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Basic Electronics Flyer for Main Workshop

Basic Electronics Flyer for Main Workshop

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Published by Muzamil Ahamed

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Published by: Muzamil Ahamed on Jun 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An important initiative has been taken by IIT Bombay,to work with Engineering Colleges in the country toenhance the teaching skills of our faculty colleagues incore Engineering and Science Subjects. This initiativehas now become a part of the National Mission onEducation through ICT (NMEICT) supported by MHRD.Atheme paperoutlining the details of the initiative isavailablehere.From December 2009 onwards, we have conductedtwo-week ISTE workshops on "Effective teaching/learning of Computer Programming, and “DatabaseManagement Systems,” under the NMEICT. These workshops were conducted through distance mode,using the EDUSAT network and the internet. These were attended by over 1300 teachers at 36 remotecenters and 1039 teachers at 33 remote centersrespectively. For the workshop on “DatabaseManagement Systems”, the internet was the sole modeof transmission, and proved to be very effective.Live lectures were given by IIT faculty; and theparticipating teachers attended them at a remote centerclose to their own college. Tutorial and lab sessions were conducted in the same centers. Each center hada Course Coordinator who supervised the conduct oftutorials and labs. All the lectures and tutorial sessions were recorded, and the final edited audio-visualcontents, along with other course material will bereleased under Open Source. These contents can befreely used later by all teachers and students.The resounding success of these workshops hasencouraged us to organize another 2-week workshop,on
Basic Electronics
from 28
June - 8
July, 2011.This time, we have 38 institutes joining us on thismission, as Remote Centers through the Internet.
Teaching Faculty
Prof. Dinesh K. Sharma,
Department of ElectricalEngineering, IIT Bombay
Prof. M. B. Patil,
Department of ElectricalEngineering, IIT Bombay
Prof. Prakash R. Apte,
Department of ElectricalEngineering, IIT Bombay
Prof. Joseph John,
Department of ElectricalEngineering, IIT Bombay
Course Content
Detailed course contents are available here. These will reflect the syllabus adopted by most universities for thesubject “
Basic Electronics
.” The participating teachers will also be introduced to the IIT style of teaching.
Duration and Venue
The duration of the workshop is
2 weeks (10 workingdays)
. It will begin at
09:30 am
on Tuesday,
, and end at
17:30 pm
on Friday,
July, 2011
.Additional contributions from participants are requiredto be made within the following two weeks.These are detailed on the website
 The venues for the workshop will be
, the list of which is provided in this brochure.
Who may benefit
The workshop will benefit faculty colleagues who areteaching
Basic Electronics
in their colleges. Theyshould have taught this subject at least once, andshould be familiar with the syllabus and examinationpattern of their own college or university.
It is mandatory that while registering for the workshop, the participant should submit a scannedcopy of a letter from the principal/HOD of his/herinstitute mentioning that he/she is an employee ofthe institute, and has been permitted to attend the workshop. Registration without this letter will notbe entertained.
Please note that this workshop is conducted by theeOutreach project of IIT Bombay,
under the
NationalMission on Education through ICT
. Live recording ofthe course and other created contents will be releasedunder Open Source through a portal. The recordedCD/DVD of the course lectures will be available fordistribution at cost, to any individual or institution. Allparticipants are required to sign an undertaking forsuch release of contents contributed by them duringand after the workshop. The recognition and citation willnaturally be made for all contributors.
Accommodation and other support
Remote Centers are being funded to provide tea/lunchon each day of the workshop, and for accommodation, wherever available*, for limited number of outstationparticipants.
Travel expenses up to Rs.1000 will bereimbursed against proof of actual expenditure.
* Accommodation is not guaranteed.
Course Fee
Since the workshop is funded by the
National Missionon Education through ICT
Government ofIndia)
, there is
course fee for participation.

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