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Published by The Delphos Herald

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Published by: The Delphos Herald on Feb 19, 2011
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Mostlycloudy tonightwith lowin low 30s.Sunday highin mid 40swith 30 percent chanceof afternoon showers.
, F
19, 2011
50¢ dailyDelphos, Ohio
Telling The Tri-County’s Story Since 1869
On the Banks of Yesteryear, p3 ‘Cats, Jays drop league contests, p6-7
BarkowskySchrothHeldHorstmannWallHankeVorholtHeidenreichDear host family, 
My name is PeterHorstmann, I am 14 years oldand I am in the 9th form of the Gymnasium Verl. Everymorning I have to ride toschool by bike, it isn’t a prob-lem for me, because then Ican say myself, when I am inschool.My hobbies are soccer,darts, table tennis and friends.I play football in the clubSpexard and I play on theposition of the middle for-ward.My favorite football play-er is Michael Ballack, nowhe plays in the club BayerLeverkusen, but before heplayed in the club in Chelsea.
Dear Host Family, 
 I would like to introducemyself and to tell you some-thing about me.My name is Alexanderand I am 15 years old. I livein Verl, a small town in thenorth-west of Germany. Ilive with my parents, my catFilou and my younger sisterAlissa. My younger sister is just 5 month old and I loveher very much. I have a goodrelationship with my parents,but sometimes there are somedisagreements of course. Welive in a house 1 km outsideof town, so I go to school bybike. I like school and I liketo learn but sometimes I ama little lazy. I am in the 9thgrade and I like our class.
Dear host family, 
 My name is StephanHeidenreich and I’m 14years old. I‘m from Verl inGermany. I can understandthat it must be difficult to havea boy or a girl stay in yourown house and I am reallyappreciate that you offer thisopportunity to me. I hope thatwe can learn something fromeach other and enjoy our timetogether.I would like to tell yousomething about me. My birth-day is on the 8th February.I have an older sister calledLena, who is 19 years old. Sheis a student and in summernext year she is going to takeher final-secondary examina-
Dear host family, 
 My name is Rabea Vorholtand I’m now thirteen yearsold but I’m fourteen on April2nd. I have an elder sister,Alina, who is sixteen yearsold. We both go to the sameschool, a grammar school inVerl.My father works as a med-ical technician. He repairs andmaintains heart-lung machinesin hospitals which do heartoperations. He works in severalEuropean countries and he diddifferent trainings in Americafor his job.My mother works as a teach-er at a school in Verl.Next to our house is my grand-parents‘ house. I often visit them,help them and play games with
Dear Host Family, 
My name is JohannesHanke, I’m 15 years old andI visit the ninth form at theEvangelischen GymnasiumWerther. It is a nice schooland I hope to take my high-school diploma in 2014.My favourite subjects areHistory, German, Sports andGeography.I was born in Bielefeld (aquiet big town not far fromWerther) and lived in Wertherfor the whole of my life. HereI visited the kindergarten andthe primary school, until Ichanged to fifth class to theEvangelisches GymnasiumWerther. At the kindergartenI got to know my best frienduntil today.
Dear host family, 
My name is Esther and I’m14 years old. I’m in the 9thgrade at the Grammar schoolin Werther. I would love tocome to Delphos in 2011 toget to know you, your cityand lots of other people wholive there.I live in the little townWerther with my momCornelia, my dad Peter andmy 13-year-old sister Leonie.My mother is an engineer andworks at Windsor, a factoryfor clothes. At home she real-ly likes sewing and knittingclothes. She also likes to reada lot. My father Peter is alsoan engineer. He is the man-ager of a software company.One of his hobbies are motor-
Dear Host Family, 
I am very grateful for youto reading my letter and Iwould like to introduce myself before I come to you. I amvery excited to meet all thepeople in your town and togain the new impressions andto get to know your culture.I am 14 years old and livein a small city called Verl. Itis in the west of Germany. Ilive in a house with my par-ents and my younger brotherBirk. My parents both work asphysiotherapists in their ownpractice. I have got a reallygood relationship to them andwe do not often argue to eachother and it is always aboutnothing. The relationship tomy brother, who is 13 years
Dear Host Family, 
First of all I would liketo thank you for reading myletter and taking some timeto get to know me better. I’mreally looking forward to stay-ing four months abroad inyour country. I would like tointroduce myself and tell yousomething about my family,hobbies, everyday life and myhopes and expectations for thecoming year.My name is Sophie Heldand I am 14 years old. I livetogether with my parents in asemi-detached house in a nicesettlement next to the centerof Verl, which obtained itstown charter this year. Mysister Madeleine (23) lives ina very nice flat that is located
Eight German studentswould like to come to Delphosthis fall to attend schooland interact with residentsfrom their sister city. Thestudents come to Delphosthrough the Delphos-VerlFriendship Link. Below aretheir pictures and lettersthey have penned to pro-spective host families. Therewill be an information meet-ing at 7:30 p.m. Wednesdayat the Delphos MunicipalBuilding. Past host familieswill be on hand to sharetheir experiences.
