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Article 4 - Embracing Minimalism in Your Home

Article 4 - Embracing Minimalism in Your Home

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Published by Michelle Symonds

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Published by: Michelle Symonds on May 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Embracing Minimalism in Your Home
There are some key benefits to creating a minimalist home such as achieving a moreattractive and calmer living environment. But is it possible to turn an ordinary home into aminimalist one? 
The key to a minimalist home is clearing away clutter
this includes all that stuff that youdon't really need and rarely use as well as frequently used items that simply look untidy. Sominimalism is not about simply de-cluttering and throwing away, recycling or donating tocharity all those unnecessary possessions that we all seem to accumulate. It is also aboutbeing able to store away everyday items that we do use regularly in a way that makes themeasily accessible when we need them but out of sight when we don't.But before considering what minimalism is, let's think about why you would even want toembrace minimalism in your home. What are the advantages to the individual and thefamily? Can a minimalist home really work with young children and provide a stimulatingenvironment for them to grow up in?
The 3 Advantages of Minimalism in the Home
Your home will look more attractive
imagine the clear uncluttered surfaces witheverything neatly stored away until it is needed. No more tripping over children'stoys littering the floor. No more shelves full of ornaments you neither like nor want.Just elegant statement pieces of furniture that are shown off to their best becausethey are surrounded by clear spaces
room to move and room to relax.2.
Your home will be easier to keep clean
it is so much easier to dust and hoover if the floors and other surfaces are free from too many objects. You won't have tomove items on shelves and surfaces before you can clean them so cleaning the homewill be a much quicker task.3.
Home life will be calmer
it is much less stressful when it is easy to find everythingyou need and in a minimalist home everything is neatly stored away in it's ownallotted space so is always easy to find. No more rushing around looking for aparticular item only to find it under piles of papers and children will always knowwhere to find their favourite toy or book.So these are the advantages of a minimalist home but how can you turn an ordinary homeinto a minimalist one?The first step is to de-clutter, whilst minimalism is about more than simply de-cluttering, thisis still an important phase because once you have de-cluttered your home you will have abetter idea of how much new storage space will be required to house all your essentialitems.Then you will need to create the additional enclosed storage
for a truly minimal look thisshould be as unobtrusive as possible
simple cupboards painted the same colour as thewalls (neutral, of course) so they blend in
and should make use of existing alcoves and

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