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Desalination Plants Australia

Desalination Plants Australia

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Published by: Carlos Sánchez López on Mar 28, 2012
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 Desalination Plants:Potential impacts of brine discharge onmarine life
Rashad DanounSupervis
or: Prof. Ian. S. F. JonesAssociate Supervisor: Associate Prof. Phil MulhearnThe Ocean Technology Group
Final Project 05/06/2007
Desalination Plants
01/06/2007IDanoun. R©Abstract
Water has always been the earth’s most valuable natural resource for human beingsand ecosystems. Fresh water is an essential natural resource that supports human beings, flora,and fauna habitat. Reductions in water quality and quantity have serious negative impacts onecosystems. Over the past several decades, a tremendous growth in human populations andindustrial activities has resulted in a significant demand for fresh and clean water. To meet thesechallenges and meet the pressures of demand it is critical to find a new alternative of waterresource as the natural water resources have almost vanished. In spite of the high cost of desalinated water, an important quantity is already produced to meet the necessity for fresh waterworldwide. Desalination could hold the key for new fresh water resources. Building more damswith significant sizable catchments would be a great solution in regards to supplying Australiawith fresh water; however, many regions in Australia are facing a reduction in the rainfall andlevel of runoff. All the dams around Australia face a vast reduction in the storage level due to thediminishment of the inflow rate and the growth in water usage. Some arguments will be raisedagainst building desalination plants on the grounds of environmental impacts to the surroundingarea, especially to marine life due to the high concentrated brine discharge that diffuses back intothe ocean. The impacts of the brine discharge are due to the high level of salinity and totalalkalinity and alteration to the temperature. These impacts could be considerable in terms of theinfluence on the marine organisms such as the development of species, survival of larva andbreeding and reproductive traits. However this paper provides some evidence that the influenceof discharge for desalination plant can be neglected in term of any environmental impact to theaquatic flora and fauna species.
Desalination Plants
01/06/2007IIDanoun. R©

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