Comte de St. Germain

Sanctus Germanus

I won the bet! And to think they thought That they had got The power to keep you from me! I wouldn‟t have it. I wouldn‟t have it. But in my vision you were already free. And so it should be for eternity.

I‟ve got no time for temporary things. For they‟re not there when you need them. I‟ve only interest in those things of earth That can be reproduced so that I can see them. And here I‟ve seeded What looks like an orchard. A delightful array of souls. You delight me. Each one, you delight me. You‟re fragrant like newly baked rolls Out of the oven of the Mother Divine. To feed all these who yet wait Thinking somehow that they‟d better be good Or they‟ll get turned away at the gate. Or perhaps thinking if they don‟t hurry on They won‟t get into heaven. It‟s too late. Heaven is not about childish fears Or anything that would result in sadness and tears. But Heaven is that moment When those who are so clear Suddenly manifest before you. I‟ve taken flaws out of jewels before So many times it‟s like a bore. I‟ve been accused of just about everything. I wonder if I‟ve missed anything. I‟m here tonight to simply drop in And to remind you that there‟s no such thing as sin And all those things that seem to occupy your day And cause you to think, huh, you could have lost your way. For there‟s nothing wider than Heaven‟s bay; You really can‟t miss it if you use the Violet Ray. The Violet flame, my claim to fame? Hardly. But I suppose some have said it And though I‟ve tried so very hard

I still seem to end up with the credit. But I didn‟t do it for that reason, you know. No, I did it so that things would more sweetly flow And so that each one of you would really know That there is such a thing as phenomena. It isn‟t always apports And it isn‟t always smoke That issues out of a medium‟s throat But instead it‟s that thing that can turn a bloke Into one whose heaven‟s fires doth stoke. . . Through Her love or His great, great devotion. I‟ll dive in that ocean. The ocean of love. The ocean of freedom. The ocean of soul liberation. And at last I come to this place. I come to this place, For I can help you get rid of your past. Oh yes. Oh yes, the promise is given. The debt, it is paid. The rocket is ridden. The waters now flow. Won‟t you drink and be healed? For as far as I am concerned In my heart you are sealed And ever more, there you can wield That magic that is yours to command. Beloved. Beloved. What does it take? Must all manifestation fall and break Before you learn that this isn‟t a fake? But all for your growth and education I radiate then Frequencies geared to your soul. And you will know it.

AWAY!!! Sanctus Germanus left a little P. some even might say. The Planetary Logos has remained as an ever present “brothers keeper” throughout the downward cycle of earth. Germain. one of which was as the mysterious Comte de St. I guess I should have signed My autograph in your mind But I thought Violet Rain Would betray St. . Namaste And so I do begin this glorious day . The Great Divine Director gave this Lama the name of Sanctus Germanus as he took on more and more western incarnations. Sanctus Germanus (Holy Brother) is the Western Latin name for an Ascended Being whose Tibetan origins as a High Lama are only just being made known. we shall use the name Sanctus Germanus or St. Far better indeed.You can take a poll. Germain interchangeably throughout this website. But you see it isn‟t the words Or the appearance itself That I bring to you all this day But instead something far better. ENOUGH! ENOUGH! Though I can be so rough. . A Kiss from the Violet Ray. And so to you all. Sanctus Germanus works under the Planetary Logos. who millions of years ago. Germain. including the Archangel Michael and the Goddess Kwan Yin. Perhaps careless. Sanat Kumara.S. It has remained his favorite name. came to earth with seven other beings. You‟ll live without your hell bent fears And instead come to know That the violet flame It clears those things That now would seem to blind you. . to set up the earthly experiment. In deference to this preference. serving as teacher and guru to other Great and Holy Masters as Kuthumi. As the weeks go to months And the months go to years.

Sanctus Germanus ruled as King over a Fourth Root-Race population that had emigrated from Atlantis. a point at which our souls will no longer be required to incarnate on earth to further our evolution. and the project of Soul Liberation. It is conceivable that the new Avatar could take the form of a reformed worldwide media: the Internet and all its possibilities. each of us will have a chance to follow His or other Masters‟ examples.Morya. the founder of the I AM movement. and Jesus. radio. His reign was complemented by a Council of enlightened beings who brought about this Golden Age of Peace and Tranquility. In this civilization. But before this can happen. the mysterious K-17. Sanctus Germanus will direct earth‟s affairs for the next two thousand years. a new era. and television rather than of a person. Sanctus Germanus is to prepare the earth for the coming of a new Avatar. will be implemented so that mankind can achieve its ascension by the end of the two-thousand year period. Just as Sanctus Germanus incarnated countless times before he ascended. This is yet to be revealed. the roots of the new teachings will start to bear fruit. the people became more and more . As Hierarch. In the 1950′s Sanctus Germanus assumed the position of Hierarch of the New Age. King of the Golden Age in the Sahara Sanctus Germanus revealed to Geoffrey Ballard. the new World Teacher. will be ushered in based on these teachings. We see below how the Master Sanctus Germanus helped to shape the course of mankind‟s history since the demise of the civilization known as Atlantis. As the “old” makes way for the “new” and the slate is wiped clean. a new Golden Age. an advanced racial stock that will eventually people the New Age. Nevertheless. He is also known as the Manu of the Seventh Root Race. In the midst of his reign. who will be under the responsibility of the Lord Kuthumi. Past Lives of One Who Evolved on the Earth Plane Each one of us here on earth today represents a different stage of spiritual evolution that will eventually lead to our Ascension. Throughout the thousands of years of reincarnations we can observe two major themes: 1) the nurturing of Truth of the Ancient Wisdom from the child Jesus to the founding of the secret mystery societies that have endured until today and 2) the liberalization of secular political thought over the centuries that has slowly freed mankind from the tyranny of authority and laid the foundations for future soul liberation. so dear to Sanctus Germanus. The exact shape and form of the new Avatar is just emerging in a flood of new ideas and concepts onto the earth plane. the akashic records of a Golden Age civilization that existed about seventy thousand years ago in the Sahara Desert . the Great and Holy Master Sanctus Germanus will make his presence more and more obvious to mankind as He leads us through a period of upheaval and conflict to banish all vestiges of the dark forces from earth.

