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Bulk SMS Messaging and Short Codes Campaign

SMS has revolutionized the ability to effectively and promptly disseminate information. With the convenience of SMS, the task of transmitting the most current details on any project or target becomes so much more accessible. Bulk SMS turns this convenience into a true advantage – Send ne promotions and amazing offers as they happen, update your target market by transmitting calendar event details directly to their mobile devices. !oday more than " billion people o n a mobile phone and are able to receive SMS. Businesses and organizations the orld over have realized the huge potential of interacting ith the clients, suppliers and employees using Bulk SMS #ubai. Bulksms simply involves sending out large volumes of te$t messages at once. Bulk messaging is most commonly used for: 1)Mobile marketing campaigns:Mobile marketing campaigns allo companies to effectively reach their customers, ith lo cost but ith high interactivity and feedback. %urthermore, mobile marketing campaigns offer great opportunities either introducing a ne brand or creating brand loyalty. &veryday mobile marketing campaigns is becoming more and more idespread. 2)Personalized SMS:'t is an e$cellent ay to address your customer individually. %or e$ample, hen the message is delivered to the recipients( handset, it ill read as )#ear *eter+,. !his adds a sense of being elcome to the customer as he addressed by his name and is not a part of general bulksms routine. Bulk SMS platform is a high-capacity and dependable solution to offer highly effective and business oriented SMS services. 't provides the .perator and organizations ith po er and fle$ible tools for managing bulk SMS campaigns and control/charge bulk message traffic generated by corporate clients. 0ist of target end-users of such services includes service- and content-providers, banks, advertisement agencies and companies that ants to engage ith their customers directly. *remium SMS 1*SMS2 is the most fle$ible billing interface on the market today. .ffering the broadest support for operator billing, *SMS provides the perfect solution for delivering te$t-based campaigns to mobile subscribers orld ide. Premium SMS services can be categorized in following two ways : 1)Premium SMS S ort !odes:!his short code has a price higher than that of regular short code. !hese are generally used to get access to one-time digital content do nload from operator net ork or as advertised on a eb site.

2)Premium Subscription based s ort codes:!hese S ort !odes carry a regular fee attached to it but facilitate a charge according to a billing logic as defined by payment gate ay. !hese are primarily used for subscribing to content and/or services recurring in nature3 for e.g. 4e s services, recipes do nload via SMS etc.

Benefits of S"MS#P for Bulk SMS:
$e%t based messaging: *SMS billing for t o- ay messaging services is seamless and almost instantaneous. Simple and effective: *SMS is the most idely supported interface for operator billing. 't can be used for te$t-based campaigns as ell as in-app or eb billing. &%tensive customer reac : 5esearch has sho n that consumers are less illing to use their credit cards for small payments, but are eager to be billed via premium SMS. With *SMS, there is no possibility of card fraud, as credit/debit cards are not involved. %inally bulksms and short code campaign enables you to e$pand your offerings across multiple messaging channels including SMS, MMS, W6*, 7SS#, &M6'0.

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