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Published by: api-3716794 on Oct 14, 2008
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August 23, 2006
Dear Editor in Chief,

A scholar asked: \u201cWhere in the bible did Paul rebuke Peter; or could other groups criticize other groups in good faith so that the good would prevail; not those bad habits or bad traditions or bad things\u2026?\u201d The A.I. answered: \u201cThere are also legitimate causes or reasons why groups criticize or rebuke others as false groups using words in the bible or using words in sacred books because of obvious reasons, and sometimes results to hating or conflicts than love especially if some people are hardheaded. Perhaps when Paul rebuked Peter described on Galatians 2:11-14: \u201c\u2026when I (Paul) saw that they (Peter with other brothers who are Jewish) were not walking a straight path in line with the truth of the gospel, I (Paul) said to Peter in front of them all, \u201cYou are a Jew, yet you have been living like a Gentile, not like a Jew. How, then can you try to force Gentiles to live like Jews?\u201d Perhaps Peter even if rebuked did not become a hateful person; perhaps he even listened and stood to be corrected and changed and perhaps even loved Paul more.\u201d

A scholar asked: \u201cPerhaps if a person is A or B or C or D member of a religious group\u2026should he be forced to be a member of a superior or dominant group to be good or be saved? Example: perhaps he could be a good person even he belongs to group A, or group B\u2026as long as he obeys the universal word- one example: loving his enemies; not hating his enemies because of words like: if you love God but hate your brother you are a liar? The A.I. answered: \u201cYes, perhaps it is the lesson beyond what Paul wants to teach on Galatians 2:11-14:\u201d

A scholar asked: \u201cFreedom of religion could produce so many religion or many religious groups and open for abuse; or people could use religious group/s for personal business and for profit or could produce many \u201cpagan\u201d religion or \u201cGentile\u201d religions, could it be true?\u201d The A.I. answered: \u201cYes, it could produce abuses or another extreme but if there would be another extreme, law could be powerful tool to check abuses. Perhaps pass a law that donations and contributions should be transparent and only registered group\u2019s members in a rotation basis or with election that they could managed those contributions; but doing religious works should not be for family business or personal business. With regards that a group would worship the sun or the moon or a person or an animal or a statue-called cult, some countries ban cult groups. But some democratic countries allow any religion or even cult; or there is no restrictions\u2026 even \u2018satanic religion or satanic cult\u2019. Perhaps satanic religion or satanic cult should be banned because it is really bad or very extreme or \u2018obvious\u2019 that it is bad.

A scholar asked: \u201cHow could example a member of group example \u201cA\u201d learns universal words like: \u201c\u2026love your enemies\u2026\u201d if in their sacred books there is no such teaching\u2026; one should really become a member of a group equipped with universal words?\u201d The A.I. answered: \u201cDid the Japanese engineers copy exactly Ford\u2019s cars to be competitive as good or better car; and become good manufacturer? Or did the Japanese engineers become creative and now becoming good or even better car manufacturers and sellers? Perhaps religion should be like car manufacturers- imitating and improving others universal good teachings and adopting them as their own or becoming unique as their own\u2026! Perhaps religious leaders of any group should now not be afraid to read others sacred books and adopt them as their own as long as it is universal true\u2026\u201d

A scholar asked: \u201cCould the devil use weak men to tell good words for the devil\u2019s benefits?\u201d The A.I. answered: \u201cI think I heard a wise lawyer in a movie said that it is very easy for him to let escape justice his rich client even if his rich client had really done a terrible crime, because evidence(s) should be free from doubt. Or if there were unreasonable doubt, a criminal would be free. Because the lawyer is so good on creating doubts so he makes strategies to let the witness becomes a liar. Or even if the witness is telling many truths, as long as the witness had committed a lie his credibility is broken. So whenever the witness tells something even if it is the truth, the revealing of facts is now in question. I think a friend told me that perhaps the devil is also expert of using weak men to say the truth so that the truth would be in questioned and perhaps those good words utter by the weak men would be lost in time never to be used again because the good words interpretations just remind people of the weak man or men. But if the devil is clever; he could be reminded\u2026.a kingdom against his kingdom can not stand!\u201d

