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Jumani Trailer Final

Jumani Trailer Final

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Published by thorney33
The final trailer for Jumanji 2.
The final trailer for Jumanji 2.

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Published by: thorney33 on May 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OFFICIAL TRAILERBLACK SCREENJungle drums can be heard in the background.VOICE-OVERMany years ago...there was agame...CUT TO -A young man with brown hair, ALAN PARRISH, opens the game
opposite a pretty young girl, SARAH WHITTLE.BLACK SCREENVOICE-OVER...but this was no ordinary game...CUT TO -Alan and Sarah look down at the board with confusion writtenall over their faces.ALANOh, no. The game thinks I rolled.SARAHWhat do you mean "
the game thinks
"?CUT TO -Sarah running from the house with bats chasing her out.CUT TO -A young girl, JUDY SHEPHERD, and her younger brother PETERSHEPHERD, look down at the board game in the attic.PETER
His fangs are sharp...he likes your taste...your party better move posthaste.
Sarah screams as a lion walks across the piano keys and runsat them.CUT TO -A policeman, CARL, and a middle aged woman, NORA, scream interror as a large vine drags his police car into the bushes.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.CARL(screaming)Aah! Aah!CUT TO -An older Sarah and Alan are stuck in the floor with thegame, as large black spiders slowly crawl towards them.CUT TO -An odd looking man in an old style hunter’s outfit, VANPELT, holds a massive gun pointing at a middle aged man withbrown hair, an older ALAN PARRISH.VAN PELTAny last words?ALAN(whipsering)
VAN PELTHuh?ALAN(louder)
The hunter shoots and Sarah jumps in front of Alan.BLACK SCREENCUT TO -The man being sucked into the board game as Alan and Sarahlook on in amazement.CUT TO -Two children, a young Sarah and Alan, lug a heavy chest ontoa bridge. They throw it into the water, and the drums stop.VOICE-OVER...a game not ordinarilyvanquished...and now...it wantsrevenge...CUT TO -Two divers in the ocean swimming towards the chestcontaining the game. One is a pretty blonde teenager, CHLOELAMBERT, and the other is the skinny JORDAN EVANS.(CONTINUED)

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