The methodology section is the blue print for researcher activity and specifies bow the investigator intents to study the people or describe social settings. In other words the Methodology section make explicit the study desire and constitutes the “how to do it” I have put my best possible effort to do this research and collect the necessary information and to learn about this topic thoroughly. In order to fulfil the primary and secondary objectives of the study, I took sample of 50 respondents as a base and did survey with the help of questionnaire by Face to Face research i.e. interacting with clients of India info line on telephone and through mail. I have prepared the questionnaire by keeping in mind several factors, like problem faced by the client while trading, efficiency of relationship manager, types of trading made in India info line, efficiency of trading terminal software , experience of client with India info line etc. Research objective     The main objective of this project is concerned with getting the opinion of clients regarding India info line To know the satisfaction level of clients of India info line To know the general problem faced by the clients at India info line To know the efficiency of relationship manager in solving problems faced by the clients of India info line DATA COLLECTION Primary data Primary data are data freshly gathered for a specific purpose. The various sources of primary data for my project was face to face interaction with the clients who visited the lajpat nagar branch on daily bases, making an telephonic interview with the clients of India info line as face to face interaction was not possible due to geographical constraints and taking up survey procedure with help of a questionnaire. Secondary data Secondary data provide a starting point for research and offer the valuable source of information. The secondary data was the most important source for my project because it gave information about company profile, competitors, market scenario, market share, etc.

Data was collected through mails and by telephonic interview with the clients of India info line as also with personal interaction with the clients who visited the branch on daily bases. column charts . The questions include openEnded and close-ended form where close-ended are with options and open-ended are for mentioning client own view. . This has been structured very carefully and precisely. bar graph. The data has been analyzed by using the table format presentation and use of different charts like pie chart.The secondary data has been collected through various :      Company broacher Company websites interaction with employees IIFL magazine past internship projects TYPE OF RESEARCH The type of Research used for this project is Descriptive Research. TYPE OF ANALYSIS The type of survey used is Quantitative method where data collected can be represented and analysis can be made through Graphical method. SAMPLING Sampling procedure The sample is selected in a random way from the data base of the clients of India info line. pie charts. Sample design Data has been presented with the help of bar graph. column chart and then making out of interpretation and conclusion . This is to describe what the client perceive about the India info line services QUESTIONNAIRE FORM The method of Questionnaire used is Structured Non-Disguised Questionnaire. Out of which all 50 clients attempted all the questions. Sample size The sample size of my project is 50.

The medium of data collection was telephonic. leaving chances for discrepancies. The duration of the study was not enough to gain proper insight into each and every aspect of the problem. . Primary data may also go incorrect due to incorrect responses of the respondents. The data used is both primary and secondary. 3. 2. 4.LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY 1. Secondary data totally depends on the previous researches done by others. Telephonic conversation has many communication barriers which may lead to incorrect data collection.

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