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 STATE LAWS REGARDINGPUBLIC ENTITIES’ ACQUISITION AND DISPOSALOF PROPERTY AND SERVICES(including bidding, auctions,and requests for proposals)December 2009
1N.D.C.C.Section:2-06-09 Airport authorities - may dispose of property in accordancewith laws governing the disposition of other public property -but, may dispose to state agency or political subdivision inmanner deemed in best interest of civil aviation4-02.1-14 State Fair Association - shall appoint and employ suchcontractors, architects, builders, clerks, accountants, andother experts, and agents and servants as required to carryout the functions of the Association - compensation set bypresident and board of directors4-05.1-21 State Board of Agricultural Research and Education - shallsolicit proposals for research and award agriculturalresearch grants on a competitive basis4-12.2-21 State Bee Inspector - seized bees or equipment may be soldat public auction - notice to beekeeper4-22-44 Soil conservation districts - discontinuance - supervisorsmay dispose of property at public auction4-36-04(2) Industrial Commission - may employ architects, engineers,attorneys, inspectors, accountants, agricultural and financialexperts, and other advisers, consultants, and agents, and fixtheir compensation6-07-04.2 State Banking Board or receiver - may permit acquisition ofinsolvent bank - procedures and bidding6-07-38 Receiver of insolvent bank - assets remaining prior toten-year deadline may be sold to highest bidder7-06-07 Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, whenacting as receiver or co-receiver with Commissioner ofFinancial Institutions, of unlawfully operating or insolventBuilding and Loan Association, may bid on Association’sassetsTitle 9 Contracts and obligations10-33-145(3) Attorney General - contract with expert regarding transactionby a nonprofit entity operating a hospital or a nursing home -no bid required and chs. 44-08 and 54-44.4 do not apply
211-09-44 County managership form of government - purchasing agentshall invite competitive bidding under rules established byboard of county commissioners11-10-21 County - purchase of blanks, books, and other stationery,and emergency supplies and equipment, by committee ofcounty auditor, treasurer, and chairman of board of countycommissioners11-11-16 Board of county commissioners - may purchase sites forcounty buildings and make contracts for the building,repairing, and maintaining thereof if the expenditurestherefor are not greater than can be paid out of the revenueof the county for the current year11-11-18 Board of county commissioners - shall submit to electorsany proposal for an extraordinary outlay of money when theproposed expenditure is greater in amount than can beprovided for by the annual tax levies - may submit toelectors proposal for the construction of a public building byestablishing a building fund - this section does not apply tolease-purchase agreements authorized by § 24-05-0411-11-26 Board of county commissioners - except as provided in ch.48-01.2, when annual cost for erection of buildings or forelection ballots and election supplies is over $10,000, mustadvertise for bids - when purchasing fuel over $4,000, mustseek bids by telephone or advertise for bids11-11-27 Board of county commissioners - contents of advertisementfor bids required by § 11-11-26 - award to lowestresponsible bidder or reject any or all bids11-11-28 Board of county commissioners - a bid submitted pursuantto § 11-11-26 must include a bidder’s bond - when bid is$10,000 or less, bidder may provide certified or cashier’scheck instead of bidder’s bond

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