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Published by api-3781021

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Published by: api-3781021 on Oct 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This Basic Training Course teaches the fundamental principles of Network Development, which have empowered ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary feats. This course imparts the best practices of the most successful people in the field of Interactive Marketing, otherwise known as \u201cword-of-mouth-advertising.\u201d

This course takes into consideration the different orientation of the people who are enrolled in it. We have tailor-fitted the modules to all those people who have the common desire to achieve their greatest vision \u2013 whether that is financial freedom, a business of their own, greater control of their life or enjoying more time together with their loved ones than ever before.

Basic Training is designed for you to effectively apply the principles as you develop your
organization within the QuestNet business opportunity.
Are you sure you want to continue with this course? If you are not yet totally convinced, then
consider this straightforward, powerful quotation,
\u201cIF IT IS TO BE \u2026. IT\u2019S UP TO ME!\u201d
YOU ARE THE MASTER DESIGNER OF YOUR LIFE. Therefore, you must be the one to take
the necessary action to put the process into motion for achieving your greatest desires in life.
This Basic Training Course consists of four inter-related modules that can have a profound
positive effect on the success of your QuestNet business, and your life.
However, it is only when you apply yourself wholeheartedly toward your objectives that you will
meet with a favorable reward.
This Basic Training Course will show you the way \u2026\u2026
Getting started with the right attitude, and a positive frame of mind, will determine how effective a
leader you will become and consequently, how large an organization you will be able to build.
Success in Networking is:
skill and

Starting with the right attitude means building a solid foundation upon which you can build your life and your business. The best foundation for this business is YOU. In the context of the QuestNet opportunity, our attitude is the internal predisposition; we have to react either positively or negatively toward this business.

Based on information gathered over a long period of time, there are 8 primary reasons people fail in this industry. All of them are related to the attitude we display. These are explained here in Module One as the \u201c8 Pitfalls.\u201d

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the 8 Pitfalls. These are the things you must avoid in
order to succeed in this business.
Ameen Radhi Ahmed \u2013 HY441234
+973 36402121 \u2013 ameen.radhi@gmail.com
Some people will look down on the QuestNet business simply because it is related to the
network marketing industry.

Many networkers have given the industry a bad name when they tried and failed. But the failure of some is not the failure of the entire industry. Many many people have achieved phenomenal success!

People think that to qualify as a \u201creal business,\u201d large capital is required and a huge

amount of pre-opening efforts is necessary.
This is definitelyNOT so.
Let\u2019s imagine that you are planning to start a traditional business \u2026.

If you are SERIOUS about your business, much preparation will have taken place before the actual opening. You may have had to make a feasibility study, undergo training, even go back to school for a few semesters \u2026 or to take out a bank loan, find and hire the right people, or choose a good location, and so on\u2026.

No business is guaranteed to make money, yet most traditional businessmen will go through all this trouble, and the high financial risks involved, to help ensure that their particular business will succeed!

Unlike in the traditional business, with QuestNet you can have all the benefits of a large business
but without the high financial risks.
However, like in most other businesses, you must still take this business seriously before
expecting to earn from it, let alone earn a lot from it!
You must take this business seriously, then and only then it will PROSPER!
Yes, the QuestNet opportunity is simple, but your business will grow into a global organization
whose CEO is YOU, if, and only if, you will put your heart into it \u2013 SERIOUSLY!
Taking the business seriously means:

You should begin learning solid facts about the QuestNet business and the networking industry. Then make the decision to put your resources of time and money into your business.

You must start planning your day-to-day activities to make your business grow, through
learning the art of time-management.
You should endeavor to do the necessary tasks to keep your business thriving.
Ameen Radhi Ahmed \u2013 HY441234
+973 36402121 \u2013 ameen.radhi@gmail.com
Doubt is \u201cdouble-mindedness\u201d as opposed to belief, which is called \u201csingle-mindedness.\u201d

Double-mindedness leads to confusion, which can compound your doubt that this business really can be successful for you. Single-mindedness, on the other hand, leads to clarity of thinking which strengthens your belief in this business.

We will show you, through the Basic Training Course, how to develop single-mindedness of
purpose so that your belief in this business remains rock-steady.

Perhaps the first time you heard the QuestNet presentation, you believe that you could do this business and it could work for you. However, as soon as you talked about it to others and they asked you many things that you did not know the answers to, then you started to doubt whether you really could do this business after all. The first seeds of doubt were sown. In this case, doubt became the number one killer of your business, and also your dreams.

Doubt can easily creep into your head if you are not careful. This business is done in such a way that you will talk to people about the company, its products, its compensation plan, and all facets of the business. However, as you encounter difficult questions and objections, do not be discouraged because such comments only indicate that you need to learn about this business more thoroughly.

Through TRAINING & EDUCATION, your doubts will begin to vanish and be replaced by strong

Sometimes it takes many hours or even days to wash away even just the simplest of negative talk. Therefore, as much as possible, avoid DREAM-STEALERS \u2013 those people who infuse negative thoughts about your business.

Instead, try to talk only to people who have already experienced success in QuestNet in order to
strengthen your belief about all aspects of this business.
Opposite of doubt is BELIEF or FAITH. There are several ways to develop a deep belief in this
Increase your knowledge and understand all aspects of the business thoroughly. Your level of

belief is directly proportional to your knowledge level.
Learn from your mentors the techniques that will increase your ratio of success.
Mix with the believers \u2013 belief is contagious.
Stay away from dream-stealers \u2013 those who want you to remain \u201caverage\u201d like them.
One main cause of doubt is REJECTION. Start looking at it in this light:
No one has a 100% success rate! Thus, use the SW Principle:

Some Will, Some Won\u2019t, So What, Someone else is Waiting.
Rejection is part of this business. Instead of getting discouraged, learn all you can from the
Ameen Radhi Ahmed \u2013 HY441234
+973 36402121 \u2013 ameen.radhi@gmail.com

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