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Polarity Therapy Articles

Polarity Therapy Articles



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Published by kanaloa
40 informative articles on Polarity Therapy from Masterworks International
40 informative articles on Polarity Therapy from Masterworks International

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Published by: kanaloa on Nov 02, 2011
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MasterWorks International
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Dr Stone's Real Contribution
By Phil Young RPP
Most people in the Polarity community think that Dr Stone was the person who brought"
" as the vital principle in the Healing Arts into people's perception. The reality of thesituation is a little different, in that even a cursory reading of the article excerpts below from the
The Journal of the Science of Osteopathy
, Volume 3, Number 4, August, 1902 clearly show thatEnergy was a vital consideration from the very earliest beginnings of Osteopathy.It seems that, firstly, what Dr Stone really did was to keep the vital life force aspect of Osteopathic practice alive when the rest of the osteopathic community was rushing headlonginto materialism and being swayed by the growing strength of the allopathic medical model andsecondly, he created some extremely effective
 practical methods
of working with this vital lifeforce
through the chakras and the energy currents in the body.
The theory of our therapeutics depends on, (1) the vital force, which represents the sum of allvital activities and processes in the body organism, the cosmic energy in man, the energy of understanding and will; and (2) on nutrition, the tissues and organs depending for their vitalityand vital activity upon nutritive conditions. Both of these are controlled from the brain. Thebrain centers represent the higher life, and the different paths from the brain to the body alongthe nervous system are pathways of distribution in connection with vital force and nutrition. Inthis we must take account of brain nutrition, in connection with which we get (1) the productionof a secretion, the cerebro-spinal fluid, and (2) the generation of nerve energy that passesoutside of the brain in the form of waves of vibration.
 1. The first pages of physiology bring out into prominence, the
vital force
as that which liesbehind the matter of the structure and the material functional of the body organism.2. The basic principle that runs all the way through physiology is
, harmony and co-ordination, these being established by and through the nervous economy.3. There can be no organic disease or organo-therapy, because no organ of the body standsisolated and alone, the sympathetic relation of the nervous system making it imperative that thebody be regulated as a commonwealth of cells.
There are certain forces, - sound, light, heat, electricity, etc. The physical basis of all these isvibration. Vibration is an accepted fact in science. Solid bodies are composed of atoms whichare vibrating at almost infinite velocities. One substance differs from another mainly in themodulus of vibratility, the different planes of substance representing the planes of graduallyincreasing vibratility. The higher vibratility governs and moulds the lower, just as the suncentralizes the solar system. The most refined vibrations that mean life and light, with all theiraccompaniments to the planets, in that solar system. In man this vibratile characteristic alsopredominates, for within his organism he combines the higher and lower grades of vibratility inconnection with mind, brain, bone, muscles, blood. So long as these combined vibratilities arein harmony are in harmony the organism enjoys life and health.

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