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Cyber 5

Cyber 5



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Published by xaimejay
Cyberpunk 2020 rpg
Cyberware List of all of books
Cyberpunk 2020 rpg
Cyberware List of all of books

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Published by: xaimejay on Nov 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cyberware Surg. Description Cost H.L Boo
Information © R.Talsorian Games Inc, Ianus Publications Inc, John A Nephew, Temporal Statis Productions,& Prometheus Press Inc. All rights reserved. Collated by Andrew James 05/01/02. a james@node16.co.uk
BiomonitorN+2 to Resist Torture & Drugs1001CP20Advanced BiomonitorMAIncludes ability broadcast information over 2km200(1d6/2)-1CB3SkinwatchNSubdermal timepiece501CP20Light TattooNDecorative tattoo1-20.5CP20Dermatech Logo-Line TattooNLogo Tattoos10-200.5Chr4Shift-tactsNColor changing contact lenses1-200.5CP20ChemSkinsNColor/pattern changing skin tints2001d6/2CP20SynthskinsNColor/pattern changing artificial skin4001d6CP20Synthskin Tuning ChipsNStores different patterns/colors for Synthskin1000CP20Transparent SkinMATTR -1, -4 for face1000/m3d6/mChr3Mood SkinNChanges color based on mood200/m1d6/mChr3Nu-Tek TVSkinMYour skin can become a vidscreen6001d6+4Chr4TechhairMColor/light emitting artificial hair1-2002CP20Kill DisplayN3 digit display1001Chr2Turn-On NailsNColor change nails25/2001Chr3Show-Off NailsNPattern changing nails45/4252Chr3
Etched DesignN-2000eb if done before installation20-30000Chr1Unusual ColorationsN+2000eb if already attached to body25/inch
0Chr1Unusual Optic ColorationN+2000eb if already attached to body50/Optic0Chr1LimbliteN+Control Chip 700eb/Processor (1d6-1hc) 1000eb7501-2Chr1Custom CyberwareNModified cyberware400%0Chr1Electromagnetic ShieldingN-500 rads from radiation damage to cyberware50-200%0DSWaterproofingN100 meters, Streetwise 20 to find, +1EV to limbs200%0SFWetwiringN200 meters, Streetwise 20/25 to find300%0SF
Neuralware ProcessorMBasic processor. Must have for all systems10001d6CP20Advanced Processor (CIA)MINTx2 chips of +8 skill, -1 INT after 24 hrs, diff 3520001d6RMKerenzikov BoosterwareNAdds +1 to Initiative for every level up to +25001d6/2d6CP20Speedware (Sandevistan)NAdds +3 to Initiative for 5 turns16001d6/2CP20BoostmasterN+1 REF with both types of boosterware6501d6/2SOFUbermensch SpeedwareNAdds +2 to Initiative for 5 turns16001d6/2ETTactile BoostNIncreased sensitivity. +2 to touch Awareness1002CP20Tactile Boost LinkageNLinks Tactile Boost to Sexual Implant (addictive)1500Chr2Olfactory BoostN+2 Awareness/track via smell. Locate scent 50%1002CP20Taste BoostMHeightened sense of taste1002Chr4Pain EditorNAllows Endurance checks at 2 diff levels lower2002d6CP20Ubermensch Pain EditorNAs Pain Editor, but only works 75% of the time2002d6ETCybermodem LinkNAllows direct connection to a cybermodem1001CP20Vehicle LinkN+2 to direct cybercontrolled vehicle operation1003CP20Smartgun LinkN+2 to Smartgun attacks1002CP20Machine/Tech LinkNAllows control of autofactories, & machines1002CP20DataTerm LinkNAllows downloading from DataTerms1002CP20Universal LinkNCombined linkage4004I1.3Interface PlugsMAllows direct connection to smartguns, etc.2001d6CP20Mag-Duct SpotsNAs interface plugs, but only a +1 bonus2201d6/2Chr1LiveWiresMPrehensile interface cables400/2002d6Chr3Model 100 PlugsMA+2 vs Black Ice, -2 for anything else1002d6Chr3Subdermal Smartgun LinkMWeapon only version of Mag-Duct Spots (+1)2201d6/2UK
