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Bank of tefl activity types: 1) pelmanism 2) dominoes 3) bingo 4) prompts ; students write key words in circle in random order

; others question 5) find someone who 6) Reward- holding card outwards etc ???? 7) taboo 8) explain yourself 9) selective dishonesty 10) answers to questions 11) Kims game Bs version with words/ post-its on board 12) Dialogue build-up 13) Disappearing dialogue 14) Telegram sentences Principles of game design: Equipment- dice/ paper/ desk/ blu-tac/ pens/ counters/ tokens/ Constraints: 1) Add a competitive element Grouping Points system Cut-off point/ When won ? 2) Add challenge 3) Avoid repetition 4) Add a time-limit element 5) Prevent students from giving lazy/ repeated answers- element of challenge/ pushing /stretching 6) Regulate answer-giving- to avoid all answering at once . to ensure equal participation 7) To ensure target language use ?! OR avoid lazier language use 8) To have a clear cut-off point /closure 9) To ensure high frequency use of target language 10) To ensure pace -speed of turns -equality of turn time

11) Students response-mime -answer a personalised question - ask a question -speak for a minimum time fluently -use a particular target structure -use particular target lexis -avoid particular target lexis -list words or phrases according to certain specifications (e.g. semantic area, function, grammatical such as irregular/regular , countability) -match two items -fill out a skeleton -reorder elements -lie selectively -define -draw -act a role -remember -identify errors -locate errors -locate missing elements -locate extraneous elements -explain an at first sight absurd combination -invent a story

12) What the ones whos turn it ISNT can be doing meanwhile- cf purpose for listening 13) To stretch students by penalising lazy responses- e.g. cant repeat previous students responses, negative scoring for certain responses (see Alex Case low prep games) 14) 15) Remember Bens blankety blank game and Kims game variants (e.g. students close eyes- T or other team removes item (word card, picture) Ss open eyes and remember/identify)