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Lane Gallery Information for Artists

Lane Gallery Information for Artists

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Published by Celeste Bergin
Submitting to Lane Gallery? Here's what you need to know.
Submitting to Lane Gallery? Here's what you need to know.

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Published by: Celeste Bergin on Jan 06, 2013
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Hello, artist! !!



We're looking forward to having your work exhibited at the gallery. There are roughly three stages to the process. The 1st is the preparation for the show- we’ll need some information about yourself and about 3 pieces that you expect to be showing. The 2nd stage involves setting up the show and providing the gallery with both an inventory list of the items on display and digital images of these same works. The 3rd pertains simply to updating the inventory list should any pieces be sold during the exhibition and not remain on display until the end of the show. Stage 1 Prior to the show, we’ll be in communication with you and working to prepare promotional materials to get word out about the upcoming exhibit. Please provide the following for us by email, phone, fax, or in-person visit to the gallery:!! 1 - Artist(s) Name(s): 2- Address:! 3- Email Address: 4- Phone: 5- Website URL: 6- A brief biography- one paragraph or so- about yourself and your art process relevant to the pieces you expect to be showing: (ex Jane Doe: As an artist, I am always setting mundane objects next to each other, whether in my mind or physically, and seeing what sort of moments can happen. This has led to the pursuit of a continuing exploration of found-object sculptures of materials from curbside junk to store-bought valuables. As a native Portlander, I value the ability to use and re-use the artifacts of our capitalist-industrial society in ways that expand their possibilities and utility.) 7- A pared-down one-sentence 'blurb' that captures the core of your work for the show: (ex: Portland sculptress Jane Doe's found-object sculptural juxtapositions) 8- And if possible, please provide the gallery with digital images of each piece (larger images are generally preferable) each with • • • • • Title Medium Size (Width x height in inches, plus depth if relevant. If framed, please use the frame’s dimensions.) Price Any special information we may need in handling the piece

Typically, the sooner we have these things, the sooner the gallery can begin promoting your part in the show. Each exhibition’s postcard is designed and printed several weeks ahead of the show’s opening, so it’s important to provide these materials as early as possible.

Stage 2 The hanging and installation of your work into the gallery is the main focus of Stage 2. This typically happens on Tuesday morning before the month’s First Friday. You may find the attached floor and wall plans useful in choosing which pieces you will be showing. Installation of artwork is usually the responsibility of the artist(s), so do bring any tools and hardware that may be needed. The gallery has a small selection of these and may be able to provide some assistance with installation. You will need to bring (or email us) a completed Inventory List listing all the pieces that will be exhibited- the artist and the gallery can then sign off on the Gallery-Artist Agreement form and attach the Inventory List.

Stage 3 During the run of the show, sold artworks generally remain on display until the show closes, but occasionally the nature of the show and/or the sale makes it more feasible to have the piece leave the gallery with the buyer and to replace the work with another from the artist. This requires an update to the Inventory List with both artist and gallery signing off on the new or altered list.

Various other details to be aware of: Lane Gallery’s commission on artworks accepted for consignment is 50 percent of the retail price. Payment to the artist for any sold works will be made within 30 days after the end of the show. The Monday before the following month’s First Friday is usually the day for taking art down at the end of the exhibition. Fundraiser exhibitions typically have the gallery sharing a percentage of its proceeds with the charity. The artists’ portion of any sales remains unchanged. Thank you for your help in preparing for the show! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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