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Magazine in Brief Spring 2011

Magazine in Brief Spring 2011

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Published by: University of Mount Union on Mar 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ount union
a  a z i n e
UNIVERSITY OF MOUNT UNION | www.mountunion.edu
Page 1 
Thanks to the generosity o Jim and Pam Gri-th, Mount Union will launch a multi-acetedChinese language and cultural initiative in theall o 2012  The Discover China Program.Students enrolled in Discover China willstudy Mandarin Chinese language and livewith a native Chinese language speaker ina Chinese theme house on campus. Havingthis daily interaction with a native languagespeaker will allow them to speak the lan-guage and learn about the Chinese culturerst hand. At the end o the students’ rstyear in the program, they will travel to Chinain the summer to study and participate ina service-learning project at an orphanagenear and dear to the Griths’ hearts.Jim is no rookie when it comes to Chineselanguage and culture, as he has mademore than 30 visits to China since 1996.He and Pam take trips to this ascinatingcountry, both or personal enjoyment andbusiness endeavors or The Timken Compa-ny, where Jim serves as president and chie executive ocer.“I’m the type o person who would haveraised my amily in a small town and beenwhole-heartedly content with that liestyle,”said Jim. “But, I was assigned to open theChinese market or Timken in 1996, andalthough it wasn’t my lie plan at that point, Iell in love with the Chinese culture.”In 1996, there were 15,000 employeesworking or Timken and zero were em-ployed in China. Today, Timken employsmore than 20,000 employees around theworld, with 4,000 working in China to servethe Asian markets.According to Jim, in a current Mount Unionstudent’s lietime, China will be the mostimportant economic partner or the United
Bldg Brdges Wh Cha
Mount Union to launch Chinese lanuae and cultural initiative
Issue I, 2011
States. It is vital orpeople to have theability to understandand appreciate theopportunity at handto create interrela-tionships with China.“A th o the world’speople are ethnicallyChinese,” said Jim. “So,when you think o itrom that perspectiveand understand thatChina is the astestgrowing economy inthe world, it becomescrystal clear whypeople who under-stand the Chineselanguage and culture will have a leg up onthose who don’t.“As a trustee o Mount Union, the logico this git is much more than to prepareAmerican students or working in a globalsociety,” he said. “One o the objectives isto attract Chinese students to come andstudy at Mount Union, and thereore createa cultural interchange.”When individuals interact with others romdierent cultures, they sometimes seethings that they view as illogical. But, it’s im-portant to recognize that people rom othercultures have a very dierent perspective onthe world and react to specic events, ideasand topics dierently.  “You will never beable to understand why the person acrossthe table reacted to a phrase in the way heor she did unless you take the time to get toknow the individual and understand his orher culture, values and language,” said Jim.It is the Griths’ hope that this programwill not only help prepare students or theirrst jobs in our global society, but alsoarm them with the skills and knowledgeto help build bridges and relationshipswith people all around the world. And, orstudents to not just accept diversity, but towhole-heartedly embrace it.“We wanted to essentially ‘pay it orward,’so that generations o Mount Union stu-dents will continue to make a dierenceboth in the United States and abroad.”To read more about Mount Union’s Chineselanguage and cultural initiative and itson-going relationship with China, visit
Jim and Pam Grith take a moment to pose or a picture with agroup o Chinese students at an orphanage in Longhui, located inthe Hunan Province o China.
