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Romiri Pre-primary school, ZAKYNTHOS, GREECE


Black-figure ceramic pot with a pinched rim, used to serve wine. Corinthos, 600-575 B.C. National Archeological Museum of Athens. Theodosis, 6 years, pre-primary school.


Clay jug with handle used to serve wine. Athens, 6th century B.C. Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens.

Valeria, 6 years, pre-primary school.


Glazed ceramic jug of 17-18th. A sort of carafe used as a cooler for drinks, especially wine.

Teo, 6 years, pre-primary school.


Large glass vessel used for storing wine, covered in rope, dry weed and metal, 19th century. Folk Art Museum of Ioannina University.

Theodosis, 5 years, pre-primary school.


Glassware broadrimmed bottle used for wine. 20th century.

Spyros 6 years, pre-primary school.