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Expose Judicial Misconduct for Charles Dyer

Expose Judicial Misconduct for Charles Dyer



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Published by Deborah Swan
A detailed timeline of events that I have experienced due to my support of Charles Dyer. This is my affidavit of TRUTH and all claims can be proven as fact by documents, audio recordings of conversations, court records, ect.
A detailed timeline of events that I have experienced due to my support of Charles Dyer. This is my affidavit of TRUTH and all claims can be proven as fact by documents, audio recordings of conversations, court records, ect.

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: Deborah Swan on Nov 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTHMy name is deborah kay swan.This document serves as my of affidavit of truth to be put in the public record. Theselisted public servants along with innumerable others have not followed their fiduciaryduties nor have they upheld their oath of office. They have abused their positions and put lives in danger. We the People have granted these public servants the privilege to be placed in these important positions within our communities to make sure our justicesystem is run within its rightful authority. A public servant is not authorized by the position they serve to over step their powers within their positions, or ignore the oaththey took. When a violation occurs it is up to “We the People’ to make a public record of these violations and hold these public servants accountable. The power is within thePeople, Delegated and transferred to you the recipient and all holding a position of Public Trust to read and acknowledge and accept thereby giving full faith and creditunless rebutted by affidavit, evidence and truth. Your obligations under your oath tohold fully accountable those that have acted outside of their authorized special powers of agency for and of The People. To take proper action to halt, stop, stand down any and allunlawful actions ongoing and/or resulting from the unauthorized actions, documents, or other causing the chain of events inscribe herein.
On August 19, 2011 around 4:00 AM, I was deep in sleep when I was suddenly awokento bright lights in my eyes and then yanked out of the top bunk to the floor. When myfeet hit the floor I was able to see armed men with weapons that appeared to be AR15'sand immediately I was told to turn around and put my hands behind my back. I then feltthis “gestapo” man, who just pulled me off my bunk from a dead sleep, put handcuffs onmy wrists. I said to Jim who was asleep in the lower bunk, that I was being arrested. Iwas then told to turn back around and stay close as this armed man grabbed my cuffedwrists and pushed me through all the commotion down the hallway and out the frontdoor. Along the way I saw about 15 more of these armed men in full gear with lightsattached to their helmets. They all were taking other guests from their sleeping spaces tooutside in the front yard of the vacation home in Destine Florida.. As it turned out I wasthe only one restrained with handcuffs. I was taken to an unmarked car that had about 6men dressed in street cloths, with side arms all standing waiting to speak with me. Twoof these men came directly to me and the first thing they did was hold a picture of aliving man known to me to be called Charles Dyer in my face and asked me if I knewwhere he was. I was never read any rights, Miranda or otherwise. I was not taken to amagistrate and I asked if they had a warrant, they did not respond. I was told I was notunder arrest, but I was being "detained". I automatically believed they had some type of warrant or authorization only because of how many officers and SWAT that were insidethe house on the property and how they handcuffed me. However, no warrant or other authorization was ever shown, referenced or expressed. They proceeded to question mewhile under threat, duress and coercion after being assaulted, unlawfully detained andforced to go and do against my free will, clear violations of life liberty and pursuit of happiness.One of the first questions that I was asked was, who the family is that left at three (3) Iwas immediately worried when they mentioned this and I explained that it was my boyfriend Jim's brother Jake and his family going back to Texas early. I asked aboutthem and was assured that they were fine. I learned later what had happened. Thoughunder threat, duress and coercion still I answered their questions the best I could being infear for everyone safety. I told them that to my knowledge "Charles Dyer" was not inFlorida State and I had no idea where he was or how to get in contact with him, which isall true. The men accosting me and intimidating me persisted in their intimidationrequiring me to tell what I did not know, the whereabouts of the living man known asCharles Dyer. These two (2) unidentified men, one that was very tall with brown hair and large build and played "bad cop" routine, and the other is about 5'10" white or blondhair who played "good cop" routine, and the only one that would give me his name andnumber later was, James Stewart 850-432-3476 of the FBI. Both appeared to me to be intheir late 40s or early fifties. They kept firing questions at me over and over again of thewhereabouts of Charles Dyer and finally asked me to prove I did not know where he
was. I said How can I prove something that is not true? They asked if I had a cell phoneand requested to look at my cell phone record. They took me by the arm causing me towalk where they pleased over to my SUV that was parked outside the home. Theseunidentified men then took the restraints off so I could retrieve my phone from the SUV.They then proceeded to have me pull up my recent call records from my cell phone,which they wrote down.I was relieved by them removing the restraints. Being that they were armed and that Ihad already been assaulted, forced against my will at the point of guns and armed men,along with having my hands restrained and brought into public in my pajamas, I did my best to satisfy their demands. Feeling a bit more secure without restraints, I asked themto identify themselves but only one man wrote the information on a piece of paper andhanded it to me. Feeling a bit bolder I asked for identification but was only able to getone name out of all of these men. Special Agent James Stewart out of Pensacola Florida.I asked him why all this excessive use of force? I explained to him that Charles Dyer had not been found guilty of any crime. I asked him when did the FEDS get involvedwhen it is a state issue? Special agent James said that they received a call from AgentWestern with the Lawton FBI, and that Charles Dyer was armed with explosives and hewas out to kill people. I have not seen nor heard of any affidavit declaring this to have personal knowledge that the man known as Charles Dyer was armed and intended to kill people. Having personal knowledge of this man I am assured that it is not his personalityto hurt or harm anyone, not his child or anyone at all. The fact that ten days later whenhe was taken into custody, was found cold, tired and hungry and unarmed, validates thisand refutes the fraudulent claim by the domestic terrorists disguised as federal agents.Getting my head back a little I asked how they entered the house without a warrant andJames Stewart said they were "invited inside". After approximately an hour of beingimposed upon they left. My boyfriend Jim came over while I was sitting in the car and Iasked him, how on earth they got in the house without a warrant. Jim told me that hisfather Ned Bade who rented the vacation home received a call from his other son Jake.Jake told his father that he was on the side of the road with a flat tire and to please come

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