Cyberware Surg. Description Cost H.L Boo
Information © R.Talsorian Games Inc, Ianus Publications Inc, John A Nephew, Temporal Statis Productions,& Prometheus Press Inc. All rights reserved. Collated by Andrew James 05/01/02. a james@node16.co.uk
Chipware SocketNHolds 10 chips. Can "run" number of chips =INT2001d6/2CP20ChipLok-Locks chips in place150-Chr4Braindance AdaptorNAllows chipware socket to run Braindance1000I2.1Super Compact BraindanceCRBraindance recorder that fits on back of head15,0002d6Chr3Braindance PlugsMAllows connection to Braindance Recorder2001d6RBPacemaker CoprocessorNRestarts heart when attacked by ICE1502Chr3Cyber-Detection ComputerMReconnaissance/Detection device, need M/T link30001d6+3Chr4Echolocation SystemNCan see in complete darkness, -1 Awareness8001d6/2Chr4LockdownNUses cyberaudio to locate snipers3001d6Chr4Neural ULF TransceiverNSend and receive voice/data. Range 15km/unlim2001d6/2SFPositronic EnhancerMA+2 to INT, 10% chance of overload and fits20001d6I1.3Wirehead UnitMStimulates the pleasure centres of the brain15000I2.1FeintwareMSlows life signs for 1-6 hrs, 20+ Medtech to tell10002d6RM
Nasal FiltersMStops gases, fumes. 70% effective602CP20Gills (Fresh water)MAWater breathing system, good for 4 hours4003d6CP20Saltwater GillsMASaltwater breathing system, good for 4 hours6003d6SFGill Toxin FiltersMFilters toxins for 1 & 1/2 hours2002SAIndependent Air SupplyMAGood for 10 to 25 minutes3002d6CP20Independent Air Supply +MAAir for 20 to 50 minutes6002d6SAMr Studd Sexual ImplantMAAll night, every night. +1 to Seduction checks3002d6CP20Midnight Lady ImplantMASexual implant. +1 to Seduction checks3002d6CP20Contraceptive ImplantNGood for 5 years. 98% effective100.5CP20Subdermal PocketM2"x4" space with Realskinn zipper. Diff to spot2002d6CP20Adrenal BoosterMBoosts REF by +1 for 1d6+2 turns, 3x per day4002d6CP20Subdermal ArmorCRArmors torso to SP 18. Diff Awareness to spot12002d6CP20Subdermal Torso ArmorCR6 / 8 SP, Diff 35+/32 to spot, no REF/ATTR loss350/5001d2 / 1d3Chr2Subdermal Torso ArmorCR10 SP, Diff 30 to spot, no REF/ATTR loss6501d6/2+1Chr2Subdermal Torso ArmorCR12 / 14 SP, Diff 25 to spot, no REF/ATTR loss800/10001d6/1d6+2Chr2Subdermal Torso ArmorCR16 SP, Diff 20 to spot, no REF/ATTR loss11001d6+3Chr2Subdermal Torso ArmorCR18 SP, Diff 20 to spot, 50% chance -1 ATTR12002d6Chr2Subdermal Torso ArmorCR20 SP, Diff 15 to spot, -1 REF & ATTR14502d6+2Chr2Subdermal Torso ArmorCR22 SP, Diff 10 to spot, -2 REF & ATTR17503d6Chr2Orbital Subderm Torso ArmorCR20 SP, Diff 15 to spot, -1 ATTR, no REF loss11,6002d6+2Chr2Orbital Subderm Torso ArmorCR22 SP, Diff 10 to spot, -2 ATTR, -1 REF14,0003d6Chr2Orbital Subderm Torso ArmorCR22 SP, Diff 10 to spot, -2 ATTR, no REF loss28,0003d6Chr2Subdermal Skull ArmorMA4 / 6 SP, Diff 35/30 to spot, 40% unprotected300/5501d2 / 1d3Chr2Subdermal Skull ArmorMA8 / 10 SP, Diff 25/20 to spot, 40% unprotected750/10001d6/1d6+2Chr2Subdermal Skull ArmorMA12 SP, Diff 15 to spot, 50% chance of -1 ATTR12001d6+3Chr2Subdermal Skull ArmorMA14 SP, Diff 10 to spot, -1 ATTR, 40% unprotected14002d6Chr2Motion DetectorM20sq/m area. 70% effectiveness.2002d6CP20Digital RecorderM2hrs storage from any digital source2002CP20Audio/Video Tape RecorderM2hrs storage from video, audio links3002CP20Radar SensorM100m range. Needs cyberoptic. 70% effective2002CP20Sonar ImplantM50m range. For water only. 70% effective3002CP20Military SonarM50m range. For water only. 95% effective. P Avail7002SFRadiation DetectorM10m range. 80% effective2002CP20Chemical AnalyzerM5m range. 70% effective2002CP20T-Maxx CyberliverMA+4 vs ingested drugs and poisons4501d6Chr1T-Maxx 2 CyberliverMAAs above but with fluid rerouting system8501d6Chr1Decentralized HeartCR+2 to Death Saves for Torso wounds13001d6+4Chr1
