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Power Play

Power Play

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Published by: melissa.stormworks354 on Oct 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Power PlayByMelissa FernandesFirst Draft Date: 17/10/2008
1: THE TOWER BUILDING: DAY: EXT 1A Man is walking across a road filled with cars, lorries andbicycles. He ignores the angry blare of a horn, as he stepsin front of a looming lorry. He carries on across the road,oblivious to the bicycle rider who swerves to avoid hittinghim, and who is now swearing at him profusely. This is NICKANDERSON. Nick carries on across the pavement and up aflight of stairs into a tower block. Inside the building, hepauses outside four sets of elevators. In his hand hecarries a cricket ball, which he is tossing and turning ashe waits.A blonde woman steps out of the elevator directly in frontof Nick. He looks up in interest, as the woman struggles tolift her bag out of the lift. Nick doesn’t offer to help. Hestands staring in lecherously, tossing the cricket ball, asher blouse rises up displaying her midriff.She catches him perving on her, and stares at him stonily asshe drags her heavy bag past him. Nick steps around her andenters the lifts she exited.2: THE LIFT: DAY: INT 2Sharp Cut, and we see a young woman with sunglasses on isstanding facing him waiting to get into the lift. She shakesher head as she steps into the lift after Nick. This is JANEMCCORMACK. She works with Nick.NICKWhat?JANENothing!NICKWhy are you shaking your head?JANEI think that’s obvious.NICKWell it’s not really, which is whyI’m asking, why are you shakingyour head?JANENever mind.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.NICKSo how’s the boyfriend then? What’shis name? Geoffrey? Geoff?Geoffers? Geoffy?Nick examines the cricket ball.JANEYou know his name Nick.NICKSo how’s it going then? Can I buymy wedding hat?JANEMen don’t wear hats.NICKI personally think you and him suiteach other to a T.Nick tosses the ball in the air and catches it.JANEAnd why is that?NICKYou’re both conventional.JANEWhat the hell’s that supposed tomean?NICKI haven’t got a dictionary on me atthe moments, so can’t give you theexact definition.Nick throws the cricket ball, and catches it with one hand.He looks at Jane and smirks.JANEDon’t be a smart aleck!NICKBut it’s true you know? I can seeyou buying socks for him, andironing his underwear in a fewmonths.JANEWhy Nick, you sound jealous.The lift doors open on the seventh Floor(CONTINUED)

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