the true spirit of compassion. How manysleepless nights I have spent, in the grief of not writing this earlier, only He knows.
2. A sermon of Love
It is not the place to say so, but I want to say that you listen to these worlds with the eyesof love. Remember the One who is Creator and Sustainer of this Universe, so that youreceive peace in your hearts and mind, that one of your brother has returned what wasyour right from the very birth.The biggest thing which a man or woman when he comes to the world is what we aregoing to present before you.
3. Foremost Truth of the Nature
The Foremost truth of the nature and Universe is:“The Creator and Sustainer of this whole Universe is One and Only One. He is Uniquein His Personality and in His attributes. There is no partner with Him, in the Creation,Maintenance and Destruction of this Universe.He is everywhere, He listens to every one, He sees every one. There is not even a leaf inthe tree which falls without His permission or knowledge”Inner soul of every human confirms this, irrespective to which religion he or she mayfollow. Even if he worships idols, but inside his heart he believes that there is only OnePower who cherishes and protects every one.

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