Cyberware Surg. Description Cost H.L Boo
Information © R.Talsorian Games Inc, Ianus Publications Inc, John A Nephew, Temporal Statis Productions,& Prometheus Press Inc. All rights reserved. Collated by Andrew James 05/01/02. a james@node16.co.uk
E-MonitorNDetects changes in pressure and air1851Chr1Gyro-StabilizerN+1 to balancing maneuvers10001d6Chr1OptiShieldMAnti-Dazzle, SP8, 2 spaces for optic options3001d6+2Chr1OptiShield OptionsNT
, T
+, TE, LL, IR, Time/day100+50% HCChr2Cyberoptic EyepatchM2 options. Diff. Awareness to spot what it is3302d6/3P3Pacesetter HeartMAMA and BODY +1 when on9001d6Chr1Pacesetter 2000 HeartMAMA and BODY +2 when on9851d6Chr1Variable-Chambered HeartNCyberheart option, x2 hold breath, +1 Endurance+450+1d6/2Chr4Rebreather/Enhanced LungsMACan hold breath for 15 mins7001d6+1Chr1Wet DriveMAHolds 1MU of stored data3201d6Chr1Extra MemoryM+1MU1750Chr1Super High Density RAMCR40MU, 1 CPU, download via plus 1MU/secondI1.2Wetdrive Access LinkMInternal link to wetdrive2001d6/2Chr2Wearman Mk.2NUsable without cyberaudio2000Chr1Subdermal ViewscreenMSimilar to Times Square Marquee2501d6/2Chr2Zetatech BodycompMAEqual to E-Book17501d6+4Chr2Eye Color Gland ControlMChange eye color in 1d6 mins2501Chr2AutoinjectorMHolds 5 doses, +200eb to wire to Biomonitor7501d6/2Chr3Cell-Phone ImplantMAImplanted cell phone5003Chr3Cam-O-SkinN-1 Awareness/20m, 8 patterns, takes 1hr8501d6/2Chr3Endo-Frame (Basic)SCRBOD+3, +1 HH dam, 10 points/limb, EV +112,0002d6+1Chr3Endo-Frame (Orbital)SCRBOD+3, +2 all dam, 12 points/limb25,0002d6+3Chr3Bodyweight Vein ClipsMA+2 on all Death Saves7001d6Chr4Militech CyberdocMACounteracts drugs, etc50001d6-1CB2BoozeMasterM+1 to resist alcohol100/751PACGPS ModuleNDetermine position to 17cm. Needs T
or T
+4501SFGPS Module w/screenMAs above but with subdermal viewscreen6001d6/2SFOTEC Ear ValveMAPressure equalization system1501SFEnhanced Lungs Series 2CRCan hold breath for 5-30 mins. 200m depth50001d6SFEnhanced Lungs Series 3CRx2Entire lungs replaced. Good down to 1000m75001d6+2SFFeel Good Endorphin TriggerM1d10 if hurt, 8-10=+3 Stun/Death; 1=intoxicated5001d6SWSuper High Density RAMCR40MU, 1 CPU, transfer 1MU/sec via plugs/trodesNA?I1.2Flashlight ImplantMPatch of synthskin, 3m range901I1.4StrobeMDiff 10 - 15 to blind for 1d6 hours. ROF 1/21501.5I1.4Life Scan Body MonitorM+1 COOL, +4 1st Aid, +1 to Death Saves40001d6I1.4Self-DestructMAActivates when dead and moved, 5m radius12501d6P2
Dakai/Cyphire New ThroatCRHold 3 implants/options at 1/4 Eb, 0 HC, 15 SDP8502d6Chr4Cybervocal "BoxAlter"CR1 option, 1 voice4001d6+2I1.3Voice SynthesizerMCan mimic (60%) up to 10 recorded sounds6001d6CP20AudioVoxMFor special effects. +2 to Performance7002d6CP20Forked TongueMA Vox/NT option, +1 to persuasion/seduction3502Chr1Voice PatternMA Vox/NT option, allows voice pattern emulation3502Chr1ScrambleNA Vox/NT options, scrambles voice502Chr4VolumeNWhisper to megaphone, deaf for 1d6 turns, 5m752I1.3ArmorNNew Throat only, 20SP1501d6I1.3SubsonicNOnly heard with subsonic hearing1501d6I1.3
Muscle and Bone LaceNRaises BODY by +215001d6/2CP20Advanced M & B LaceNIncreases BODY +110001-2Chr4

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