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Dyaryo Magdalo (Nov 14 to 20 2011)

Dyaryo Magdalo (Nov 14 to 20 2011)

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Our language is truth, our spirit is liberty.
Our language is truth, our spirit is liberty.

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Published by: Berteni Cataluña Causing on Nov 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. II No. 75 ISSN 2094-4098 NOVEMBER 14-20, 2011 P15.00
HEN Commission on Elections led byChairman Sixto Brillantes voted 5-2,
or ve in favor and two abstained,
they enumerated the persons
to be charged for electoralsabotage and these were Gloria Maca
- pagal Arroyo, Andal Ampatuan Sr.,
Lintang Bedol, former Comelec Chair Benjamin Abalos, former ComelecCommissioner Nicodemo Ferrer, former De
 partment of Justice Acting Secretary AlbertoAgra, and former Maguindanao Provincial
Administrator Norie Unas.
But when the actual criminal informationwas led before the Pasay City Regional Tri
-al Court, the Comelec only named three as
the accused: Gloria, Andal Sr. and Bedol.
What happened?
Did the Comelec play favorites?
Grand jury system much better
In the United States of America, thenPresident Richard Nixon resigned after he
was compelled by the grand jury to appear 
and testify on the actsof wiretapping themeetings of Demo
cratic Party at the
Watergate Hotel and
on the act of tamper 
-ing the tapes.
The grand jury iscomposed of 23 ordi
nary persons raffledoff the community toserve as jurors whoseduty is to decide who
to charge in court and
who to spare for inno
-cence.So that any deci-
sion of the grand jury
to charge anybody hasnot been questioned
unlike the decision of the Comelec of seven persons that is now
 being questioned bymillions as something
that was done in haste
only to serve the ur-
gency of beating theSupreme Court’s TROto the draw.Of course, if onlya grand jury of peoplewere the one that de
cided to charge Glo
ria, it is for sure that
nobody among her ra-
 bid supporters would
cry political persecu-tion.
Doubts on Comelec’smotives
Is this act of ex
-cluding others anindication that theComelec does nothave air-tight evi-
dence to convict Glo
-ria and all the personsthey named to becharged in relation tothe massive cheatingthat took place in the
 province of Maguin
-danao during the 2007senatorial elections?
 Dyaryo Magdalo
thinks so: The caseagainst Gloria lacks
evidence to convict
her of the charge of 
committing massivevote shaving and add-
ing in the Province of Maguindanao.
 Dyaryo Magdalo
also thinks that the
filing of the caseagainst Gloria was
done in haste to beatthe Supreme Court’s
TRO in the nick of 
 Dyaryo Magdalo
 believes that the piec-
es of evidence gath
ered thus far are not
Vol. II No. 75
November 14-20, 2011
 Design & Layout:
All news articles and opinions expressed by the writersare entirely their own and do not reect the opinion of the publisher, the management or the editor of this publication.
 All Rights Reserved:
No part of this publication may be copied or reproducednor translated in any language or form for commercial pur 
 poses without prior written permission from the publisher and its writers or columnists.
AMINE!This is one word that can best describe as towhat is happening now at the Bureau of Cus
Frustration pervades at the Bureau of Customs if we see the looksand hear the sounds of what are happening to intelligence agents,
MEMBERS of the
local media have re-quested the military toclosely secure placesto be visited by local
and foreign colleagues
in the upcoming sec-
ond anniversary of theMaguindanao Massa
cre on November 23.Ali Macabalang,executive director of the Bureau of PublicInformation (BPI) of the Autonomous Re
gion in Muslim Min
danao (ARMM), said
security issues should
take preference in thecoverage of the event
that is expected to
draw dozens of visit
-ing journalists along-
employees, and evenmany journalists in theBureau.
The hao-shiao Cus
-toms employees no
longer get the weekly
“tara,” so are the jour-
nalists who gather thingsother than news. The in
-telligence agents are nolonger getting their pays
from smuggling opera
tors. The genuine em
- ployees are also shocked
 because what was once
seemingly endless
streams of money ow
-ing to their pockets havestopped.
In other words, “hun
ger” is now staring atthese persons who for 
decades have tasted opu-
lence, employees as lowas messenger or lingclerks who have used
to driving luxury cars,
reporters who get their Friday pays from differ 
ent ofcials and smug
-gling cronies, etc.
They are all now
emotionally protesting
in silence. They never 
thought it takes only oneman to cause their sud-
den loss of display of ex
-travagance even in times
of economic crisis.They all blame their 
extreme miseries to oneand only one man.
