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Ccna Discowey Final-- 100%

Ccna Discowey Final-- 100%



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Published by: shkarkoddl on Aug 21, 2008
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1 In which VTP mode can a switch create VLANs, ignore VTP messages, and not pass localVLAN information to other VTP domain members?clientserver pruning
2 What are two characteristics of an extended ACL? (Choose two.)IP is used to specify TCP traffic only.IP is used to specify TCP and UDP traffic only.
IP is used to specify all TCP/IP protocols including TCP, UDP, ICMP and routingprotocols.***
Traffic can be filtered on source address only.Traffic can be filtered on source and destination address only.
Traffic can be filtered on source and destination address, protocol, and specific portnumber.***
3 Which two statements are true regarding a PPP connection between two Cisco routers?(Choose two.)
LCP tests the quality of the link.***LCP manages compression on the link***
Only a single NCP is allowed between the two routers.NCP terminates the link when data exchange is complete.With CHAP authentication, the routers exchange plain text passwords.4 Assuming VLSM is not being used, what impact will adding the command ip route serial0/0 have on a router that is already operational in a network?All packets with a destination address between and will be forwardedout serial0/0.All packets with a destination address between and will beforwarded out serial0/0.
All packets with a destination address between and will beforwarded out serial0/0.***
All packets with a destination address between and will be forwardedout serial0/0.5 Refer to the exhibit. The network is using OSPF as the routing protocol. A network administrator issues the show ip ospf neighbor command to check the status of operation. Which statement istrue?RB has the lowest priority value.RC and RD have the lowest router IDs on the network.
RA has established adjacencies with all neighbor routers.
RA and RB cannot form an adjacency because they are stuck in the 2-way state.6 A sales representative is preparing to send sensitive information to corporate headquarters froma hotel room using the Internet. Prior to the trip, the IT staff made the necessary provisions toallow secure Internet access. What solution was implemented for the sales representative?
Frame RelayPPP with CHAP authenticationPPP with PAP authentication7 Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator noticed that the VLAN configuration changes atSW2 did not propagate to SW3. On the basis of the partial output of the show vtp statuscommand, what is the possible cause of the problem?VTP V2 mode is disabled.
SW3 is configured as transparent mode.***
The number of existing VLANs does not match.The configuration revision number does not match.8 Refer to the exhibit. Because of continuing instability of one of the serial links in the OSPFnetwork, a network administrator configures router ASBR as shown. Which two statements will bea result of this configuration? (Choose two.)Traffic intended for destinations across unstable serial links will be forwarded by ASBR evenwhen the links are down
A summary route of will be advertised to the ISP router.
Serial links in range will be forced into a passive state.Networks connected to the unstable serial links will be placed in an unreachable state.
Negative effects of route flapping will be reduced
.9 Which two criteria are used by STP to select a root bridge? (Choose two.)memory size
bridge priority***
number of portsswitch locationswitching speed
base MAC address***
10 A company is using a Class B IP addressing scheme and expects to need as many as 150networks. What is the correct subnet mask to use with the network configuration? What is the term for the value 2172416 that is highlighted in the output of the show ip eigrptopology command?feasible distance of the successor reported distance of the successor feasible distance of the feasible successor 
reported distance of the feasible successo
12 Refer to the exhibit. RIPv2 is configured in the network shown. Hosts in the network haveaccess to all internal networks but do not have Internet access. On which router should thecommands, shown in the exhibit, be added to provide Internet access for all hosts in the network?R1
R3ISP13 What do companies gain from the services performed at the enterprise edge?faster communication with server farms
stronger security against malicious attacks***
faster communication with Internet destinationsenhanced performance and reliability through VLANs and redundant trunk links14 Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator wishes to deny Internet access to all R2 LANhosts, while allowing these hosts to reach all other devices on the company networks. Where theACL shown in the exhibit should be placed to meet these requirements?
R2: Fa0/0 inbound
R1: S0/1/0 outbound***
R1: S0/0/1 inboundR2: S0/0/1 outboundR2: Fa0/0 outbound15 Refer to the exhibit. In what sequence (from first to last) does an OSPF router check theparameters listed when selecting the DR?
C, B, A, D***
D, C, B, AA, B, C, DA, C, B, DB, C, A, D16 What two statements are true regarding EIGRP tables? (Choose two.)
A feasible successor route can be found in the topology table.***
A successor route can only be found in the routing table.
The topology table shows whether a route is in the passive or active state.***
The routing table shows the amount of time elapsed since a router adjacency was formed.The neighbor table shows all adjacent Cisco devices.Administrative distance is shown as a column in the neighbor table.17 Refer to the exhibit. Assuming that all three routers are configured with the EIGRP routingprotocol and sharing information, what information can be gathered from the show commandoutput?Router B has EIGRP adjacencies with both router A and C.Router B has a fully converged topology table.Router B has not formed an adjacency with router A.
Router B has not formed an adjacency with router C.***
18 Which three statements are true about RSTP? (Choose three.)
RSTP can fall back to STP to provide support for legacy equipment.***
RSTP and STP have the same number of port states.Like PortFast and UplinkFast, RSTP is a proprietary protocol.RSTP takes up to 50 seconds to converge.
RSTP requires a point-to-point, full-duplex connection.***RSTP views all ports that are not discarding as part of an active topology.***
19 Refer to the exhibit. A network support technician has been asked to set an IP address on oneof the FastEthernet interfaces on a new router. What is causing the interface to reject theaddress?The IP address is already in use.
The technician is using a network address.
The technician is using the wrong subnet mask for /26The technician must enable VLSM on the interface.20 Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator enters the command ip route s0/0/1 into the router. What will be the result of this configuration?A static route pointing to is placed into the routing table.***A static route to is placed into the routing table if interface FastEthernet0/1 goesdown.A static route pointing to is only placed into the routing table if the route to10.10.4.0 is removed.A static route is not placed into the routing table because a RIP route that includes the destinationnetwork already exists.

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