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Greek Fraternities and Freemasonry Part 3

Greek Fraternities and Freemasonry Part 3



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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Mar 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Greek Fraternities and Freemasonry Part 3 (The Trilogy) 
For years, tons of people have talked about or discussed about Greek fraternities andsororities.
They have been popularized in popular culture, the secular world, and even insome cases the religious world. I've seen people like this all of the time in the HamptonRoads region. They wear clothing to identify themselves. Some of them (or those inFraternities & Sororities) act like regular people and other Greeks (I've seen thispersonally) act arrogant or stuck up toward people. Some of them act angry for noapparent reason and look down on the poor or anyone looking different (These people arefake and they can’t act live when these people have a fraudulent demeanor). What shouldwe do about this problem? Unjust hatred is never justifiable at any circumstance. Theanswer isn’t to act like them with hatred and vindictiveness. The reality is that we shouldrepent and continue to fight for truth, meekness, strength, liberty, and mutual harmonyamong the human race. We should be active in public to promote real values and seek outjustice in life. Some of them praise the ideas of cliques (or fitting in with the latest
fashions, styles, slang, etc.) when life is different than that.
Researching about this world iscreepy since a lot of these Greeks live a creepy lifestyle to put in light terms. Life is aboutpromoting a real sense of self worth, treating your neighbor as yourself, and going outfollowing the direction of the Lord God. That's the role of us as human beings while we're onthis world for a limited period of time (which is only less than 130 years).
Greek fraternitiesare used as conduits by the establishment in order to control Western society moreeffectively. They aren't in the top of the pyramid, but they are in the beginning of thepyramid though. After the Fraternities (in the power structure) are the CFR, then theBilderbergers, and then the Pilgrim Society, and the high level bloodlines (plus theVatican/Jesuit network too). Greek frats are recruiting grounds for the elite in basicterms
. These groups have a role in promoting globalization (or the code name for the newworld order). We live in the 21
century. I don’t believe in some fake religious nonsense (thatuses silly movies & other tactics to try to be like the world in order to gain converts). I believein spirituality though and true religion.
Here’s a recap on what Freemasonry is all about. Freemasonry is one of the mostcontroversial Secret Societies in the world. It has millions of members worldwide. It usesallegories and symbols among its rituals and degrees. Masons believe its members areBrothers. Modern Masonry of course existed from the time of 1717. In that time, 4 CraftLodges gathered at Apple Tree Tavern in London to set up a Constitution for the Free andAccepted Masons. This Constitution was invented by Anderson. Before 1717, there wereMasonic-like groups spreading all across the European Continent. The Square and theCompass is the most famous emblem of the Masons. The Square represents to Masonsrighteousness or the female archetype. The compass is the male archetype that meanssolidarity. The act of generation henceforth is one interpretation of the Square andCompass. Not to mention that the G symbol is similar to sacred geometry. Sacredgeometry is the esoteric view that the symbols (whether simplistic or complex) have awhole in the creation of the Universe (and that these shapes have spiritual or mysticalmeanings that humans can delve into). In 1967, a two volume book set entitled
TheSecrets of Ancient Geometry and Its Use
was published. It was originally written inDanish by Tons Brunes, a Mason, (
 Den Hemmelige Oldtidsgeometri og dens Anvendelse
)and was translated into English by Charles M. Napier from the original Danishmanuscript. The book promotes the Sacred Geometry ideology. Even the geometric lawof the 47
Proposition of Euclid is found in the Blue Lodge. This principle outline thetruth that the sum of the 2 sides squared in a right triangle is equal to the hypotenuse of aright triangle squared. This mathematical law wasn’t invented by Pythagoras (an esoterichimself) since ancient Egypt, the ancient Chinese Chou Pei text, and megalith structurehave shown this mathematical formula before. The Now, Masons also write of theGolden Ratio, the Pentagram, and other symbols found in their Lodges, and rituals.
 Freemasonry believes in the Divine Quest. What is that? According to a Masonic Encyclopedia:
“…It communicates knowledge of that Quest and its terms in symbolism, while thosewho are willing to take symbolism into their heart and the inmost heart or in other wordsto translate it into life, may find that it becomes as open gate into a world of realknowledge, where the Divine Quest ends in Divine attainment..”
This means that to occultists & Masons, since the fall of man caused man to haveimperfections, man must strive to be divine or perfect in order to establish that ParadiseLost from eons ago. The Masons strive to embrace the East for in their minds, itrepresents Light. The sun rises in the East. In the occult, the East is related to old sunworship by the ancients, but Almighty God resides in the North.They have a strange 5 points of fellowship (foot to foot, knee to knee, chest to chest, handto back, and mouth to ear). Masonic groups are in numerous types like the Scottish Rite,the Rose Croix, the York Rite, the Grand Orient, the Prince Hall Rite, the QuatourCoronati (or the research arm of Freemasonry. Some of its members have blatantlyadvocate the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple, which is one secret goal of secret societiesin general), etc. One Masonic source mentions that:
"…the Blue Lodge Masonry hasnothing whatever to do with the Bible. It is not founded on the Bible. If it were, it would not be Masonry. The Jews, the Chinese, the Turks, each reject either the Old or New Testament, or both, and yet we see no good reason why they should not be madeMasons" (Digest of Masonic Law, Pp.207-208).
Freemasonry has nothing to do withChristianity, Judaism, or Islam. It’s a group that uses religion as an excuse to promote itscauses (of bringing the Mysteries into public acceptance under the guise of claiming toworship the Father God, while denying the Son & the Holy Spirit).
Why do you think thatthey call the leader in the Lodge the Worshipful Master? Only God is my WorshipfulMaster. They use the G symbol in Masonry to stand for Gnosis, Generation, Geometry,their version of God. Another doctrine of Masonry is that they believe in the immoralityof the soul. John Daniel wrote that English Freemasonry have competed against FrenchFreemasonry over the centuries for global power & influence. French Freemasonry'smembership is made up mostly of the working class and the poor. English Freemasonry'smembership in the world is made up mostly of the business owners, the aristocrats, andthe professionals. There are exceptions in America plus other locations of course. EnglishFreemasonry, according to John Daniel, reigned supreme back by the time of the end of World War 2 in 1945. Secret Societies have an interesting history indeed:“…
Secret Societies such as the Rosicrucians have very seldom exposed theirinner activities to the public gaze, preferring to work within established occultorganizations which, because of their élitist structure, have concealed their realwork from the gaze and criticism of the profane. In rare instances these esotericteachings have been presented by an initiate to the public in a way which has
made them accessible to the average person…
.” (
p. 171 from “The Occult
Conspiracy: Secret Societies: Their Influence and Power in World History,” byMichael Howard, in 1989)

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