They now curse Dep
-uty Customs Commis-
sioner Danny Lim, a for 
-mer scout ranger general
who has been reputed tohave refused the hun
dreds of millions of pe
sos offered him during
the previous administra-
tion in exchange for his
cooperation and insteadchose imprisonment
after the plan to with
draw support to GloriaMacapagal Arroyo was
When President Be
nigno Simeon “P-Noy”
Aquino III appointed
former General Lim, he
 begged to be placed inother agencies because
all men who came to theCustoms left with integ
-rity and honor crushed beyond repair.
But when P-Noy in
-sisted he had no other 
 person he can trust for the job, Danny accededin the name of being a
“good soldier” being or-dered by the Command-
er-in-Chief to go for a
mission.Indeed he acceptedthe mission easily con-
sidered as “MISSIONIMPOSSIBLE.”Slowly, General Limworked his way in and
succeeded to keep his
reputation for honesty
and integrity. He re-
fused all offers of mil
lions of pesos in dailytake that would be morethan sufcient for hisneeds if he ever runs for senator in 2013.Many prominentgures in the BOC, in
cluding ofcials and
usual suspects, have al-
ready felt the incomingdrought that would put
them in a situation they
are like in the middle of a desert where lookingfor food and water are just like sifting a needle
through the sand grains.
Barely two monthsinto the ofce as Dep
Com for Intelligence
on September 16, 2011,
signs of success showedup for Lim: Cracks inthe once mighty “GreatWall of China” began to
appear.Lim politely turned
down bribe offers of port players for the releaseof their imported goodswithout payment of ex
-act duties and taxes.
Then, Lim whole
-heartedly talked to re- porters sincerely tellingthem that he can’t ex-
tend nancial favors totheir needs for he too issurviving within his own
limits.Lim’s order to theorganic Customs intel-
ligence agents, men who
Media seeks security in Maguindanao Massacre 2nd anniversary
side local and inter-national human rightsobservers.
According to Maca
 balang, members of na
-tional and internationalmedia have contacted
him for smooth work 
ing collaboration. They
also talked on security
 preparation of local au
He said he has writ
ten Army Col. Mayor 
algo dela Cruz, head of the First MechanizedBrigade in Shariff Aguak, Maguindanao,
requesting security
measures for mediamembers or groups who“might want to comefor coverage…secured
 by local authorities, in-cluding your unit.”
“In preparation for 
a huge convergent
coverage of the Sec
ond Anniversary of theMaguindanao Mas
sacre, several friendsfrom the media havecontacted me for coor 
-dination in my capac-ity both as a journalist-colleague and as head
of the BPI-ARMM,”said Macabalang, a vet
eran Muslim journalistalso writing for 
 Manila Bulletin
and formerlywith
 Philippine Daily Inquirer 
Macabalang also told
 Dyaryo Magdalo
the local media want to
make it “on record” thatthey have asked securi-
ty assistance from local
authorities, includingthe military, to avoid a
repeat of the gruesome
killings that took the
lives of 33 journalists
and 24 other civilians.He said an enhanced
collaboration will en
sure no repetition of the unfortunate inci
dent that happened twoyears ago where mediaconvoy was attacked by
armed militia and po-licemen.
Macabalang recalledthat it was very unfortu
-nate that the late
 Manila Bulletin
news reporter Alejandro “Bong” Re
- blando had made thesecurity coordination inthe last minute and onlythrough cellular phonecalls to a ranking
Army division ofcer,who assured him and
the other victims in the
last hour of their lives
that “there is no threaton the ground.”“For the record, in-terested local, nationaland international me-dia groups have the
condent presumptionthat areas which their 
representative report-
ers might want to go tofor coverage are safely
 being secured by lo-cal authorities, includ-
ing your unit,” Maca
 balang also wrote Lt.Col. Marvin Lacodine,commander of the Ar 
my’s 45th Infantry Bat
talion, based in RajahBuayan, Maguindanao.
have been there at the
Customs before his ap
 pointment, to stay awayfrom port operations isa cavalier act of a true be-medaled soldier who,in his former life, fought
against the rebels in the
mountains and Muslim
separatists in Southern
Mindanao where bullets
sent him to hospital bed
twice.He is aware that hisactions will turn somefriends to enemies. But
thinking this might behis last opportunity toonce more serve the
country with dignity,Lim does what exactly
he must do.
As if we heard himsaying: “If not today,when? If not me, who?”
