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RO Physics Part 1 Presentation

RO Physics Part 1 Presentation

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Published by M J Rhoades

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Published by: M J Rhoades on Jan 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reactor operator physics part1
Objectives1.Describe a fission of u-235 atom2. Describe why thermal neutrons arerequired for fission3. Describe a thermal neutron4. Describe how a neutron becomesthermal in detail including anyformulas.5.Describe a chain reaction what itmeans and ways to control it.
Objectives cont.
6.Describe the difference between prompt criticalityand criticality with delayed neutrons.
7. Describe neutron leakage and how this is importantfor reactor design and control.
8. Describe rod shadow, the difference between blackand grey rods and neutron peaking at rod tips.
9. Describe reactivity in detail with any applicableequations, describe why this is important for reactorcontrol.
10.Describe reactor power/neutron population indetail with any equation that apply.
objectives cont.
11.describ how reactor power is calculatedincluding equations and explanations of how T-hot. and T-Cold play into this.12. Describe T-Ave And the different controlmethods around it.13. As a reactor operator if you see reactorpower going up with no change in other plantparameters what action should you take?14. Describe radiation interaction with matterincluding any applicable equations

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