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Cape May Squadron - Apr 2009

Cape May Squadron - Apr 2009

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Civil Air Patrol - New Jersey Wing
Civil Air Patrol - New Jersey Wing

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: Civil Air Patrol - Unit Newsletters on Mar 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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The next couple ofmonths will be busy for oursquadron. We have theWing Conference, GSARSchool, US. Air ForceEvaluation, the NER SAR-COMP, and a Flag Retire-ment Ceremony as well asassisting with the dedicationof the World War II Tower inCape May Point all comingup.Congratulations to MajorRichard Fellows and hiswife on the birth of theirnewest family member, ahealthy baby boy.Now that day light sav-ings time is here and theweather is getting betterand better to fly, we need toget more of our cadets upand flying with orientationflights. Each cadet is enti-tled to receive 5 poweredflights and 5 glider flights, atno cost to the cadet.Schedule your flight withMajor Fellows to go flying.I want to congratulatethe entire squadron on theircompletion of 100% of therequired OPSEC and EqualOpportunity Training beforethe deadline set by Nationaland Wing, we here at CapeMay County Squadron area group of CAN DO mem-bers. We still need to getour Emergency Servicespersonnel up to speed withICS Courses, as of thisnewsletter, we have 72% ofour qualified ES Memberscompleting the ICS Coursesfor their specialties. Let’s tryto get the rest completedbefore our busy time in thespring/summer.Our squadron is cur-rently working with theCape May County Office ofEmergency Managementand the United StatesCoast Guard Training Cen-ter on Letters of Agreementto work with these agenciesand utilize their facilities inconjunction with our squad-ron. Things are going quitewell with both agencies; wewill keep you posted onhappenings.Please remember, if youcan not attend the meeting,
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   S   Q   U   A
   D   R   O   N
   C   A   P   E    M   A   Y    C   O   U   N   T   Y    S   Q   U   A   D   R   O   N    C   I   V   I   L    A   I   R    P   A   T   R   O   L 
 From the Commander
Page 2
call the squadron and leave a mes-sage on the answering machine withyour name, reason, and date so wecan mark you appropriately on theroster. This is just common courtesyand respect to your fellow members.
“SEMPER OPTIMUS “Kevin L. Barstow, Captain/CAP
Major Richard FellowsC/Amn Ryan FontaineC/Amn Joseph Grandizio-Papperman
C/MSgt Craig Coughlin to C/SMSgtC/SrA Brendan Flynn to C/SSgt
Upcoming Events: 
4 April
- NJ Wing Conference
17-19 April
24-26 April
1-3 May
11-17 May
- USAF SAR Evaluation
1Lt Jessica Avellino2Lt Lisa BarstowSM John Carlson
As a reminder to all members, allforms must be typed. Current forms andregulations are found at:
Also, CAPF 5 packages will nolonger be kept in the file cabinet. All pilotcertification materials are available onthe Operations page of the NJ Wingwebsite:
It is each member's responsibilityto keep track of what is required for pro-motion. This includes senior members.Cadet requirements are found in theCMCCS OI 3-07. Senior Officer require-ments are found in CAPR 39-3.
LtCol Richard Simon
Page 3
To All Cadet Personnel: 
Uniforms issued by USAF are ac-countable. When personnel leave,squadron uniforms will be turned in. Thisis a Must! If you have any questions, seeSupply.
Maj Wayne Ingling2Lt Lisa BarstowSupply Officers
Cadet Program
Cadets-There comes a time when we allmust attend a CAP function outside ofour squadron. That means Basic En-campment, SAREXes, Wing Confer-ences, and any other activity where youare outside our local unit (this includesany SAREX held in Cape May). I amasking you, as the Deputy Commanderfor Cadets, to make sure that you areaware that you are the faces of oursquadron.When attending these outsideevents, please have your uniform set upproperly and looking neat. Also, youmust also, at all times, remember yourcustoms and courtesies. If you remem-ber these, you will make our first impres-sion better. If you show respect to offi-cers from other squadrons and higher, itwill bring credit on you, your superior of-ficers, and your squadron.
Capt Tony SimonDeputy Commander for CadetsNER NJ-009

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