For Lim, the Bureau
of Customs is just a new battleeld.The only differenceis Lim is not ghtingagainst rebels with blaz
ing bullets. But nowhe is at war against the
decades-entrenchedcrooked system at the
Bureau of Customs.
Lim believes thattoday is the appropri-ate day to put an end to
stories of corruption in
the bureau, and, at thesame time, disprove the
 belief that corruption is
in systemic and cannot
 be weeded out.
Actually, Lim does
the cleansing in his newfound arena with rela
-tive ease. First, he has no baggage that could com- pel him to do against his plan. Except perhaps his
acts of leading a unit of 
the military against then
President Cory Aquino
in the 1989 coup d’etat,
there is no other acts of 
him that can be said to be a crime or morally
wrong. That is, althoughthe truth of the mat
ter was that he was not
against Cory but against
the ineptness galvanized by the men and women
surrounding her.He rightly put action
in accordance with his
statement quoted in toto:“We have no bag-
gage, we are clean.
 Nothing is stopping
us from implementingwhat is necessary. Also,the sabotage plans of 
some people are expect-
ed. We will be on thelookout. Some will tryto offer and seduce butit all boils down to char 
acter. Our integrity must
 be solid and moral val-ues should hold so that
we don't enter into that.”
Against bribery
In standing rm onhis advocacy for thesmooth ow of trans
action in the Bureau of 
Customs that is actually
far from the anomalous processes for the imme
diate release of importedgoods, Deputy Commis
-sioner Lim encourages
the importers to refrainfrom offering or giving
 bribes to the Customs
ofcials and employees.And for the realiza
tion of his advocacy,Lim offers the servicesof his ofce to port players who might be
harassed by Customs
men for not giving themthe weekly “tara” or per 
container deal. He evengave them his cellular  phone numbers to con-tact him directly and im-mediately.
He claries that his
restriction is to encour-age port players to play
clean with the govern
ment in their payment of 
 proper duties and taxes
in accordance with the provision of the tariff law and not to give un
-necessary delays to their import processes.
The statement di
-rected by Lim to port
 players is with a goal to
eradicate smuggling de-spite claims that endingsmuggling is impossible
since the Philippineswas discovered by the
Spaniards in the year 1521.Lim is trying his dead best to dislodge this im- possibility despite the
failures of the predeces
sors who coined them
-selves anti-smuggling
czars to end up realczars, a term that means
“king,” enjoying hun-
dreds of millions of pe
-sos in their pockets.In reminding the im- porters, Lim reiteratesto never and never give“tara” or bribes to any-
one who drops his name.
“Let it be public
knowledge that I neither asked for tara nor ap
- pointed anyone to solicit
it for myself or for myofce.”Rumors they might
 be, but Lim is alarmed
when rumors spreadlike wildre that he sent
individuals to solicit bribes in his name, and
“some of it was alreadyearmarked for pickup by
my representative.”While clinching his
st with fury due to ru
-mors that tainted hisintegrity, Lim seriously
warned the port players,
“To all concerned, beware. Bribery is a
crime. All other relatedcrimes that are a result
of bribery have corre
-sponding severe penal-
ties under the RevisedPenal Code of the Phil
ippines (RPCP).“This authority will
not hesitate to seek theharshest penalty under 
the RPCP, if conditionscall for it and are neces
Reporters asten belts
The once feasting
reporters in the Bureau
of Customs are now
tightening their beltsto the next hole as the
amount of money theyare receiving from il
-licit transactions is cut.
The week-by-week “al
lowances” have been
Known broadcast
ers and opinion writerswho have appointed col
lectors for them are not
spared.As these media men
feel the scarcity of week 
-ly survival, some report-
ers who publish their weekly Customs’ paper have failed to print their  papers on time. Othershave turned their week 
-lies to monthly printing.Agony can be heard
from them as they
voiced out their senti-ments to the present set-
up at the Bureau that for 
decades has been lordedover by vultures prey-ing on container vans astheir sure and big milk-
ing cows.
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November 14-20, 2011
Vol. II No. 75
To page 7
HE country’s Underground River in Puerto Princesa is provision
ally voted to the 7 Wonders of Nature.And early of 2012, the conrmed winners will be nally an
nounced in the ofcial inauguration ceremonies following thechecking, validating and independently verifying the voting cal
 o n d  e r f  u l !
Aside from the Un
derground River, theother Wonders of Na
-ture voted to the 7 are:1. Halong Bay, 2.
Komodo, 3. Amazon 4.Iguazu Falls, 5. Jeju Is
land, 6. Table Mountainand 7. Puerto PrincesaUnderground River.