Project Recycleset today
Delphos ProjectRecycle is set for 9-11:30a.m. today at DelphosFuel and Wash north of Double A Trailer Saleson East Fifth Street.Newspaper, phone booksand aluminum cans needto be in separate contain-ers because they are storedon location and sold asa fundraiser for the GirlScouts and Squires.All other items aretaken to the Van WertRecycle Center.Cardboard, magazinesand plastic shopping bagsalso need to be sepa-rated. All tin, plastic andglass containers need tobe rinsed clean. Labelscan be left on items andthey can be co-mingled.No window or plateglass, nor light bulbs, orna-mental, Pyrex or cookwareglass will be accepted.Computers, etc., arealso accepted but nomonitors or TVs.
Tryouts set foramateur show
Tryouts for the DelphosPublic Schools AmateurShow will be held from3:15-4:30 p.m. on Feb.24 at St. Peter LutheranChurch, 422 N. Pierce St.Students must be inthe Delphos City Schoolsto participate, attend-ing Franklin, Landeck,or Jefferson schools.Performances will belimited to 2 minutes. Lastyear’s winners may compete.For information, callKathy Waldick at 419-695-8991 or JacquieFritz at 419-692-6646and leave a message.
See HELD, page 12See WALL, page 12See VORHOLT, page 12See SCHROTH, page 12See HORSTMANN, page 12See HEIDENREICH, page 12See BARKOWSKY, page 12See HANKE, page 12
Mike Ford photo
Huffman wantsMedicaid reform
BY MIKE FORDmford@delphosherald.com
SPENCERVILLE — Withthe next biennial budget outof Columbus looming, budgetcuts are needed to keep Ohioin the black. Many feel thatgovernment should tighten itsbureaucratic waste before ittargets the poor, the elderly,children and those who pro-vide them with vital socialservices.In this climate, FourthDistrict Matt Huffman visitedRoselawn Manor NursingHome Friday to tour the facil-ity and discuss Medicaid andbudget-related issues as helooked at the facilities con-struction progress.Though Medicaid is a fed-eral program, the state con-trols reimbursements made tolong-term care providers. Thestate pays a higher per diemto facilities in large cities thanit pays to those in the Tri-county. Vancrest HealthcareCenter Operations DirectorJohn Bagley said he has seenit as much as $50 higher perday in metropolitan marketsthan it is here. When com-bined with high taxes, ruralfacilities lose money in caringfor the patients in question.In light of the state’s $8 bil-lion shortfall, Huffman thinksreform is needed.“The current system of reimbursing nursing homeshas debtor and creditoraspects to it in terms of indi-vidual nursing homes. Thereare some nursing homeslocated in other parts of thestate that get extraordinarilyhigh reimbursement rates.That has happened over theyears with a lack of transpar-ency; they’ve been able tonegotiate these rates and thatneeds to change. Most of thenursing homes in this areaare creditors in the sense thatthey receive much less thanthe statewide average rate.We have to make sure thenursing homes are appropri-ately reimbursed,” he said.
Officials of Roselawn Manor Nursing Home in Spencervillegave Ohio Fourth District Representative Matt Huffman atour of their facility Friday. Roselawn Manor AdministratorShanna Holland, right, is overseeing a construction project toexpand the building. The floor plan of the east side renovationsinclude the assisted living, outpatient therapy and rehabilita-tion neighborhood. Roselawn Manor will offer assisted livingapartments, as well as post-hospital rehabilitation in a privatesuite setting, outpatient therapy services and long-term care.
