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MB0044 SET2

MB0044 SET2

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Published by parekh12345

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: parekh12345 on Dec 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Production & operations Management set-2 Page 1
Master of Business Administration
MBA Semester 2
Production & operations Management - 4 Credits
 (Book ID: B1133)Assignment Set- 160 Marks
Note: Each question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions.
Take an example of any product or service industry and explain thefactors considered while taking the decision on plant location.
2. What is Business Process? Explain with an example as to why a businessprocess is to be modelled.
What is Value Engineering? Explain briefly its origins and objectives.4.
Discuss the difference between work study and motion study.Explain with an example.5.
Time taken by three machines on five jobs in a factory is tabulatedbelow in table below. Find out the optimal sequence to be followedto minimise the idle time taken by the jobs on the machines.
Job Machine 1(M1)Machine 2(M2)Machine 3(M3)
A 6 8 7B 4 5 3C 5 5 7D 3 4 6E 4 3 4
List the seven principles of SCM. Discuss Bullwhip effect, its effectsand countermeasures.
Production & operations Management set-2 Page 2
Take an example of any product or service industry and explain the factors considered while taking the decision on plant location.
Following is the example of TATA Nano:Management decision problem
Will the conversion of Nano
to a taxi affect brandimage and consequently sales? Will initial demand may lead to stock out. Whether the
prices of Nano
will be sustained over a period of time with the economic changes in
raw material price rise? With the hike in sales of Nano
, whether the infrastructure of the country will be able to sustain the volume of traffic? Will the Protest of farmersagainst Nano plant in Singur will affect the sale? Will General Perception of brand
“TATA” in small car segment affect the sale?
Marketing research problem
As price of Nano is around One Lakh rupees, possibilityof car being used as taxi cannot be avoided. Time to convert raw material into NanoDetermining the trends in steel, rubber and other raw material prices The focus of India in building infrastructure and spending trends They thought that they arecheated by the government. Tata is known for heavy commercial vehicle. Thiscommon perception can affect the sale of Nano.
Hypothesis (or assumptions)
Conversion of NANO
to a taxi do not affect the brandimage and consequently sales. NANO is safe for driving. Hike in price of NANO will notaffect the sale. People prefer to purchase the NANO instead of two wheeler. Peoplecan wait for NANO for few months.Focus group Group Size-10 Time Duration-1 hourCharacteristics of Respondents:- All have driving experience Between age group 18-25All have a Good Knowledge of Nano
Results of Focus GroupSurvey
Sample Size-330 Sample groups Location Data collection involves a field forceand electronically Age Groups-20-25 26-35 36-45 45+ Both Males and Females
Production & operations Management set-2 Page 3
Result withdrawn from survey
The first thing about NANO, which comes in the mind of all age group (male andfemale) is-
“compact”, “affordable”, “choti si” (small) and “economic”.
Most of the respondents both male and female of all age groups want to purchaseNANO instead of a two wheeler. But the females (70%) between age group 36-45 arehighest among all the age groups.From the finding it came out that most of the respondents both male and female of allage group consider price as the major purchasing factor while on the other hand thereare many who consider all the factors- price, mileage, design, and interior space. Butthere is a degree of variation in these preferences.In the
colour preference
there is a wide difference in their choices. This is as follows-Females love to see their NANO mostly in white and silver colour. Males in the agegroup 20-25yrs give weightages to silver and red, and the remaining age groups preferwhite and silver only .Yellow is found to be the least preferred colour, while there is asignificant likeliness for the black colour also.Females in the age group 20-25 explores a shocking preference for NANO to offer it totheir children, also age group 26-35 want to offer NANO to their children, and the agegroup 36-
45 want to use it as a “Family Car” for shopping and travel and 46+ want tooffer NANO as a “gift”.
Males in the age group 20-25 and 26-35 want to use it as a family car for shopping andtravelling. And the age group of 36-45 gives their preference for NANO to offer it totheir children. And 45+ want to offer NANO as a gift.
Promotion of Tata NANO in the “Delhi
s Auto Expo” proved to be a great success for
NANO. And with the time before its launch on the roads it (NANO) emerged as thepeople
s car. All the age groups would like to recommend NANO to their relatives oncethey have a good driving experience of NANO after its launch.Most of the Females can
t wait for NANO after placing the order but females in the agegroup 26-35 are ready to wait for NANO from 4-6 months.Most of the Males in the age group 20-25 and 36-45 are ready to wait for 2-6 monthswhile others in the age group 26- 35 can wait for 4-6 months but 45+ are not ready towait for NANO.

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