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Published by davemcmillan5259

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Published by: davemcmillan5259 on Apr 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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<begin communication>G1 vs. Josh and Cormack CoalitionThe sisters arrived at the Cru3 engagement zone with a spring in their step. They were greeted by amost curious sight. In addition to the Eldar army the Ecclesiarchy cables had told them to expect,amongst their ranks were imperial guard, legion of the damned, and what looked like a stolen Dark Eldargrav-tank. “How curious!” remarked Lady Penelope de la Fleur, Canoness of the Battle Sisters Order of the Sacred Leaf. “I had expected these pointy eared fellows, but what are these humans doing here?”“Um, m’lady, they could be defectors” murmured Troy, one of her more grovelly Special Advisors.“In that case.. let us engage!”Early doors: The sisters attempted to rush the eldar deployment zone under heavy multi laser fire.Sisters rhino “Annie” was blown up even before she moved, forcing the unit to disembark! The guardpeppered these poor girls with lasgun fire, while the legion of the damned looked menacingly at them.In response, the seraphim burst from cover, and routed a unit of eldar guardians.Mid point: Every (twin linked) multi laser in the eldar coalition army was pointed at the unfortunateseraphim. A combination of terrible shooting, and Faith in the Emperor of Mankind, meant that afterthis fusillade 5 seraphim still flew above the battlefield! The seraphim were ready to re-pay this xenoscompliment: they multi-assaulted a vyper and the second guardian unit and… failed to wound! Theguardians slew two of the ladies in return, causing them to flee, and in fact they were run down andwiped out! The cheers of eldar, men, and genetic mutants rang out over the battlefield!While this was going down, the second unit of sisters in the blessed rhino “Clarabel” rushed in andclaimed the coalition objective! To make matters worse for the coalition, a dominion rhino appeared onthe flank, blowing up a jetbike!End Game: The swooping hawks, who had been busy taking pot shots at flying seraphim all game,spotted the dominion rhino, and laughed. No silly imperium vehicle could combat their haywiregrenades! And so it was that, verily, the dominions rhino was wrecked, and Penelope got out, in a veryfoul mood. She took her anger out on the swooping hawks, who sensibly made for the table edge beforebad stuff happened.
 And so it was, at the end of the battle, the sisters had 2 objectives, and the coalition 1. But wait? Whowas this coming over the horizon? The Wraithlord! Aaaargh! It waded into combat with the sisters,causing utter mayhem in the ranks, dragging them off the objective and securing a draw!Reflections: more information needed on defectors.
G2 vs. Doug Dark AngelsAfter escaping the coalition with a tactical draw, the sisters next mission was to engage the Dark Angels.As Penelope arranged her elaborate bee-hive and haircombs, she remarked to Troy: “This really is mostbizarre.. I know they are moody fellows, those space marines, but being ordered to kill them seemsharsh. Oh well!”“M’lady, they have many ranged weapons. Perhaps we should requisition the blessing of an Exorcist?”“Oh do be quiet Troy”“Yes, m’Lady”Early doors: The dominion rhinos scouted forward to the levy, and one was driven into the river andimmobilized. “Drat, what luck”. The Dark Angels ordinance was unerring, and with grim efficiency, thespace marines proceeded to immobilize or destroy the sisters transports.

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