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The Desire Map - Table of Contents

The Desire Map - Table of Contents

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Published by: Danielle LaPorte on Nov 28, 2012
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Book One

The Desire Map
The Vista

A guide to what you want the most

Program Overview

It all began on New Year’s Eve, by the fire

page 3

Light to Steer By
Look desire in the eye

The pounding heart of liberation

Introducing: Desire

page 15 page 17 page 22 page 27 page 39 page 49 page 53 page 59

The benefit of clear desires Respect your desires

The Magnetics of Feelings

The undeniably immense value of negative emotions Knowing how we feel

Intentions & Goals
Goals with Soul? Creating a healthy relationship with intentions & goals

page 69 page 83

Sincere Effort, Trust & Faith
Resistance Do less, get more Trust Prayer & Attunement Affirmations can mess you up Deserving Open wide to what you want

Fierce but flexible. The duality of goals with Soul

page 101 page 107 page 111 page 113 page 115 page 120 page 123 page 130

Book Two

Your Desire Map
The Workbook Optimizing page 3 page 5 page 6 page 8 page 10 page 12 page 17 page 33

Rapid-fire starting Psych surfing Sensations of positivity Relating to Life

Soul limber

Gratitude & What’s not working Your core desired feelings. This is it. Here we go. Clarifying your core desired feelings. This is the whole, important, beautiful reason we’re here. Using your core desired feelings to guide what you want to do, have, and experience Brutal facts & fears about getting what you want Positive and inspiring thought forms that will eclipse fear and rev you up Bonus! You got what you want. Already. Helpful people & resources How will you give of yourself? Desire, meet action Action sheets
One more thing

page 35

page 61 page 69 page 71 page 73 page 77 page 79 page 81 page 85 page 89 page 93 page 95

Desire as a practice Thank you

All of the following multimedia elements are accessible at http://portal.DesireMap.com for purchasers of The Desire Map program. Your unique password to the private portal was emailed to you at the time of your online purchase. Plug in!

The App
> App:

Desire Map eNotes

> Video > Video: > Video: > Video: > Video: > Video: > Video:

poem: Desire Mindset Gratitude & what’s not working Core desired feelings Fear, positivity, presently Helpful, helping Desire as a practice

> Audio: > Audio > Audio > Audio > Audio > Audio > Audio > Audio

The entire program read aloud

poem: Decide to rise poem: Open up anyway poem: Desire Contemplation: Cosmic Radio: I am. You are. Contemplation: Just listen Blessing: May all beings be happy and free Contemplation: Light scanning

Music playlists
> Playlist: > Playlist: > Playlist: > Playlist:

Desire fire Great, full Devotion emotion Desire Mapmaking

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