Windowto thePast
Area blackhistory
John Stephens, a formerslave, buried Feb. 18, 1901,West Side Cemetery.Danial Johnson, died Feb.4, 1877, buried in St. John’sCemetery. Was a formerslave.Alfred Thompson, exactage unknown, was a slave inthe South prior to the CivilWar.He had lived in SouthDelphos for some 20 yearsand made a living as a hodcarrier or at any other kind of work he could do.He was twice marriedand leaves a daughter, Mrs.John Davis of South Delphos.His remains were interredin the West Side Cemetery.Obituary in Delphos Herald,Dec. 14, 1901.----------A dispatch from Ottawaannounces the death of Fillden Pompey, a coloredman, at the age of 114 years.He was born in Virginia andhad lived in Ohio 60 years.He had never been sick a dayin his life and his eyesightand hearing remained goodup to the time of his death. Hehad been married three timesand was the father of 11 chil-dren. His first child was bornin 1824. His third wife, age60, survives him.Delphos Herald, May 6,1901----------
Son of FormerSlaves Born NearVan Wert
Arthur Lang, who mayhave been the oldest personin the United States has died.The former boxer and busi-nessman was believed to be115 years old.Lang’s birthdate was notauthenticated but his familysaid he was born on a farmnear Van Wert, Ohio, on May4, 1877. If so he would havebeen several months olderthan the oldest living per-son whose birthdate can beauthenticated.Lang was born to formerslaves and came to Chicagoin 1910. In 1935, he startedLang’s Bar-B-Que restaurantbeneath his South Side home.He worked until he was nearly100 and his daughter and son-in-law, Modella and AndrewCotton, then operated the res-taurant until it closed twoyears ago.Delphos Herald, Aug. 12,1992Read more Window to thePast on page 4.
See REFORM, page 12
Park sets sign-up for summerleagues
The Middle Point BallPark will hold registra-tions for the 2011 summerleagues from 8-10 a.m. onMarch 5 at the LincolnviewElementary entrance.Forms can be obtainedat www.middlepoint-ballpark.com.Boys and girls ages 5-16are welcome to sign up.Registration fee is $30for T- Ball, Farm League,and Farmettes coachpitch; and $35 for all otherleagues. Child/childrencan play for free after sell-ing raffle tickets. ContactChad Overholt at 419-968-2729 or 419-203-7314.
PensionRetirement Investments
Weekdays 9-5; Sat. by Appt.; Closed Thurs.
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 Andy North
Financial Advisor
1122 Elida AvenueDelphos, OH 45833419-695-0660
 Elida Road, Lima Next to WENDY’S Ph. 419-225-PACK
 All Day Wednesday & after 4 pm on Sunday 
 5 oz. Thick Cut Sirloin Choice of 2 sides and garlic toast.
e of si 
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 Steak fries, mashed potatoes, rice pilaf, veggie or baked beans
Steak Dinner  $5.49
 No other discounts apply.
Pot of Gold Sweepstakes
Now Open in Eastowne Plaza
Delphos • 419-692-0167
Drinks & Snacks Provided
(must be 21)
Ohio Skilled Games
 Now serving 
 from 7-11 a.m. every Sunday
2 The Herald Saturday, February 19, 2011
For The Record
The Delphos Herald wantsto correct published errors inits news, sports and featurearticles. To inform the news-room of a mistake in publishedinformation, call the editorialdepartment at 419-695-0015.Corrections will be publishedon this page.
