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Proxy Skit

Proxy Skit

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Published by Yogita
a skit
a skit

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Published by: Yogita on Jun 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DiPELS Annual Day (skit)
Act 1:
Teacher enters the classroom
Good morning sir.
Good morning students. Today is a special day for our school,(pause)“Inspection Day”. We have inspection in our school.
(naughty): But what is infection sir?
Not infection , I n s p e c t i o n. Inspection means “an important personfrom the Education Department will come and observe our school and will seehow we work, he will ask you questions to know how much you have learnt. Soanswer correctly.
Student B:
(back bencher) God, save our school.
Student C
: (back bencher) School? God save us.
Inspector enters.(Students don’t stand up so teacher asks them to do so by gestures)
Which class is this?
Student B:
His story
(puzzled) Oh! History, good. It’s my favourite subject.
, doyou know about Ramayana? Yes you, what’s your name? Now tell me. Whokilled Ravan?Prashant: Shahrukh, sir!I: Shakrukh? What has he got to do with Ravan?M: I ‘ve seen the movie thrice. I ‘m sure.(Students laugh.)Inspector: Great! Next please.
Student C:
I swear I didn’t kill Ravana, sir.Inspector: (pointing out at a student) Yes what’s your name?Rohit: Rohit sir. I’m sorry but I don’t know the answer.(Starts crying)
Teacher pacifies the student.
Seema K. & Sachin G.
DiPELS Annual Day (skit)
Ok enough of History. You, sitting on the last bench. Tell me what didColumbus discover??
But I can’t tell you sir?
Why?Don’t you know the answer?
I can’t break my promise. It’s a secret between Columbus and me. Hetold me not to tell anyone.
Inspector: (surprised)
But where did you meet him?
At my home. He is my best friend. He discovered that our neighbour’sdog “Amrica’ had given birth to 9 puppies and Columbus is going to take onepuppy home. But sir don’t tell anyone about this discovery otherwise Columbuswill kill me.
I see.
 You must write in your book “Columbus discovered America”100 times.
But Sir I’m not the right student to take the punishment.
Why? You deserve to be punished.
Student A:
I’m a proxy. My friend is busy in Ganesh festival celebration so I’vecome instead of him.What is this? Mr. Teacher I’m going to report this to higher authority. I mean, astudent is sitting in as a proxy....ridiculous.
You are absolutely right Sir, but sir I’m not the right person. I’m also aproxy. My brother who is the teacher has gone on election duty. So.......We have toadjust sometimes.
What? I want to see the principal.
: I want to see the Principal.(Both go to the Principal’s cabin)
: Welcome Sir. Any problem?
: Problem? Everything is a problem here. Your students don’t knowanything. There are proxy students and a proxy teacher. I’ll report this matter. Ican’t it take anymore.
: You are right Sir, but the problem is...... I’m not the right person. I’m aproxy too. My friend is busy in his daughter’s marriage. Yesterday afternoon wegot the news of this inspection and.....there was no choice but to have
: Thank God.
Principal and the teacher
:(surprised look on their faces) Thank God?Seema K. & Sachin G.
DiPELS Annual Day (skit)
: Actually I am a Proxy too. You are lucky that the true inspectorcouldn’t come for inspection. Otherwise you would have lost your jobs.
Act Two(Husband and wife are on the stage)Wife: (humming a happy tune)Husband
: Why are you so happy today?
: I have got a promotion the package has increased by 2.5 lakhs. 
: Great......But .......What about Rohit? Who will look after him? We ‘llhave to find a good proxy. My p_a_r_e_n_t_s , but they won’t come.
: We will send him to Hostel and will go to meet him every weekend.Promotion means more responsibility, I may have to travel as well.(Son listens to their conversation)
: That means you will be my
It’s not like that my son. You will learn many things in the hostel. Beindependent.
: Rohit, it’s a big hostel with all the facilities. You will have a TV, bigswimming pool and you can also do horse-riding. Won’t that be fun! You will getmany new friends of your age with whom you ‘ll enjoy. You can do anything youwant..... no mom and dad to nag.
: But I want you, my family, my home.Husband: Don’t be a baby, Rohit? I don’t want any discussion on this. You aregoing to the hostel and that’s final.
Act 3.
After 20 years.Rohit is a young, highly educated man, working for a Multi- National Co. Hemarries Priya his colleague.Priya: Come on Rohit do something as soon as possible. I can’t live with your oldparents anymore.Rohit: Okay dear. I have a solution. We ‘ll find a Proxy home for them.Neha: That’s interesting! What’s that?Seema K. & Sachin G.

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