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Board Exam 2

Board Exam 2



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Published by Kira
visit this sites for more references http://www.enurse-careplan.com/ thank you very much and your feedback is very much appreciated.
visit this sites for more references http://www.enurse-careplan.com/ thank you very much and your feedback is very much appreciated.

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Published by: Kira on Oct 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DIRECTION: Choose the letter of the BEST answer by shading the correspondingletter of your choice on the answer sheet provided. STRICTLY NO ERASURE!1. A child who is 13 months has fast breathing if he has:A. 30 breaths per minute or moreB. 60 breaths per minuteC. 40 breaths per minute or moreD. 50 breaths per minute2. Which of the following is true about discharge planning?A. basic discharge plans involve referral to community resourcesB. discharge plans involve referral to community resourcesC. simple referral involves use of a discharge planner D. complex referral includes interdisciplinary collaboration3. A nurse may keep opened vials of OPV for use in the next session if:A. you have taken out the vaccine at the health center for some other reasonsB. the expiry date has not passedC. the vaccines have been stored at a temperature between 0 deg C and 8 deg CD. the vaccines have change its color 4. The primary preventive measures against HIV-AIDS is:A. withdrawal C. foams and gels useB. virus killing drugs D. condom use
5. Ms. Amodia, RN works for a home health agency and cares for an older adultmental patient. On reporting to work, she observes numerous bruise and red markson her patients face. Her patient seems upset. Ms. Amodia suspects that either abuse has occurred. Ms. Amodia should:A. contact the mobile police to investigate the abuseB. make an appointment with an elder adult counselor C. wake her son and ask him who would hurt his mother D. call her supervisor right away to report the findings6. If there develops severe pre-eclampsia, what would be the drug you wouldanticipate to be prescribed and that you would have to administer?A. a loop diuretic C. ranitidine (zantac)B. magnesium sulfate D. a non-steroidal inflammatory agent7. As a community health nurse you always bear in mind that the purpose of empowering victims of violence is to:A. tell them how to solve their problemsB. convince victims to leave their abusersC. help clients become aware that they have control over their livesD. develop safety escape plans for them8. Maria is developing constipation from being on bed rest. What measure wouldyou suggest she take to help prevent this?A. drink 8 full glasses of fluid such as water dailyB. drink more milk, increased calcium intake prevents constipationC. eat more frequent small meals instead of three large ones daily
D. walk for at least half an hour daily to stimulate peristalsis9. A bilateral amputee is assisted by his wife and children to the commode for  bowel evacuation. This example best demonstrates the family’s assistance to meetwhich need?A. Elimination C. nutrition and metabolismB. activity D. health perception and health maintenance10. Which of the following is the most important reason for doing a literaturereview for constructing a research study?A. helpful information on demographic instrument development could be uncoveredB. existing knowledge about the identified problem can be foundC. a determination of the study’s feasibility could be extrapolatedD. the research design can be copied from another study11. Martina develops endometritis. What would be the best activity for her?A. lying in bed with a cold cloth on her foreheadB. reading while resting in a trendelenburg positionC. sitting with her feet elevated while playing cardsD. walking around her room listening to music12. Grace sustained a laceration on her leg from automobile accident. Why arelacerations of lower extremities potentially more serious among pregnant womenthan other?A. lacerations can provoke allergic responses due to gonadotropic hormonereleaseB. a woman is less able to keep the laceration clean because of her fatigue

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