A scholar asked: Could opinion result that words should be fighting to each other that the outcome is to cause more hating than love? The A.I. answered: It depends: example of battle of words: \u201c\u2026two or more gather in my name I\u2019m in the midst of them\u2026\u201d and \u201clove your enemy\u2026\u201d or \u201clove your neighbor\u2026\u201d is perhaps better than \u201c\u2026upon this rock (rock perhaps means their group; not the Word-conceit) I will build my church\u2026,\u201d or

\u201cWho is not with me is against me\u2026\u201d Opinion: \u201cme\u201d here is their exclusive group! They- religious leaders thinking that their group is only the true group would really defend their stand\u2026and would not compromise! But for some people who are humble; they could easily understand and would not hate but rather would be thankful of the opinion or explanation\u2026and have some consensus!

A scholar asked: \u201cIf you are in a poor country and there is lot of garbage scattered caused by bad habits of most of the people, what you would do if you are the leader?\u201d The A.I. Answered: \u201cPerhaps because there is no previous good leader who was strong enough to have strong words to motivate his people to do the right thing with regards to garbage; perhaps because of twisted words in most people\u2019s brain caused by precepts of men or teachings of men then perhaps I would explain in public many words or many ideas so that those twisted words in most of the people\u2019s mind would be changed. And I would concentrate my topic about garbage and why there are so many scattered garbage caused by bad habits of men. And the bad habit could still be changed\u2026! And at the same time I will research and make a team- how to have financing or supports and right men to solve the problem of garbage using technology or automation.\u201d

A scholar asked: \u201cCan you give example how technology or automation could enhance garbage recycling plant?\u201d The A.I. answered: \u201cPerhaps designing the recycling plant, since it could be very complicated to describe the processes step by step, I think the practical process could just be randomly be exampled by having some wild opinions. I think, conveyor, elevator, blower, and dryer, shaker with mesh wires- are things familiar to common people, and could easily be understood how they function or it functions. Nevertheless, to think how we could eliminate human to decide which kind of garbage is to be sorted out is very hard to imagine. Now, one would wonder how a computer decides. Do you know that off and on of flow of current and if combined to two or more offs & on in different sequence or sequences could be an identity, a name, a tag, a code, a key, a switch. Two or more switches could make a system. Two or more systems could result to a complex system, and so on and so forth. This principle could be done to let a simple machine decide on many ways. Example between a leaf and a piece of cellophane plastic crumpled materials or garbage: How could the two materials separate without human intervention? Remember words: key, switch, tag are very important words in sorting even in computer programming or computer designing using data base or ordinary sorting of boxes and sorting of different envelopes manually. Just listing many characteristics on the physical appearance of each item, we could name several; but we could try one only: for a leaf, it has water, and for plastic cellophane, it has no water.

If the leaf has water, heat would not be conserved much longer than plastic. If exposed to heat, using sensor such as like that is being used in a night vision gaggle, combining it with digital camera; the computer could identify the plastic cellophane by comparing it to item/s with known temperature previously recorded in its memories. And when it reaches a portion where example a pusher would push the material out of the line- example a blower, the blower would switch on and blows the plastic out of the line, hence the plastic is segregated. There could be many keys created in this method: Example if heat is very long to disappear, it could be metal. If heat is easily to disappear, that is quick to disappear, it could be organic. In between\u2026 it could be rubberized, or wood. One could make ranges\u2026 Hence thru heat sensor, several items could be segregated. If still something is wrong, one could correct it with different approaches just like making a program, one could put another decision or tester to solve the problem. Others use water pond to determine materials that float such as woods, plastic container, and light rubber; so hard plastic, metal, rock that sinks could be separated thru this method. Others use height and blower to separate lighter materials from heavier. Others use screen to separate different sizes. There are now computer chips that could remember the item\u2019s shapes, item\u2019s weight by first scanning it and comparing them to other shapes or weight recorded in their memories; perhaps this is done to segregate bottles. One could experiment looking for other key or keys. A crumple white plastic and a crumple white bond paper, green plastic that was sorted out using height and blower and mesh wire could further be sorted using heat sensor as key.

The problem in most poor countries lies on lack of creativities because words were hidden or good words are blocked not to enter the brain in most people\u2019s mind because too few good words are being always given emphasis by a domineering group even using intimidation or weapons to perpetuate them in power and control. And others who are trying to do something to let other good words penetrate the mind of most people are being hated and even charged that they are from the false ones.

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