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Published by api-3786405

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Published by: api-3786405 on Oct 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Inside Out
This page has been downloaded fromwww.insideo ut.net
Week starting: 1st September 2008
1. New York City

The subject of this week\u2019s lesson is the city that \u2018never sleeps\u2019, and which has
probably provided the backdrop to more well-known films and TV programmes than
anywhere else in the world: New York.

Pre-intermediate and above (equivalent to CEF level A2-B1 and above)
How to use the lesson

1. Brainstorm on the subject of New York City. If any of your students have ever
been there, ask them to describe their experiences. You could perhaps also touch on
some of the topics mentioned on Worksheet A.

2. Divide students into pairs and hand out Worksheet A. Give them at least five
minutes to put the mixed-up pieces of information back together again. Note that in
purely grammatical terms there is more than one option in a couple of places, but
there is only one way of maintaining the sense of the text.

3. When the time is up, check answers in open class. Ask the students to turn over
their copies of Worksheet A or temporarily hand them back to you. Hand out
Worksheet B, and keeping the students in their pairs, give them plenty of time to find
and correct the mistakes. Each piece of information contains three mistakes. Point out
that the mistakes are all grammatical or lexical, and that for each mistake they are
only required to either correct or add one word.

4. Check answers in open class.
5. If you wish, finish by handing out copies of Worksheet C, which contains corrected
versions of all the pieces of information.
2. Related Websites
Send your students to these websites, or just take a look yourself.
The New York City entry in Simple English Wikipedia. Accessible to
pre-intermediate level.
The official New York City tourism website. Intermediate level and above.
The New York City entry inh2g2, an online encyclopedia linked to the BBC.
Intermediate level and above.
It is photocopiable, but all copies must be complete pages. Copyright \u00a9 Macmillan Publishers Limited 2008.

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