Bank of tefl activity types: 1) pelmanism 2) dominoes 3) bingo 4) prompts ; students write key words in circle in random order

; others question 5) find someone who 6) Reward- holding card outwards etc … ???? 7) taboo 8) explain yourself 9) selective dishonesty 10) answers to questions 11) Kim’s game – B’s version with words/ post-its on board 12) Dialogue build-up 13) Disappearing dialogue 14) Telegram sentences Principles of game design: Equipment- dice/ paper/ desk/ blu-tac/ pens/ counters/ tokens/ Constraints: 1) Add a competitive element Grouping Points system Cut-off point/ When won ? 2) Add challenge 3) Avoid repetition 4) Add a time-limit element 5) Prevent students from giving lazy/ repeated answers- element of challenge/ pushing /stretching 6) Regulate answer-giving- to avoid all answering at once . to ensure equal participation 7) To ensure target language use ?! OR avoid ‘lazier’ language use 8) To have a clear cut-off point /closure 9) To ensure high frequency use of target language 10) To ensure pace -speed of turns -equality of turn time

11) Student’s response-mime -answer a personalised question - ask a question -speak for a minimum time fluently -use a particular target structure -use particular target lexis -avoid particular target lexis -list words or phrases according to certain specifications (e.g. semantic area, function, grammatical such as irregular/regular , countability) -match two items -fill out a skeleton -reorder elements -lie selectively -define -draw -act a role -remember -identify errors -locate errors -locate missing elements -locate extraneous elements -explain an at first sight absurd combination -invent a story

12) What the one’s who’s turn it ISN’T can be doing meanwhile- cf purpose for listening 13) To stretch students by penalising ‘lazy’ responses- e.g. can’t repeat previous students’ responses, negative scoring for certain responses (see Alex Case low prep games) 14) 15) Remember Ben’s blankety blank game and Kim’s game variants (e.g. students close eyes- T or other team removes item (word card, picture)… S’s open eyes and remember/identify)

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