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Published by: J.R.R.Abrahão - aka "Mad Abe" on Sep 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Grenades, unlike a rifle, are area weapons that allow a single man to kill a mass of enemies who are
behind cover, or who's position is not clearly known. It's pocket artillery.

A SWAT cop in full body armor is a difficult target to engage with a rifle, but grenades will effectively
neutralize this threat because police body armor only protects the torso and head (helmet). Grenades
fragments will penetrate any unarmored spot on a cops body, killing him, or disabling him and making
him easy prey to finish off.

The LA bank robbers would have been better off if they had some grenades with them, especially the one
who got shot while trying to get a new car (see videohere.). Rather than trying to shoot the police who
are hiding behind the protection of a car, he could have tossed a grenade over his car to engage the cops
en mass. Once the grenades exploded, killing or wounding the police, he rushes them while firing full

This wouldn't have kept him from getting killed eventually (too many cops, too much time), but he
would have taken some pigs with him. A more well prepared criminal wouldn't have taken so long to
engage the police with his superior weaponry.

This is what they should have done (besides get caught); come out of the bank laying suppressive fire
while driving at high speed towards the nearest exit, chucking grenades at cops hiding behind cars. As
piggies run away or are killed, push through road block chucking smoke and tear gas behind you to cover
your retreat and prevent pursuit.

Any piggies get in your way, full auto AP with frags, deploying smoke to cover your rear. Shit gets too
thick, start chucking firebombs to light the neighborhood on fire so piggies have to divert effort to saving

Once free of immediate police contact, pull a ninja turtle under cover of smoke and leave behind a booby
trap or two to prevent immediate pursuit.

This picture illustrates a commercially
manufactured grenade that can be used as a
conventional grenade (1), land mine (2), rifle
grenade (3), and a bounding grenade

The grenade is a basic explosive unit that is
altered by addition of various sub-units to modify
it to suit the mission. I'm adapting this principle
for my version of grenades.

To make a grenade you'll need the following parts from the local hardware store:
One section of 1 1/4" PVC pipe cut into a 6" length
Two 1" pipe plugs
One 1 1/4" pipe cap
One threaded 1 1/4" coupler
One threaded 1 1/4" cap
Now I know your saying to yourself "NBK2000 thinks that PVC pipebombs are something new?". Well I

know they've been done to death before but this isn't what you think. Just keep reading.

You take the two 1" pipe plugs and trim them down so there's only a 1/4" instead of an inch of the part that goes into the pipe. You glue a plug into one end. This plug isn't to provide confinement, but merely to protect the filler from exposure to air and water.

An ideal filler would be AP putty since it's powerful, easy to make, stable (if made right), and doesn't
need a detonator to set it off, just a flame.

You fill the pipe half full with the putty, making sure to remove any gaps or air pockets. Then you take a waxed dowel 1/2" in diameter and center it in the pipe. Press small blobs of AP putty in the gap between the dowel and the pipe with a small stick.

Once you're a 1/4" from the top, pull out the dowel (slowly). This leaves a space for your igniter. Place a
few ground up match heads or sugar/chlorate powder in the bottom to insure ignition.
If you want to use a more powerful and safer explosive, use a high order explosive.

With any explosive you should add lighter flints or magnesium shavings to insure a shower of hot sparks to ignite any flammable materials or fuel that might be released by the penetration of the shrapnel into a target, such as a cars gas tank. Boom!

Now you make your igniter. This is done by taking a length of fuse long
enough to provide a 5 second delay and, taking a book of matches, make a
pull fuse igniter. You make this one very short though by laying out the
match section and placing a strip of tape just below the match heads (unseen
on back side in picture). Then you cut off all the cardboard a 1/2" from the
match heads. Tape holds the fuse lined up properly with the match heads.

Next you lay your fuse on the match igniter and fold up the matches in 3 sections around the fuse with the heads lined up with the fuse end. Wrap some tape around the cardboard part of the matches to keep them from unfolding and keep wrapping down around the fuse to keep it in place.

Next you take the paper part of the match book with the striker pad and cut off the
paper on the short end just below the striker. Fold it in half around the match heads.

Fold the paper back so that there's a total of about 1" of paper, put on your
pull ring, and rubber band the tab around itself to keep it from unfolding and
to provide the friction to the striker pad to ignite the match heads.

Make sure the ring is either small enough to pass through the coupling or
leave the match cover unfolded (but wrapped) so you can put it on later.

Pass the free end of the fuse through a hole (slightly larger than the fuse) that has been drilled in an end plug. Make sure you put a single wrap of tape around the fuse where it comes in contact with the plug to prevent a fizzle.

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