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The World Citizen Constitution

The World Citizen Constitution

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Published by Matthew

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Categories:Types, Legal forms
Published by: Matthew on Apr 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Definition and Organization of a Civilized Society 
The truest definition of civilization--a civilized society with a civilizedgovernment--is a world without war, for it has become unified by global democracy, not atthe hands of a calculating minority, but by will of the People for a more perfect union,drawn together by ideas like those in the Declaration of Independence. The promise of civilization is the escape from the primal hunt, and the development of a society beyond,not against primal nature.A civilized government is well organized, having at its core the will of the people. No longer do its citizens have to struggle to survive, nor do they work tirelessly to obtainmoney/debt, which they must invest in a bank/racket, and no longer must they save thosefunds, or spend them on things that are necessary for their survival, thus restricting their available time and resources to experience the world in their own way.Simply put, if mankind were pitted against nature in competition to create perfection, nature would win every time. Therefore, the only way a more perfect union can be formed is to reference nature as an example. Using the body as an example for government, we can come to some evolutionary conclusions as to how a more perfectunion can be formed. Like by feeding my body I feed every cell, and like every cells procession keeps me alive, civil government is kept alive by keeping its constituents selactualized.It is within the powers of government to reciprocate to its constituents as thefoundation of its constitution, the way a body does to its cells: without reason or exclusion.Impartial communication of resources relative to needs regarding populations of people istherefore quintessential in civilized government. In other words, equality, because in the body no one fully functioning aspect of the body is given more power or resources than itrequires to function. Given their contribution to society, the individual shall be rewardedwith all the available necessities to aid their self-actualization: nourishment, clothing,shelter, transportation, information, and health care; all of these are the obligation of a trulycivilized government to provide to its people for their participation in the process alone.In this premise, labor is considered taxation to civil government, and the first half of the exchange process regarding individual transactions between people. By imposingthis obligation of reciprocity upon government, and by establishing a system of obligedreciprocation of goods or services between individuals with entitlements earned, the reasonfor wanting to work is changed, increased, and it eliminates the need for money as weknow it. Also it stems an entirely different psychology to the world at large: instead of government as a leach or a curse, it is a blessing, and the people of the world are notcompeting with you, they are serving you just as you will serve them in return. It is aharmonious cycle, repeated by government as payment for its sustained creation by this process of collaborative individual effort.Participation in society and agreement with the laws and rules of society causegovernment and society to function. And when government as a system comes intoadulthood it must be held to a higher standard than any individual man because it is anideal of man, it is where man finds meaning and it should reflect the highest standard of maturity in mankind. Under dignified, civilized government the world’s resources arevalued with the same respect an adult has for his or her god, freedom, or the lives of their 
family. The importance of informing the public, through media, education, and theleadership of both private and public figures is therefore essential. The World Citizen issociety, organized with conscious intent to organize itself. Government, given only the powers that citizens grant it, is a source of benefit to society, and can act only at the requestof constituents collectively or individually to act at all.In a mature society, the world’s processes are valued as an adult does, with dignity,society, love, education, civilization, and government, and in maturity, acts to preserve andcultivate: Dignity, the conscious attention, combined with learning, that takes place in truegentle men, is necessary for a proper model for the father figure of the World Citizen, andfor a general standard of decency; Society, being an abstraction of a collection of relationships and interactions to the literal mind, is in simple reality you and me having aninteraction or making a transaction; Love, having the intent of others in mind, andcultivating that into a creative process; Education, taken seriously pays attention to theminds of the children, and their well understood potentials are pandered to throughdifferent methodologies, varying from school to school and teacher to teacher, the point being to cultivate the minds creative ability, and critical capacity; Civilization can be a promise of transcendence from the game of survival, and from the struggle of the hunt. Tohave a civilized society, first this measure of certainty must be met: that we are free, withliberty and life granted not from man, but from god; Government, or society organized withconscious intent, is in truth an evolutionary creature of nature, more complex than any of its parts or constituents, yet not beyond them; Evolution, of government or of species of life, is the cause of death, it is why death matters; it is why the process of life matters.Stagnancy is the only real death in anything. We have the money, the power the,medical understanding, the scientific know how, the community and the love, to create akind of human paradise, but we are led by the least among us. It is through anunderstanding of these words above, not as ideas to be defined and memorized, but asexperiential realities that each and every one of us should communicate to one another through example that we can create the conditions for such a paradise to exist.
The World Citizen Constitution
condensed version
Article 1 The Wise CouncilSection 1
An intercontinental Council, and such inferior councils as the People may ordain,will be established by the People of the continents of the world in order to manifest a voiceof wisdom in public affairs and intelligence. Each of the seven councils will have ninemembers, and seven of those 63 members are selected and elected to represent a federalwise council at the people’s discretion or a unanimous vote of the seven council members.Members of the council will serve life terms of public service.Section 2
The power to establish public offices including but not restricted to education,systems of managerial oversight, public farms, and public events is hereby granted to thecouncil at the people’s discretion. This condition may only apply for one hundred years of this government’s existence.Section 3Members of the council, once inducted, will be stripped of their right to the protection of law regarding assault and battery of and by the People.
Article 2 Wise Economy
Section 1All forms of taxation by government are hereby unconstitutional. Resource based,the economy of the World Citizen shall be directed by the collective human will, and not by corporations or a few hundred in congress. Participation is the currency of the WorldCitizen. In the post-capitalist model, profit is redefined as observable human or world benefit.The profit motive, once redefined as observable human or world benefit instead of returns over expenditures, being a contributing member of society is important, notindividual gain or selfish interest. Consequentially, the game is changed and so istechnology from being designed obsolescent to being designed to last and to be moreeffective every time.Section 2An office of managerial over site--for the purpose of evaluating observable human benefit--will be established by the wise council in order to justly compensate world citizensfor value contributed to the World Citizen itself. In effect contributing to society is the firsthalf of the exchange process between citizens, and a kind of taxation.Managerial officers, determining the citizen economy and personal abundance, will be paid by how generously but justly he evaluates human benefit to be worth. Audited bythe council, the People are put directly in control of their own prosperity.Section 3To become a citizen or a constituent of the World Citizen, first one must request to be evaluated for whatever contribution they claim to deliver to society. Once evaluated fofour months a person is given the title of citizen; is granted identification in the form of acard, also a smart phone where available, and the rights of food, clothing, shelter,transportation, information, and health care. Once a citizen, one can choose to renouncecitizenship and be returned to the status of person, with the same rights of life, liberty, andhappiness as described in the declaration of independence, and can apply for citizenship atany time after it has been renounced.
Article 3 World Citizen
Section 1The ratification of the conventions of seven continental States, will be sufficient for the establishment of this Constitution between the States so ratifying. However,

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