“A th o the world’s peopleare ethnically Chinese.” ~ Jim Grifth
Page 2
UNIVERSITY OF MOUNT UNION | www.mountunion.edu
Magazine Dates and Deadlines 
Mount Union Maazine
Issue II, 2011Mail date: May 31, 2011Class Notes deadline: April 1, 2011
Mount Union Maazine In Brie 
Issue III, 2011Mail date: August 31, 2011No Class Notes included
Mount Union Maazine
Issue IV, 2011Mail date: November 30, 2011Class Notes deadline: October 1, 2011
Mount Union Maazine In Brie 
Issue I, 2012Mail date: February 29, 2012No Class Notes included
Events You Won’t Want to Miss 
March 15, Evenin o Broadway
Tamra Hayden and Craig Schulman8 p.m., Mount Union Theatre
March 19, M Club Reverse Rafe
Doors open at 6 p.m., Skyland PinesCost is $100 per person. To RSVP, contactthe Oce o Alumni Relations andUniversity Activities at (330) 823-2030.
March 22, LINC Luncheon
Dr. James Thoma, “Sports Going Global: Lie’sLessons,” noon, Hoover-Price Campus Center
March 23, Women’s History MonthKeynote Address
Susan Douglas, 7 p.m., Mount Union Theatre
March 24, Schooler Lecture
Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, 8 p.m., McPher-son Academic and Athletic Complex
Aril 19, SCHOLAR Day
Student Celebration Honoring Our LatestAcademic Research
May 7, Commencement
For more information on these and other events,visit www.mountunion.edu.
Frm he Presde
We have a new plan atthe University o MountUnion.  The over-archinggoal … shaping ouralready-thriving institu-tion into a universityo increased strength,resilience and vigor.Over the next ve years,we will deliberately work toward ensuring that webecome the best institu-tion that we can possiblybe, and we’ll be usingour new strategic plan,recently approved bythe Board o Trustees, toguide the way.
Advancing Excellence – AStrategic Plan for the Univer-sity of Mount Union
, paints apicture o the Mount Uniono 2015, and I assure you that, in the years ahead, our canvas will be vibrant and distinc-tive.  Oering a clear portrait o the uture and providing the critical steps that will ensuresuccess down the road,
Advancing Excellence
will lead us in becoming the deliberatelydynamic private university we envision.And, we couldn’t have successully developed this plan without our dedicated andinsightul alumni who were among the more than 1,800 members o our campus com-munity who participated in this year-long process.  You joined others in sharing yourthoughts or the uture during ocus group sessions, online surveys and eedback orums,and I want to take this opportunity to thank you or your continued engagement andcontribution.  It’s what truly makes this strategic plan collectively “ours.Over the past ew years, we’ve talked a lot about the changing ace o higher educationand the challenges that lie ahead, not only or Mount Union, but or all colleges anduniversities.
Advancing Excellence
– aspirational yet realistic – will truly help us weatherthe storm and emerge a stronger institution.  I hope you are as eager as I am to explore allthat lies ahead.
 Callie Livengood ’09 and Joanna Shields
 Joanna Shields
: Gina (Dominick ’96) Bannevich, Melissa (Smith ’98) Gardner, Callie Livengood ’09 and Leonard Reich
Cockrill’s Studio and Callie Livengood ’09
: Melissa (Smith ’98) Gardner, Dr. Richard Giese, Anne (Zimmer ’95) Grace, Gregory King ’89,Callie Livengood ‘09 and Joanna Shields
: University o Mount Union, 1972 Clark Ave., Alliance, OH 44601, (330) 821-5320 or (800) 992-6682
ount union
a  a z i n e
President and Mrs. Giese enjoy a conversation with BoardChair Randall C. Hunt ‘75 and his wie, Ann Marie, at thewinter Board o Trustees retreat in January. At the retreat,the Board approved Mount Union’s strategic plan.