The DelphosHerald
Vol. 141 No. 211
Nancy Spencer, editorRay Geary, general managerDelphos Herald, Inc.Don Hemple, advertisingmanagerTiffany Brantley,
circulation managerThe Daily Herald (USPS 15258000) is published daily exceptSundays and Holidays.By carrier in Delphos andarea towns, or by rural motorroute where available $2.09 perweek. By mail in Allen, VanWert, or Putnam County, $105per year. Outside these counties$119 per year.Entered in the post officein Delphos, Ohio 45833 asPeriodicals, postage paid atDelphos, Ohio.No mail subscriptions will beaccepted in towns or villageswhere The Daily Herald papercarriers or motor routes providedaily home delivery for $2.09per week.405 North Main St.TELEPHONE 695-0015Office Hours8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.POSTMASTER:Send address changesto THE DAILY HERALD,405 N. Main St.Delphos, Ohio 45833
This past week has brought someheavenly weather. I didn’t even mindslogging through the mush as the pilesand piles of snow melted. The sun cameout and slowly it started to disappear.Perfect.I know we didn’t get as much as somebut I feel secure in saying I think most of us have had enough.Next winter when someone hears mewhining about where’s the snow, smackme a good one.I’m usually one of the first to lookaround in November and wonder whenit’s going to happen.Well, I think I’m either getting olderor my “let it snow” button is broken orhas been abused.I have scraped my car windowsenough.My coat pockets and purse have beenfilled with snow while I cleared off mycar, soaking their contents.My shoes and socks have gotten snow-logged from trudging through drifts andpiles.I’m tired of tippy-toeing on sidewalksand across parking lots, risking a painfulfall and guaranteed embarrassment.I have shivered and shook on the frontporch while smoking. (I know, I know.Just give it up.)I have walked (more like dragged)the dog through blizzard-like winds andblowing snow only to have him look atme as if I’m crazy right before he runsback up the steps without having donea thing. (Doesn’t he know the effort ittakes to bundle up for such endeavors?The layers and layers I pile on? Then Ihad to make sure he was dressed for theweather. Ungrateful beast.)I have gazed out the back windowand marveled at how beautiful the snowmakes everything look right after itsfallen. The snow can make the landscapequite breathtaking.I’ve shoveled and chipped and huffedand puffed until frankly, I don’t care forsnow quite as much as I did at the begin-ning of the season.Is spring here? I can see the grassagain and even stepped out a few timeswithout a jacket.I can’t wait to see the tender begin-nings of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths andnarcissus shooting out of the fresh, greenground.I can’t wait for the birds to flockaround the feeder, dropping tidbitsfor the ducks to come along and findlater.The canal will be filled with duck-lings and the air with song from wingedfriends.The smack of a bat hitting a ball isright around the corner. I can almost hearit now.Then reality hits. It’s only mid-Feb-ruary. I live in Ohio. It’s going to snowagain. It’s like a rule.
Delphos City SchoolsWeek of Feb. 21-25Monday: No school.President’s Day.Tuesday: Cincinnati chili,breadstick or mini sub sand-wich, carrot sticks, apple-sauce cup, lowfat milk.Wednesday: Pepperonipizza, tossed salad, fruit,lowfat milk.Thursday: Chicken andnoodles, dinner roll, mashedpotatoes, raspberry sherbet,lowfat milk.Friday: Popcorn chicken,bread and butter, green beans,fruit, lowfat milk.St. John’sWeek of Feb. 21-25Monday: No school.President’s Day.Tuesday: Tacos/ soft/boat/ lettuce/ tomato/ cheese/onion or BBQ pork sandwich,salad, strawberries, milk.Wednesday: Spaghetti/meatsauce/ garlic toast orshredded chicken sandwich, jello, salad, applesauce cup,milk.Thursday: Tenderloinsandwich or hot ham sand-wich, creamed rice, salad,pineapple, milk.Friday: Stuffed crust pep-peroni pizza or cold meatsandwich, carrots/dip, salad,fruit bar, milk.LandeckWeek of Feb. 21-25Monday: No school.President’s Day.Tuesday: Breaded chickenstrips, butter/peanut butterbread, mashed potatoes andgravy, fruit, milk.Wednesday: Hot dog orcheddar wurst sandwich,potato rounds, fruit, milk.Thursday: Chicken noodlesoup, crackers and cheese,butter/peanut butter bread,carrot sticks, fruit, milk.Friday: Creamed turkeyover toast, corn, fruit, milk.Fort JenningsWeek of Feb. 21-25Chocolate, white or straw-berry milk served with allmeals.H.S. - Ala Carte - Pretzeland cheese available everyFriday; Salad bar with fruitand milk for $2.00 availableevery Wednesday.Monday: No school.President’s Day.Tuesday: Salsbury steak,mashed potatoes, peas, din-ner roll, fruit.Wednesday: Cheesy roti-ni, breadstick, corn, fruit.Thursday: Sausage pizza,G-Force bar, green beans,fruit.Friday: Hot dog sand-wich, baked beans, shape up,fruit.OttovilleWeek of Feb. 21-25Monday: No school.President’s Day.Tuesday: Chicken fajitawith cheese/ lettuce/ toma-to, corn, pineapple, cookie,milk.Wednesday: Chickenstrips, baked potato, butterbread, peaches, milk.Thursday: Pizzaburgers,tossed salad, cookie, mixedfruit, milk.Friday: Hamburger, tatortots, peas, applesauce, milk.LincolnviewWeek of Feb. 21-25Monday: Sloppy Joe onbun, green beans, mandarinoranges, milk.Tuesday: Pepperoni pizza,broccoli, sherbet, milk.Wednesday: Turkey/gravy, mashed potatoes,bread and butter, mixed fruit,milk.Thursday: Pizza casse-role, tossed salad, breadstick,pears, milk.Friday: Fish sandwich/bun, carrots/celery, Goldfishcrackers, tropical fruit cup,milk.Elida Elementary,Middle and High SchoolWeek of Feb. 21-25Daily every student isoffered the choice of four dif-ferent lunches. These includethe one printed here, pizzalunch, sandwich lunch orchef salad lunch.Monday: No school.President’s Day.Tuesday: Walking tacow/toppings, seasoned corn,assorted fruit, garlic bread-stick, lowfat milk.Wednesday: Popcornchicken, seasoned carrots,assorted fruit, dinner roll,lowfat milk.Thursday: Cheeseburger,oven potatoes, assorted fruit,lowfat milk.Friday: Pepperoni pizza,broccoli and cheese, assortedfruit, lowfat milk.GomerWeek of Feb. 21-25Monday: No school.President’s Day.Tuesday: Walking tacowith toppings, seasoned corn,assorted fruit, garlic bread-stick, lowfat milk.Wednesday: Popcornchicken, seasoned carrots,assorted fruit, dinner roll,lowfat milk.Thursday: Cheeseburger,oven potatoes, assorted fruit,lowfat milk.Friday: Pepperoni pizza,broccoli and cheese, assortedfruit, lowfat milk.SpencervilleWeek of Feb. 21-25Monday: No school.President’s Day.Tuesday: K-4th: Turkeyand cheese, sub sandwich,corn, peaches, Presidentcookies, milk. 5th-12th: BBQpork sandwich, corn, peach-es, President cookies, milk.Wednesday: Hot ham andcheese bagel, hash brownpatty, 100% juice, milk.Thursday: Shreddedchicken sandwich, cheesypotatoes, blueberry crumble,milk.Friday: Wedge slice, pep-peroni pizza, green beans,peaches, milk.
Richard Anthony,55, of Byron, Ill., and for-merly of Delphos, memorialservice will be held at 4 p.m.today at St. Peter LutheranChurch, followed by a prayerservice at 5:45 p.m. and mili-tary honors at 6 p.m.
Jeffery L., “Jeff,”55, of Venedocia, funeral ser-vices will begin at 2 p.m.Sunday at Harter and SchierFuneral Home, the Rev.John Medaugh officiating.Burial will be in VenedociaCemetery. Friends may callfrom 2-8 p.m. today and onehour prior to services Sundayat the funeral home. Memorialcontributions may be made toVan Wert Inpatient HospiceCenter.
