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Published by Alex Zepherin

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Published by: Alex Zepherin on Mar 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Treatment
Its the summer holidays and overweight 10 year old Arnie spends nothing more but eatingand watching Television. In the morning till late at night he shouts laughs, screams cries atthe TV. As a result the tiny machine cowards and trembles at the sight of the young boy whoworks him 24/7. Worn out and tired they boy garners complete control over it due to hislaziness and the power of the remote.One day as Arnie enters the living room and catches the TV making a run for the openedfront door. They glance at each other Arnie daring the TV to move whilst it shakesuncontrollably. Gathering up all its courage the TV makes another dash across the hallway.Arnie drops his ice cream and chases after it. He manages to grip the TVs cable and drag itcloser to him. The TV jumps on his toe with Arnie stomping around in pain. By the timeArnie recovers the TV is nowhere in sight.He runs frantically outside the front door. Blinded by the sun he opens his eyes to theoutside world. A clear blue sky, birds whistling through the air, and kids his age playing onthe pavement. Arnie takes a moment to absorb the world he hasnt been in for quite awhile. He takes a few steps forwards and soon enough wonders into the world in awe. TheTelevision set peers from inside the house through the front door, and takes a well deservedsign of relief. He crumbles to the side of the wall and begins to relax. Moments later The TVopens its eyes suddenly to find a young girl peering at him in wonderment. Smiles from ea rto ear and drags the TV be its cable upstairs. It first is shocked by terror, then sighs in defeatknowing that he will probably never be free. For he is a machine for entertainment andnothing else.
Log Line
The TV desperate escape from a very lazy little boy.
The Premise
Fear is something that may never be conquered
Step Outline
The little boy over works the Television watching it day and night, resulting in itbeing terrified and fearful of him
The TV plots to escapeACT 2
The TV makes a run for the open front door
Arnie chases after him huffing and puffing, due to is unfit state
Manages to grab the TVs cable and pull it closer
The TV jumps on his toe making Arnie scream out stomp around in agony

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