“Through the diligent work o all o you,Mount Union has experienced ongoing suc-cess. Exciting programs, innovative acilitiesand modest enrollment growth are just aew o the accomplishments we have col-lectively achieved. We have much reason tocelebrate, but at the same time, it is criticalthat together we set the course or the nextstep in the institution’s development. Thus,we are about to embark on a comprehen-sive yet ecient visioning process that willprovide a road map or the years to come.”These words, communicated by PresidentRichard F. Giese in an e-mail to members o the campus community a little more thana year ago, launched a year-long eort todene the Mount Union o 2015. Twelvemonths later, the Board o Trustees hasapproved
Advancing Excellence – A Strategic Plan for the University of Mount Union
, andthe vision or the uture is clear.Dynamic, challenging, relevant, residential,diverse and attractive – these are just a ewo the adjectives that
Advancing Excel-lence
uses to describe the Mount Union o tomorrow. But the vision or the Universityo Mount Union or
goes ar beyondornate descriptors to really dene what’s atthe heart o the institution’s uture. It setsan enrollment goal o 
, comprised o 
90 percent undergraduate students
10 percent graduate students
, yet callsor continued personal attention and assur-ance that the institution’s student-acultyratio will remain at approximately
. Itprovides or academic growth in primarily
high-demand graduate programs andundergraduate majors aligned with thehealthcare eld
, yet arms the institu-tion’s
strong commitment to its liberalarts tradition
. And, in this day and age, itmost denitely speaks to the importanceo a curriculum that is both
. Essentially, it calls oraction that will move the institution or-ward without compromising the historicaloundation upon which it was built.
UNIVERSITY OF MOUNT UNION | www.mountunion.edu
Page 3
Advacg Excellece
Mount Union’s strateic lan sets the course or the uture
Oering a ocused image o the University tocome,
Advancing Excellence
is the result o athorough process that involved input romtrustees, alumni and riends, aculty, sta,current students, prospective students andparents. A wealth o inormation was gatheredthrough ocus groups, surveys and eedback sessions, and the plan truly belongs to theentire Mount Union community.“I believe that this plan unites our communi-ty around a clear and powerul vision o theuture – one that allows us to aptly prepareour students or engagement in our 21stcentury world,” said Giese. “It also preparesus as an institution or the undeniable chal-lenges that lie ahead including changingdemographics, a turbulent economy and aprolieration o higher education options.”Throughout the planning process, it be-came clear that the six strategic initiativesthat have guided Mount Union’s eortsthroughout the past ve years are still verymuch relevant or the uture.  Thus,
Advanc-ing Excellence
stems rom these guidingprinciples – develop a curriculum or theuture, oster an engaging campus commu-nity, manage strategic enrollment growth,ensure the sustainable management o resources, enhance the diversity o the cam-pus community and broaden the visibilityand reputation o the institution.“These six strategic initiatives exempliy theinstitution’s desire to oster what is alreadyoutstanding and ensure an even moreexceptional uture or students and theinstitution as a whole,” said Amy Tomko ‘81,vice president or enrollment services andco-chair o the strategic planning steeringcommittee along with Dr. Douglas Hendel,proessor o theatre. “They have, and willcontinue, to serve our institution well as weace the challenges that lie ahead.”To learn more about the strategic planningprocess or to read
Advancing Excellence
inits entirety, visit
Excellence Underway
Develop a curriculumor the uture
Mount Union recentlyannounced the approvalo a master o arts degreein educational leadershipto begin in the all o 2012.
Foster an engagingcampus community
 Due to the high studentdemand or indepen-dent living options oncampus, construction iswell underway on Mount Union’s thirdapartment-style housing village, sched-uled to open this all.
Manage strategicenrollment growth
Annual enrollmentgoals have been and willcontinue to be set towork toward the vision o being an institution o 2,500 students bythe year 2015.
Ensure the sustainablemanagement o resources
 In line with Mount Union’ssustainability initiative, theGartner Welcome Centerreceived silver LEED certication by the U.S.Green Building Council (USGBC).
Enhance the diversity o our campus community
 Mount Union recentlyannounced the approvalo Discover China, a newChinese language andcultural initiative that will expose studentsto diverse ideas and customs.
Broaden the visibilityand reputation o theinstitution
 This all, the Universityembarked on a new mar-keting eort, including alogo, tagline, new advertising eorts andthe launch o a new website.

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