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Overview paragraph:

In my letter of complaint I intend to address the customer service department at

Bank of America. The reason I am writing the letter is to inform them that I have had
problems receiving two items, my checks and my check card, in the past month. Without
using threatening or degrading language, I will explain how I was inconvenienced by
their poor customer service. I will also emphasize that I am used to getting outstanding
service from them and that the change in their service made the bad experience that much
more disappointing.
916 7th Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414

January 28, 2009

Bank of America Corporate Center

100 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, North Carolina 28255

Dear Bank of America Corporate Center,

For my whole life, Bank of America has been our family bank. Especially in the past four
years, as a student away at college, the customer service representatives have been
accommodating and prompt. Nevertheless, I am writing because I have been terribly
inconvenienced by two broken promises regarding item delivery in the past month. To
begin with, I ordered a new set of checkbooks at the end of Dec. 2008 and those arrived
on the Jan. 18th, 2009, two weeks after the projected delivery time. Moreover, after
reporting that my debit card was stolen, I am taken aback that ten business days have
passed after being told that it would only take “five business days”. After five days
elapsed, I called to check the status of my card and was told to expect a two-day grace
period, but it still did not arrive. I understand that the customer service employees have
little to do with the shipping process and still appreciate the patience with which you
have handled my past calls.

Bank of America is my primary bank but does not have any branches in Minneapolis. As
a student it has been frustrating not being able to make the speedy purchases (i.e. lunch
on campus, coffee, etc.) I am used to making with my debit card. I consciously made a
decision to stay with Bank of America because of the excellent customer service but these
recent events have been extremely disappointing.

I would be grateful if I can expect the same service I used to receive and be compensated
for the next set of checks that I order.

I appreciate your help and concern.


Jacqueline I. Billhymer