Curvesworks withSilverSneakers
1875 E. Fifth StreetDelphoscurves.com
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Maureen O’Teman
 My Favorite Things
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Dead geese puzzle
Ohio wildlife ofcials
TOLEDO (AP) — Dozensof geese have been found deadalong the Lake Erie shore andothers are so sick that they areunable to fly, wildlife officialssaid.Many have been found deadnear Toledo, where the geeseoften gather in the open watersof the lake. But others havebeen found dead in a nearbyriver and along the lake 70miles away near Cleveland.“They will fall out of thesky and have trouble stay-ing upright,” said DaveSherman, a biologist with theOhio Department of NaturalResources.Wildlife experts are await-ing tests on some of the deadbirds to determine the cause.The number of dead geeseappears to be smaller than themassive bird die-offs that havegained attention elsewherearound the country. Thosedeaths in Arkansas — whereofficials believe the birds werespooked by fireworks — andsubsequent ones in Tennessee,Kentucky and Louisiana aren’tbelieved to be connected or asign of widespread contagion.In Ohio, wildlife officialsfirst noticed that mallard duckswere showing signs of an ill-ness a few weeks ago, but now
if ly h w h d
May 23, 1973 - Fb. 8, 2011
Kevin Allen Kundert, 37,of Toledo and formerly of Delphos, died Feb. 8 at hisresidence.He was born May 23,1973, in Lima, to Kennethand Janice (Miller) Kundert.His mother preceded him indeath. His father then marriedDoris Wright. They survive inDelphos.Survivors also include asister, Tracey Clark; two step-brothers, Brent (Jen) Wrightand Tony (Amanda) Wrightof rural Ohio City; and severalaunts, uncles and cousins.He was preceded in deathby maternal grandparentsRichard and Dola Miller; andpaternal grandparents Calvinand Mildred Kundert andMelvin and Lillian Clark.Mr. Kundert was a 1991graduate of St. John’s HighSchool. He excelled in theclassroom as well as a bas-ketball athletic trainer forBob Arnzen and footballtrainer for Vic Whiting. Heattended Bowling GreenState University and was anhonor student. He was a book-worm and was always tryingto learn something new. Hewas a member of St. John theEvangelist Catholic Church.Mass of Christian Burialwill begin at 11 a.m. Tuesdayat St. John the EvangelistCatholic Church, the Rev.Melvin Verhoff officiating.Burial will be in ResurrectionCemetery.Friends may call from 2-8p.m. Monday at Harter andSchier Funeral Home, wherea parish wake will begin at7 p.m.Preferred memorials are toSt. John’s Teacher EndowmentFund.
Kv AllKud
On theOther hand
it’s mostly Canada geese.State wildlife officer CodyKlima told The Blade news-paper that he picked up abouttwo dozen dead geese in thelast few weeks. He said thinice on the lake is prevent-ing them from reaching moregeese.“I’m guessing some of them are drowning,” Klimasaid. “They lose their coordi-nation and flip upside down.”Some of the sick geesehave been dropped off at anonprofit wildlife rehabilita-tion center in Castalia — 18of 23 geese have died, saidSarah Langdon, a supervisorat Back to the Wild. The fiveothers are acting normal againand may be released soon, shesaid.CLEVELAND (AP) —These Ohio lotteries weredrawn Friday:Mega Millions5,6,7,30,45 42, Mega Ball:3Midday 38-7-6Midday 45-6-6-5Pick 33-6-6Pick 45-2-5-2PowerballEstimated jackpot: $101millionRolling Cash 501-12-16-19-20Estimated jackpot:$100,000Ten OH02-13-14-15-21-26-31-33-38-39-40-44-51-52-55-56-60-62-65-75Ten OH Midday03-15-17-20-21-23-27-36-44-45-47-48-51-52-53-55-59-65-66-70
Larry McClure
5745 Redd Rd., Delphos
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1 hr. unlimited bowling, shoe rental,pitcher of pop and lg. 2-topping pizza
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Tax Preparation
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St. John’sPreschool OpenHouse andRegistration
for the 2011-2012 School Year 
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.Wednesday, Feb. 23
St. John’s Annex722 S. Jefferson St., Delphos
Give your child the opportunity to begin their schoolexperience in a comfortable environment withcaringteachers who utilize innovative teaching toolsto prepare students for kindergarten whileemphasizing Christian values.
