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School Uniforms: Rebuttal speech to the pro group

School Uniforms: Rebuttal speech to the pro group

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Published by weichin
During debates, my speech against school uniforms. We, unfortunately, did not win.
During debates, my speech against school uniforms. We, unfortunately, did not win.

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Published by: weichin on Nov 07, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chin, Ho, Mah, Pan 1Wei ChinTiffany HoDoris MahAngela PanEnglish I H.Mr. Moran24 April 2008School Uniforms: Rebuttal to the ProThe debate over school uniforms over the years has been long with both sides havingequally good points. Students do indeed wear uniforms throughout the world, but many opposethem. Our opposition has pointed out several points that contribute to what they believe willimprove chances of school uniforms becoming mandatory. They point out that uniforms savestime and money, limits discrimination, and creates a healthy environment. Through our rebuttal,we hope to prove them wrong.There is no point in arguing that uniforms does indeed save time when one is waking upin the morning. However, what is miscalculated is the fact that, school uniforms take longer alltogether. Many uniforms are required to be ironed and tucked in, tasks that usually take ten totwenty minutes all together. Wearing normal clothing does not use the two tasks, and so theamount of time used can be spent looking for the perfect look. In total, school uniforms reallydoes not make the mornings easier or time efficient. If you wake up early, you still wake upearly, with or without uniforms. If you’re late, you’re still late, one way or the other. Another  point brought up is finance. Our opponents argue that parents no longer have to buy brand nameuniforms. However, students will still ask for them as “weekend clothes”. Parents then pay
Chin, Ho, Mah, Pan 2double the price of what they usually pay where uniforms are not mandatory. What our opponents fail to realize is the fact that the washing of uniforms also require money. The fewer amounts of clothes, the more you are required to wash them. Furthermore, there may be help for the costs for school uniforms, yet the chances of getting help is decreasing over the years.According to the Family Welfare Association, nearly a third of local education authorities do nothelp families on low incomes with the costs of buying school uniforms. Even with LEA(Lutheran Education Association) to help, in nearly 40 per cent of cases the funding rarely meetseven half of the actual cost.It is easy to jump to conclusions, and through statistics collected carefully, we are able to prove them wrong on the statement of crime. Sure, uniforms may make the school look moreorganized, yet there is no distinct advantage caused by uniforms. David L. Brunsma, once a professor at the University of Alabama, and Kerry A. Rockquemore, a professor at the Universityof Illinois Chicago, published a study in The Journal of Education Research titled “Effects of Student Uniforms on Attendance, Behavior Problems, Substance Abuse, and AcademicAchievement”. Using data from the National Educational Longitudinal Study, they collectednational samples of eight graders, and continued collecting data from them all the way untilcollege. In the authors’ own words:Student uniform use was not significantly correlated with any of the school commitmentvariables such as absenteeism, behavior, or substance use (drugs). In addition, studentswearing uniforms did not appear to have any significantly different academic preparedness, proschool attitudes, or peer group structures with proschool attitudes thanother students. Moreover, the negative correlations between the attitudinal variables and
Chin, Ho, Mah, Pan 3the various outcomes of interest are significant; hence, the predictive analysis providesmore substantive results.What the authors did find is that pre-school habits of students improved their results in school.School uniforms did not lead at all to good performance.Discrimination happens whether or not you share the same clothes. Wealthier parentstend to provide expensive jewelry and shoes, both of which, are not usually part of dress codes.If you examine everything closer, there is not only the discrimination of level of income. There isalso discrimination of gender, race, religion, and physical appearance. Currently, the world is based upon looks. According to Mary M on Yahoo Answer:Kids still made fun of other kids for what they were wearing, because they lookeddifferent than them in their uniform. Like larger kids were made fun of, and it made youso much more self-conscious. It actually triggered a relapse in my eating disorder anorexia when I had the uniform, because, since everyone else was wearing the samething, you could see the difference, like if you were bigger. All I did all day was comparemyself to the others, and I couldn't concentrate on anything else.There can still be discrimination even if uniforms tried to cover it up. The wealthier students areable to buy a larger amount of uniforms, and have enough money to buy them. However,students that do not share the same amount of wealth, are forced to wear the same thing over andover again. When something is worn over and over again, it can become torn or turn colors. Thenit is easy to distinguish the social class between students.Our opponents are correct; but only of the fact that children are indeed still growingduring their years at school. Their habits in school with directly impact their future, and so it isimportant to make right decisions. Loren Siegel, Director of the Public Education Department,

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