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And holding the head of maintenance and facilities accountable will also help. Mike
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Maint concerns are being addressed now. Restrooms are simply not acceptable and should have been fixed years ago. Hopefully we can address this type of issue in future by empowering our custodians to report issues directly to maint dept. Changing their reporting structure should help.

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Dan also spoke with me about


He's going to want to

see the

plan and timeline to get it fixed. Mike

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SenH Thursday, May 24,2012 9:08 AM To: King, Alan P Cc Miles, Mike; Levine, Edward; Hanis, Denoris B Subject Re: Truett Community Mtg-Feedback Just noting that with a new board member now in the midst of this situation, District needs to be prepared to address with him. May need to be part of his orientation (background info and plan moving forward). I am well aware that overcrowded schools is not unique to Truett, but it was not addressed in the last bond prognrn, and the new board member may need background info and what the plans are moving forward. The notes from the meeting are lifting up for the District his probable focus. My only purpose in sharing the notes. Sent from



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I met with this group a couple of weeks ago and there were no comments about restrooms. I believe

this was the meeting Ed initiated in an effort to address the concerns from that meeting. The main problem with this school is no one has addressed the capacity issue. We have over a thousand kids in school. Over half the kids are in poftables and core capacity was not increased. There are other schools in similar situation. You simply cannot add portable after portable and handle the issues associated with increased enrollment. We are proceeding with work to address maint issues and I believe Ed has a handle on what we need to do.

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I am sure this facility
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will be a priority concern for the incoming Board Member. Need to

plan for how the District might get ahead with responses to these issues.

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Just an fyi,

As you know the community met with Dan Micciche, Ed Levine, Paul Gonzalez and others for a little under two hours. The highlights from the meeting are as follows:

1. The community is unsatisfied with the fact bond work will not be

able to start until March 2013 at the earliest, and minor repairs with bond funding is discouraged. There will likely be no bond work at Truett this summer due to delays in the past. 2. The scope of work for bond is inadequate and does not address overcrowd ing problem. J. Mr. Micciche wanted to know the districfs master plan to address the conditions at Truett, He was visibly and audibly disturbed by what he had witnessed. He wants the portable restroom addressed immediately, as there has been no work done since the issue was originally brought to the forefront. 4. Deno Harris and Ed Levine will be visiting the school this

morning @ 9AM. Ms. Childress and Mr. Micciche raised the question about the possibility of transporting students to underutilized campuses for a few years until a relief school is built or until Truett can get the attention it deserves.

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