Magisterial District Judge 11-1-02


Docket Number: MJ-11102-NT-0000018-2013

Non-Traffic Docket
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Joseph Peter McDonald
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Judge Assigned: OTN: Arresting Agency: Citation #: County: Township: Case Status Active Name: Date of Birth: Address(es):

Magisterial District Judge Martin R. Kane Wilkes Barre City Police Dept P 9754979-3 Luzerne Wilkes Barre City Status Date 01/02/2013 Processing Status Awaiting Plea

Issue Date: File Date: Arrest Date: Disposition: Disposition Date: Case Status: Active 01/02/2013


McDonald, Joseph Peter 09/15/1988 Sex: Race: Male

Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

Participant Type Defendant Arresting Officer Participant Name McDonald, Joseph Peter Sereyka, Jeremy

# Charge 1 18 § 5503 §§ A1 Grade S Description Disorderly Conduct Engage In Fighting Offense Dt. 12/20/2012 Disposition

Filed Date 01/14/2013 01/03/2013 01/03/2013 01/02/2013

Entry Certified Summons Accepted Summons Issued Certified Summons Issued Non-Traffic Citation Filed


Filer Magisterial District Court 11-1-02 Magisterial District Court 11-1-02 Magisterial District Court 11-1-02 Magisterial District Court 11-1-02

Applies To Joseph Peter McDonald, Defendant Joseph Peter McDonald, Defendant Joseph Peter McDonald, Defendant

MDJS 1200

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