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Statement to Ugandans From Col

Statement to Ugandans From Col

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Published by Haggae Matsiko

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Published by: Haggae Matsiko on May 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Statement to Ugandans from Col. Dr. Kizza Besigyeupon his return home from Nairobi, KenyaI would like to thank you from the bottom of my heartfor the very warm welcome that you accorded meyesterday when I arrived. I was truly humbled by thethousands of Ugandans that came out from themoment I touched down in Entebbe and all the way tomy home to Kasangati.Thanks to the first aid I received immediately after thevicious attack from friends and family and fromprofessional and dedicated doctors in both Uganda andKenya; I have recovered from most of my injuries andI am back and ready to work. Thank you all for yourprayers, God heard you and saved my life.Your warm welcome was met with the same brutality,meted out by the same security operatives who havecontinuously assaulted and killed us since the Walk toWork campaign began. The Presidential Guard,military police, regular police and militia dressed inblack and in civilian clothes descended on a happy andpeaceful procession to indiscriminately kill and injureinnocent Ugandans.
This time even the media was not spared. They wereinjured and their cameras and equipment broken, todestroy evidence of state brutality against unarmedcivilians. They used live ammunition, tear gas, watercannons, hit people with sticks and batons not tomention the heavy presence of mambas and hugeartillery weapons that accompanied the procession tocreate an atmosphere fear and tension.I mourn those who have been killed while welcomingme and my heart is with the families of the deceased.There seems to be an attempt to hide the identities of those who were killed and injured yesterday. If youwere hurt or know somebody who was killed or hurtand needs support, please inform us. We will dowhatever we can to support you, we are in this together.Activists for Change is opening two help lines0705204772 and 0759367165 tomorrow; and we invite allpeace loving Ugandans who want a better country toparticipate by reaching out and supporting victims of state violence. You can call this number, andparticipate by visiting victims and contributing tovictims medical costs and their family needs.
We will not stand by and watch our country slide backto those dark days when Ugandans were at the mercyof dictators and their armies. Let the tear gas, thebeatings, the torture and killings increase our resolve toend this humiliation and denial of our God given rights.The NRM government stands warned to stop theirvicious unprovoked attacks on unarmed Ugandans.I was also very pleased to note that our procession waslargely peaceful in spite of the unprovoked and viciousattacks from the state. Let me stress to you again, thatas we continue to assert ourselves before a tired,illegitimate and frightened NRM regime our actionsmust remain peaceful. We must not respond to theNRM·s violence with other acts of violence.Let me express my deep appreciation to the Activistsfor Change led by Mathias Mpuuga for bravely leadingthis campaign which has in a short time grown toembrace civil society including opposition parties. Wemust remain united and resolved to bring about positivechange. Last but not least I would like to acknowledgemy colleagues, leaders of the opposition DP, Suubi, JEEMA, CP, UPC and FDC for their visionary

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