The Puerto PrincesaUnderground River islocated at Saint PaulMountain Range on thenorthern coast of the is
-land.It is bordered by St.
Paul Bay to the northand the Babuyan River 
to the east.
The park has a lime
-stone karst mountain
landscape with an 8.2
kilometers navigableunderground river.
A distinguishing fea
ture of the river is thatit winds through a cave before owing directly
into the South ChinaSea.It includes major 
formations of stalactites
and stalagmites, andseveral large chambers.
The area also repre
sents a habitat for biodi
-versity conservation.
The site contains afull mountain-to-the-
sea ecosystem and has
some of the most im
 portant forests in Asia.
Ha Long Bay, also
known as “rock wonder 
in the sky,” has an area
of around 1,553 square
kilometers, including1,960 islets, and is lo-cated in Quang Ninh province, Vietnam.
The bay featuresthousands of limestone
karsts and isles in vari-
ous sizes and shapes.The core of the bay has an area of 334square kilometers witha high density of 775
The limestone in this
 bay has gone through
500 million years of formation in different
conditions and environ-ments.
The evolution of 
karst in this bay hastaken 20 million years
under the impact of thetropical wet climate.The geo-diversity of 
the environment in thearea has created bio-diversity, including atropical evergreen bio-system, oceanic and seashore biosystem.Ha Long Bay ishome to 14 endemic
oral species and 60 en
demic faunal species.
The Komodo Islandof Indonesia contains a beach with pink sand.The sand appears
 pink because it is a mix-
ture of white sand andred sand, formed from pieces of Foraminifera.The island is famousnot only for its heritageof convicts but also for the unique fauna. The
Komodo dragon, the
world's largest livinglizard, takes its namefrom the island.A type of monitor lizard inhabits Komodoand some of the smaller 
surrounding islands, as
well as part of western
The Amazon Rain
forest, also known inEnglish as Amazonia or the Amazon Jungle, is amoist broadleaf forestthat covers most of theAmazon Basin of South
This basin encom
- passes seven million
square kilometers (1.7 billion acres) of whichve and a half millionsquare kilometers (1.4 billion acres) are cov
ered by the rainforest.This region includes
territory belonging to
nine nations. The ma
 jority of the forest iscontained within Brazil,with 60% of the rainfor 
est, followed by Peruwith 13%, and with
minor amounts in Co-
lombia, Venezuela, Ec
uador, Bolivia, Guyana,
Suriname and France
(French Guiana).The Amazon rep
resents over half of the planet's remainingrainforests, and it com
- prises the largest andmost species-rich tract
of tropical rainforest inthe world.The name Amazonis said to arise froma war Francisco deOrellana fought witha tribe of Tapuyas andother tribes from SouthAmerica. The womenof the tribe fought
alongside the men, as
was the custom among
the entire tribe. 
The Iguazu Falls arewaterfalls of the IguazuRiver located on the border of the BrazilianState of Paraná and theArgentine Province of Misiones.The falls divide the
river into the upper and
lower Iguazu. The Igua
zu River originates near the city of Curitiba.It ows throughBrazil for most of its
Below its conuencewith the San AntonioRiver, the Iguazu River forms the boundary between Brazil and Ar 
The Jeju Island is
the only special autono-
mous province of South
Korea, situated on and
coterminous with thecountry's largest island.The island contains
the Natural World Heri-
tage Site Jeju VolcanicIsland and Lava Tubes.The island was cre
ated entirely from vol
-canic eruptions approx-
imately two million
years ago, or during the
time period from theTertiary to the begin
ning of the Quaternary
 period, and consists
chiey of basalt andlava. The eruptions took  place in the Cenozoic
era.It has a humid sub-
tropical climate, warm
er than that of the restof Korea, with four 
distinct seasons. Win-ters are cool and dry
while summers are hot,
humid, and sometimesrainy.
There is a crater lakewhich is the only crater 
lake in South Korea.An area covering
about 12% (224 square
kilometres or 86 square
miles) of Jeju is knownas Gotjawal Forest.This area had remained
untouched until the 21st
century, as its base of ʻAʻā lava made it dif
cult to develop for agri
Table Mountain isa at-topped mountainforming a prominent
landmark overlooking
the city of Cape Townin South Africa, and isfeatured in the ag of Cape Town and other 
local government insig-nia.
It is a signicanttourist attraction, with
many visitors using the
cableway or hiking to
the top.
The mountain forms part of the Table Moun
tain National Park.The main feature of Table Mountain is the
level plateau approxi-

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