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08292011 Reserve Review 2010

08292011 Reserve Review 2010

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Published by Mark Myers

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Published by: Mark Myers on Aug 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Oklahoma County Sheriffs Office Reserve Division is made up of 190 people who volunteerat least 16 hours per month functioning as Oklahoma County Sheriffs Office deputies.According to Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel, The Oklahoma County Sheriffs OfficeReserve Division is an important function of the Oklahoma County Sheriffs Office. These menand women serve their community by volunteering in all aspects of law enforcement. Thereserves are highly trained and the Oklahoma County Sheriffs Office depends on them toprotect and serve the citizens of Oklahoma County.For more information regarding the OCSO Reserve Division or information on how you canapply to become a reserve deputy check out the following link:http://www.oklahomacounty.org/sheriff/fieldservices/reserves.asp Recently the Oklahoma County Reserves Division released their annual report from 2010detailing what the division accomplished:August 18, 2011To: Sheriff WhetselUndersheriff TaylorMajor BarrowMark MyersFrom: Captain SnyderSirs,I would like to inform you of the status of the Oklahoma County Sheriffs Office ReserveDivision. I know you are aware of most of the obligations and responsibilities of the reserves;however I felt I would give you some resource information in case you need it.The reserves have turned in over
hours for 2010. We have different teams and teamassignments in the Reserve Division and I would like to share some of their duties.
: The members of this team furnish their own equipment and are very active. Theyhave been used on several searches in and out of our county. Other agencies and civicorganizations have specifically requested the ATVs because of there mobility and unique abilityto enter certain areas or terrain.
: This team is a highly sought after team. Oklahoma City Police Bike Team is alwaysglad to see our Bike Team assist them in the Brick town area especially on the weekends. Eachmember of the Bike Team must go through a nationally recognized PEMBA Training Course.
This training is recognized by CLEET and is nationally accepted training for any emergencyresponse agency.
: This is an unusual team; the citizens love to be around them and yet theyare capable of handing large unruly crowds. The Oklahoma County Sheriffs Office furnishessome equipment for the team; however the majority of the equipment is provided by eachindividual reserve deputy. This works well because the reserve deputy is able to ride their ownhorse. The reserve deputy does not just see his/her horse partner once in a while, but he/shehas the responsibility of for the caring for their animals. This creates a bond somewhat like thatof deputies who train their K-9 partners. The training the mounted reserve deputy and theirhorse undergo has been approved by Center on Law Enforcement Education and Training(CLEET) and has been adopted from the National Training Group. This means our mountedpatrol deputies and their horses can work with other mounted patrol groups nationally. Severalyears ago our unit placed 5
nationally in the Post Mardi Gras competition held in New Orleans.The Mounted unit was also awarded Mounted Unit of the year in 1995 by the NationalMounted Training Group. In 2007 we had three of our mounted patrol deputies attend trainingin Nashville, Tennessee. Our deputies placed in the top five out of over 100 mounted officersfrom agencies from around the country.The Mounted Patrol Unit attends several family events each year and they also patrol parkinglots as well as perform field searches for lost children or the elderly. This group has beeninvolved in field searches for suspects and stolen property as well as riding along I-35 lookingfor the license plate off of Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeighs car after the Alfred P. MurrahFederal Building bombing. They also provided traffic control around the Murrah federal buildingduring recovery efforts.
This is one of the hardest working reserve teams and is out almost everyweekend. This is not a glamorous job or exciting as some of the others, but the team membersare hard working and are very popular with the families in our community. In addition tofingerprinting children, they also take time to visit and teach parents how to gather DNAinformation and what to do if a child is missing. The Finger Print Team is one of the bestambassadors that our agency has established.
: This team is well known around the country. They are ranked internationallybecause of their training and abilities. They are certified in underwater evidence recovery aswell as underwater explosives removal. They have been requested by different agencies of thefederal government as well as local and state to help recover items that were used in a crime.Some of our dive team members have even been called on to travel to different countries andtrain dive teams. They also conduct the first aid and CPR training each year for the OklahomaCounty Sheriffs Office.
: FAST ACTING SUPPORT TEAM responds when more man power is needed forlarge scaled first responder events like manhunts, natural disasters, or crowd control. In 2007
FAST received additional training in crowd control and how to extract someone out of a crowd.This year we are looking at incorporating more training through our Homeland Security Section.
: The Bomb Squad is led by full time deputies who are bomb technicians, butmost of the squad is made up of reserve deputies. The reserves have to pass trainingrequirements of the squad and be re-certified each year to remain on the squad. The reservesmust know how to operate highly technical bomb equipment. The reserves volunteer for thisdangerous squad to help insure the safety of the community.
: The Event Team is very much involved in community policing. Where there arecrowds of citizens walking around at a community function the Event Team will be there.Events include: school carnivals, sporting events, or traffic control for a parade. The Event Teamenjoys the aspect of working directly with our citizens. This attitude provides our citizensdirect contact with law enforcement and facilitates a stronger bond between our citizens andthe deputies by providing high visibility at community functions we help make the event safer.
: The patrol is a very active part of the reserves. It has been said by officers of other agencies that our reserve patrol deputies receive more training than a lot of full timeofficers. The training the patrol reserve deputies receive is very detailed and required to stay onthis team. These reserve deputies are not just there for back up, they are very often theprimary unit and have to maintain control over whatever situation they are dispatched to, orinitiate.
: Reserves also work in every area of the Oklahoma County SheriffsOffice. They help the Judicial Services Division with serving papers and transporting inmates.Reserve deputies pick up inmates within other counties and help transport to the OklahomaDepartment of Corrections. They also supplement the Protective Services Unit at times andhelp with high profile court cases or the Prep Program. The reserves provide security at theOklahoma County Detention Center and secure county inmates who are temporarily housed athospitals.
Reserves also work behind the scenes. Several reserve deputies havesignificant technology training and abilities and provide service in installing and maintaining thelatest in technology knowledge. Reserve deputies help maintain some of the sheriffs officemobile data computer system and keep two way radios working. This may not sound exciting,but if you were the one hanging off the top of a 150 foot or higher antenna tower, you mightwant to rethink things.The Oklahoma County Reserve Deputies are the only reserves that I am aware of who areallowed to participate when guarding the President of the United States. They have guardedforeign dignitaries and have escorted high profile celebrities like Air Forces Blue Angles.Individual reserves as well as the entire division have been recognized by civic groups for theoutstanding service they provide. Our Deputies have received great reviews not only in TheOklahoman but also in other papers like the Dallas Morning Star.

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