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Southerland- Clipbook

Southerland- Clipbook

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Published by DCCCSouthDesk

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Published by: DCCCSouthDesk on Aug 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Top Headlines
Freshman Steve Southerland Shuns Beltway Culture [Roll Call, 10/11/11]
DCCC seizes on Rep. Steve Southerland's salary complaint [Politico, 8/25/11]
Top Quotes
Southerland said “$174,000 Salary is Not So Much”
In August 2011, Southerland said his $174,000 congressional salary was “not so much.”According to Florida Capital News, “Rep. Steve Southerland told retirees Wednesday that serving inCongress is a great honor and privilege, but not a cushy job with lavish insurance and pension benefitsthat many disgruntled taxpayers seem to think it is….He said his $174,000 salary is not so much”Southerland said, “If you think this job pays too much, with those kinds of risks and cutting me off frommy family business, I'll just tell you: This job don't mean that much to me. I had a good life in PanamaCity….if you took the hours that I work and divided it into my pay, $174,000 salary would not seem sohigh.”
[Florida Capitol News, 8/ 25/2011]
 Notable Video ClipsEditorials
 Northwest Florida Daily News - EDITORIAL: Getting tough on offshore oil [Northwest Florida Daily News,9/22/11]
Olberman Names Southerland As Worst Person in the World. [Hulu,8/28/11]
Palm Beach Post: This idea doesn't hold water
In August 2011, the Palm Beach Post criticized the Clean Water Cooperative Federalism Act saying:“Bashing the Environmental Protection Agency has been a GOP theme since the party took control of theHouse this year. In July, the House approved a bill sponsored by Rep. John Mica, R-Winter Park, thatwould leave regulation of water quality to the states. Republican members of the Florida delegation, alongwith most state politicians, oppose the EPA's proposed standards for the state's rivers, lakes and streams -even though the Florida Department of Environmental Protection proposed essentially the same standardsin 2009. Given the rhetoric, it's hard to believe that protecting the environment once was a strongly bipartisan issue […] Congress recognized that water and air pollution don't observe state lines, and put the
federal government in charge of stopping both. Reactionary revisionists who want to turn back the clock ignore history and reality.” [Palm Beach Post, editorial,
Miami Herald: House attempt to gut EPA’s enforcement of clean-water rules is dangerous
In July 2011, the Miami Herald penned an editorial criticizing legislation in the house to prevent the EPAfrom imposing stricter water quality standards on states.According to the Miami Herald, “Clean water is not a jobs killer — certainly not in Florida, which countson its beaches and natural assets to lure millions of tourists and billions of dollars here. Yet U.S. Reps.John Mica, an Orlando-area Republican, and Nick Rahall, a West Virginia Democrat, have sponsored a bill that seeks to gut the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate water quality, wetlands protection and the removal of mountain tops in coal mining […] Clean water doesn’t have state boundaries. The reason the EPA was created and the Clean Water Act was strengthened in 1972 was theconfusing patchwork of state-by-state water rules that allowed governors and legislatures to curry favor with big industries in their states and permitted uses with disastrous consequences […] The legislation,HB 2018, is being hailed as a “state-federal partnership” that will help states create jobs. This is laughableif it weren’t so frightening […] Make no mistake. This legislation would hamstring the EPA fromoverruling any state’s vague water-quality limits or ensuring dredge permits are feasible even when thereis evidence of contamination. Under HB 2018, the misnamed Clean Water Cooperative Federalism Act,the EPA could not veto a state’s assessment of a project unless the state agrees. In effect, outdated staterules on water-quality standards, requirements for dumping waste or trash would no longer have to answer to federal oversight […] The GOP-led House, apparently embracing tea-party hysteria about federaloverreach, needs a reality check.” [Miami Herald, editorial,
Bradenton Herald: House bill restricting EPA water rules wrong
In July 2011, the Bradenton Herald wrote an editorial criticizing legislation in the house to prevent theEPA from imposing stricter water quality standards on states.According to the Bradenton Herald, “The U.S. House of Representatives took a wrong turn last week with passage of a measure that would restrict the Environmental Protection Agency from imposing stricter water quality standards on states […]The bill’s sponsor, Rep. John Mica, R-Winter Park, argued that thefederal agency exceeded its authority in the enforcement of the Clean Water Act. Such governmentoverreach would be too costly on public water treatment plants and private polluters, bill supportersmaintain. This is a disservice to Florida’s fragile and polluted waterways -- coming at a time when a toxicgreen slime covered the Caloosahatchee River near Alva. Such disgusting algae blooms, caused bysewage, manure and fertilizer pollution, kill marine life, contaminate drinking water supplies and force beach closures over the public health threat […] While proponents of the congressional measure assertedtougher EPA enforcement would kill jobs, clean water creates and saves jobs. Polluted rivers, lakes and bays kill jobs in the tourism and fishing industries, which, in turn, kills other jobs that depend on incomefrom those two economic powerhouses. The Clean Water Act came about in 1972 because states spurned pollution regulations. [Bradenton Herald,7/22/11]
Budget Issues
Southerland Urged Less Government Spending
In November 2011, Southerland said, “The federal government does not have a revenue problem; it has aspending problem. […] To get our economy back on track, we must restore certainty for our job creators,improve conditions for economic growth, eliminate Washington’s addiction to out-of-control spendingand pay down our $15 trillion debt.”
Southerland Signed Letter Urging Reduced Spending to Deficit Super Committee
In November 2011, Southerland approved of a letter sent to Congress’ deficit supercommittee.“It is evident that America has a fiscal crisis because Washington spends too much, not because ittaxes too little. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, tax revenues willreach or exceed the historical average of 18 percent of economic output by the end of this decade,even as spending continues to increase at an unsustainable rate. Increasing taxes on Americanswould destroy jobs, erase all hope of an economic recovery, and simply serve to feed out-of-control spending in Washington.”
[Southerland Press Release, 11/17/11]
Southerland Supported Ryan Budget
In April 2011, Southerland issues a statement following his vote for the Ryan Republican budget.Southerland said that “Today, I was pleased to join my House Republican colleagues in approving a budget proposal that will fix our fiscal future, while restoring certainty for our small businesses andmaking conditions right for long-term job creation.”
[Southerland Press Release,4/15/11]
Compared Obama’s Budget to Ice Cube on the Sun
In February 2011, Southerland said, “I honestly, honestly, honestly want to work out agreement thatshrinks government, that reduces spending and secures future for our children. But when you’ve got [a] president that delivers a budget with $1.6 trillion dollar deficit and a leader of the Senate saying he wantsa CR at existing levels — are they serious? … With all due respect, that’s like throwing an ice cube at thesun.” [Politico,2/23/11]
Will Not Vote for Debt Ceiling without Conditions
On ABC’s This Week, Southerland said that he will not vote for debt ceiling without conditions. "Theadministration is pushing for a single-subject vote, a 'clean' bill. I'm not voting for that. We wantguarantees going forward that we will service our debt, like any banker." [Sunshine State News,4/19/11]
Southerland A “No” Vote on Debt Ceiling
In May 2011, Steve Southerland voted against raising the debt ceiling saying that “I promised thehardworking families of North and Northwest Florida that I would vote against a debt limit increaseunless it was accompanied by a concrete plan to fix our fiscal future. Raising the debt limit withoutinstituting a long-term spending solution does nothing more than move the guardrail closer to the cliff’sedge. Today’s overwhelming bipartisan vote against a clean debt limit increase should serve as a wake-up

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