For information, call 419-692-9806
Licensed by the Ohio Department of Education
• We welcome children 3 to 5 years old• Pre-K classes and Latchkey available• Registration fee $25
Satruday, February 19, 2011 The Herald –3
Wagons were first devel-oped in Mesopotamia in themiddle of the fourth centuryB.C. and improved upon withthe invention of the pivot-ing front axle during ancientRoman times. The front axleallowed for better steeringand turning capabilities.The wagons on dis-play at the Delphos CanalCommission are certainly of a much later date (late 1800s- to early 1900s) but none theless of great interest to thoseof us concerned with the his-tory of Delphos.Wagons were of greatimportance to the early set-tlers for hauling of materi-als and supplies as well asa means of transportation.Wagons were adapted for useas needed. Curved bottomskept the load from shifting,lighter weight wagons woulduse fewer horses, side panelsallowed stacking larger loadsand canvas covers could beadded to protect the cargo.Transporting logs requiredremoving the bed.Not everyone could affordthe expense of feeding a horseto pull the wagon or of actu-ally owning a wagon. Wagonstands, like taxi stands, wereconveniently located and youcould hire a wagon to trans-port you and/or your belong-ings to your destination.Livery stables were found inmost populated areas.The Kollsmith WagonWorks was located at thesouteast corner off Fifth andMain streets in Delphos.(See Photo) They manu-factured farm wagons andfancy buggies for their liverytrade, and also maintaineda complete livery stable onthe site. Mr. Kollsmith alsohad another building on thenorthwest corner of Fifthand Main which housed anoffice, salesroom and a paintshop on the second floor.Approximately 20 men wereemployed in the KollsmithWagon Works.The manufacture of thesewagons required wood andiron. Lumber was abundantin this area but the ironwould need to be purchasedelsewhere. Wood-bendingand blacksmithing wereneeded for the wagon mak-ing process. According to anews article found by BobHoldgreve, dated Feb. 21,1878, Mr. Kollsmith startedhis wagon business 24 yearsearlier in a small shanty withhardly enough windows tolight the area.Our museum has aKollsmith-made wagon bedsitting on a bobsled-styleundercarriage (not originallywith the wagon bed) ondisplay at the Delphos CanalCommission. We alsohave a regular four-wheeledwagon undercarriage fromthe Wellman Farm andthe bed could sit on thisas well.The Delphos CanalMuseum has many earlyDelphos historical manufac-turing items on display. Takea new look at some very oldand interesting artifacts of early Delphos.The museum is openfrom 1-3 p.m. Saturdays andSundays and from 9 a.m. tonoon on Thursdays. We arelocated on the west side of Main Street between Secondand Third streets and rightalong the Miami-Erie Canal.Come visit us soon.
Kollsmith Wagon Works
On the Banks of Yesteryear ...
At the time of this picture, the building had been refaced and was home to Humphrey’sGrocery Company. Right end of building was Fred Kollsmith General Repairing AutoHospital.Kollsmith-made wagon bed sitting on a bobsled-styleundercarriage.Kollsmith workers.
Humane Society of AllenCounty has many petswaiting for adoption. Eachcomes with a spay or neuter,first shots and a heartwormtest. The Humane Society islocated at 3606 Elida Road,Lima, and can be contactedat 419-991-1775.
The following pets are avail-able for adoption through TheAnimal Protective League;
M, 2 years, white, neu-tered, vet checkedF, 2 yearsM, 6 years, white, blueeyes, orange tail, front dewclawedCalico, 2 years, yelloweyes, name Nayla
F, 4 months, black andwhite, outside, name ScoobyM, F, 6 monthsM, F, 9 weeks, gray, black,tiger 
Boxer, M, 2 years, shots,fawn and white, no other pets,name KoleAustralian Shepherd, F, 4years, spayed, name DaisyBlack Lab, M, 3 years,name RoscoeGerman Shepherd, M, 2years, white, name RockyJack Russel, M, 5 years,neutered, name ChancePit Bull, M, 1 year, kid andpet friendlyBoxer Pit, M, 2 years, red,no cats, name Deaboo
Black Lab, M, F, 6 weeksHusky German Shepherd,F, 6 weeksEnglish Springer SpanielGerman Shepherd, M, F, 9weeksLab, F, black, 4 months,name BellaLab Golden Retriever, F, 6weeks, black and white, nameAngel
For more informationon these pets or if you arein need of finding a homefor your pet contact TheAnimal Protective Leaguefrom 9-5 weekdays at 419-749-2976. If you are lookingfor a pet not listed call tobe put on a waiting list incase something becomesavailable. Donations or cor-respondence can be sent toPO Box 321, Van Wert OH45891.
24302 St. Rt. 697Open Daily 10-10
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Moe is a 3-year-oldTerrier mix. She was aban-doned and is still very timid.She needs to go to a quiethome with no children. She’svery loving once she gets toknow you.Michelle is a sweetheart. She can be a littleshy at first, but she’ll getto know and love youquickly.
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