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Letter 10.9.12

Letter 10.9.12

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Published by: John Baron on Sep 11, 2012
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South East Area Support Dewsbury Road One Stop Centre 190 Dewsbury Road Leeds LS11 6PF

Contact: Steve Ross Tel: 0113 395 1305 Fax: 0113 224 3082 steve.ross@leeds.gov.uk Date: 10 September 2012 Dear Colleague Activities for Children and Young People 2013/14 Leeds City Council’s Inner South Area Committee, which covers Beeston & Holbeck, City & Hunslet and Middleton Park Wards, has decided to fund a range of organisations to deliver and support appropriate activities for Children and Young People aged 4 – 19 years for the year April 2013 to March 2014 . This process covers both organisations that are currently in receipt of wellbeing funding, as well as those not currently funded through this source. The Area Committee has established the Inner South Children and Young People’s working group to carry out this process and to ensure that better outcomes are delivered for children and young people, that there is no unnecessary duplication and that activities are linked to the Council’s ‘Child Friendly City’ priorities. Your application to run activities will need to demonstrate that you have fully complied with the requirements and priorities set out in the attached activity brief. This includes providing age appropriate activities for children and young people in the age ranges 4 – 7 years; 8 – 12 years; and 13 – 19 years. In submitting your application you will need to demonstrate:  Your proposed activities are for the benefit solely of children and young people living Inner South Leeds and promoted accordingly  you have a proven track record of delivering quality services for young people  your evidence of the need for the activities you are proposing, including identifying current service provision and any gaps in provision  That your activities will not duplicate other activities.  The added value you will bring to the provision of activities  your agreed partnership arrangements for delivering and enhancing your proposed activities  you have sound governance structures and financial management arrangements appropriate to receiving wellbeing funding and running activities for children and young people.  You have the appropriate policies including safeguarding protocols


general enquiries 0113 222 4444

Your proposal needs to be set out on the attached application form. General guidelines for completing the application form are also enclosed. Please return your completed application form by Monday 15th October. Please return them to steve.ross@leeds.gov.uk and also cc in gavin.forster@leeds.gov.uk. Please send in signed hard copies of your applications too, these can follow on the emailed copies. Once we have received your proposals, these will be scrutinised. If your submission passes our initial vetting process you may be asked to attend a meeting of the Inner South Children and Young People’s Group on Friday 26th October to discuss your proposals with Councillors and other Officers. We will send you details about this following receipt of your application. The Area Committee aims to approve successful applications by January 2013. We continue to run a programme of small grants of up to £500 – please consider if these are appropriate for the activities you propose to run. We hope to signpost you to other sources of funding if you are unsuccessful at any stage in this process. If you have any queries, please contact me (details above) or Gavin Forster (0113 247 4310). I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely

Steve Ross Area Assistant


general enquiries 0113 222 4444

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