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Inside Out

Cricket – Glossary
appreciate verb out adverb
to understand the true nature of a situation, and used for saying that someone is not allowed to
realize why it is important or serious continue taking part in a competition or series of
I began to appreciate the difficulties my father had games, especially because they have been defeated
faced. If we don’t win today, we’ll be out of the
bat noun
a long wooden object used for hitting the ball in oval adjective
games such as baseball and cricket with a shape like a long narrow circle
an oval table
bat verb
to hit the ball with a bat in a game such as baseball pitch noun [count]
or cricket a flat area of ground for playing particular sports on.
a football/cricket/rugby pitch
block verb
to use your body to stop someone from hitting proud adjective
something, or to stop a ball from going somewhere feeling happy about your achievements, your
In blocking the goal shot, Mario sprained his possessions, or people who you are connected with
shoulder. I’m proud to say we made the right decision.

bounce verb roughly adverb

if a ball or other object bounces, or if you bounce used for showing that an amount, number, time etc is
it, it hits a surface then immediately moves away not exact
from it The meeting lasted roughly 45 minutes
The ball bounced twice before hitting the net.
run noun [count]
bowler noun [count] one point in the game of cricket
the person throwing the ball towards the batsman He has scored 90 runs in this match.
in the sport of cricket
score verb
complexities noun [plural] to get a point in a game or sport
features of something that make it confusing or No one scored in the first half.
difficult to deal with
the complexities of the legal system subtle adjective
not obvious, and therefore difficult to notice
field verb
to be the team that throws and tries to catch the tend verb
ball during a game while members of the other to usually do a particular thing
team try to hit it. The other team bats He tends to exaggerate.
England chose to field first and put South Africa in
to bat. throw verb
to use your hand to send an object through the air
hence adverb I’ll throw the ball and you try to catch it.
used for introducing something that is a result of
the fact that has just been stated undeniable adjective
His grandfather was Greek; hence the surname. certainly correct or true
His integrity is undeniable.
leather noun [count/uncount]
a strong material made from animal skin that is vertical adjective
used for making shoes, clothes, bags etc standing, pointing, or moving straight up.
a leather sofa vertical lines

originate verb wicket noun [count]

to begin to exist or appear for the first time in the game of cricket, the set of three sticks that the
The concept of factory outlet shopping originated bowler tries to hit with the ball
in America.
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