“The child is born in Bethlehem . One took gold. They took costly gifts and headed west in search of the child. who took over Sanctus Germanus‟ rule. . the symbol of nobility. gum. Joseph. and there he took Mary to spend the night. when the morning came. the wife of Zechariahs and mother of the future John the Baptist. Now. the symbol of dominion and of power. son of Jacob. so Joseph took her in the direction of the Judean hills. the newborn king. another myrrh. which in their way caused conflict and the scattering of a once cohesive and peaceful civilization.” Beyond the river Euphrates lived the Magians. the inns and homes were filled with guests. the promised son of man was born. Joseph was an upright man and a devoted Essene. and the third. They arrived at Bethlehem at nightfall and decided to spend the night but Bethlehem was thronged with people going to Jerusalem . there were three who longed to see the Master of the coming age. And when the time was nearly due for Jesus to be born. for they believed that he. Among the Magian priests. Joseph sought out a shepherdess whose home was near. and Mary longed to see Elizabeth . drove the civilization into ruin and within a two thousand year period. and they prepared a room for Mary and the child. the man of God. The Father and Protector of the Child Jesus We see the reappearance of Sanctus Germanus as the Joseph. the fertile fields and rivers of the Golden Age civilization had been reduced to desert sand. the earthly father of Jesus. They stayed there many days. and a carpenter of Nazareth . At midnight came a cry. the symbol of the wisdom of the sage. had spoken words of truth. He retired into the etheric dimension from where he could influence but not directly rule the people. and they rejoiced. the child was circumcised. When Mary reached the age of womanhood she was betrothed to Joseph. that they might honor him. And when the temple elders asked. could read the language of the stars. Joseph sent a messenger to Zechariahs and Elizabeth saying. According to Jewish custom. “What will you call the child?” Mary said.obsessed with material and sensual matters. “His name is Jesus. Joseph could find no place to rest but in a cave where animals were kept. and they divined that a master soul had been born. Mary told him all the words that the Angel Gabriel had spoken to her. They could see his star above Jerusalem. many eons later at the start of the Piscean dispensation. At one point he decided that his people would have to create their own salvation from their ways.” And lo. as the man of God declared. “A child is born in yonder cave among the beasts.” Zechariahs and Elizabeth took John and headed immediately to Bethlehem with words of cheer. They were wise. Another prince. In the meantime.

the mystery schools of Egypt . Yet these Magian priests could read the hearts of men. These teachings would provide him the impetus later on to travel by foot to Persia . and if you find the child that has been born a king. he was already sitting with the temple elders and teaching them. Joseph took the infant Jesus and Mary in the dead of night and fled to Egypt . He also took charge of John. after Zechariahs had been slain by Herod‟s men. Then the priests returned homeward skirting Jerusalem . “Perhaps. John. By the time Jesus was ten. India and Tibet to study under the Masters of Wisdoms. was beheaded by Herod. bestowed upon him precious gifts and gave him gold. Then Herod called the Magian priests again and said. became the forerunner. to Jesus‟ mission on earth and in the process. and wondered who they were and why they had come. . overshadowed by the spirit of Elijah . “Where is the child that has been born a king?” the very throne of Herod seemed to shake. And when they asked. Elihu and Salome taught him about the Zorasterism. And so they told the secret to Joseph and Mary and advised them to flee beyond the reach of harm. the harbinger.” And Herod blanched with fear thinking. King Herod then sent a courtier to bring the traveling Magians back to his court where he queried them “Where is the newborn king?” And then they said. gum-thus and myrrh. they read the wickedness of Herod‟s heart. the Lord Maitreya. return and tell me all. “Go search. son of Elizabeth .When the Magians reached Jerusalem the people were amazed. It was during this time in exile with Elihu and Salome in Zoan that the infant Jesus grew up learning the secrets and mysteries of the Ancient Wisdom. and Buddhism in India . he declared that all baby boys should be killed. and knew that he had sworn to kill the newborn king. When Herod found out the Magians had bypassed him in Jerusalem . He would return to Palestine imbued with these teachings and prepared for the World Teacher. They honored him. When Jesus reached the age of twelve. to overshadow him during the last three years of his life on earth. Joseph realized that it was time to release him into the hands of the sages and elders of the Jewish religion for more training. Joseph secretly conducted his family back to Nazareth . where they lived with Elihu and Salome in ancient Zoan for a few years. Elizabeth fled with John to the Judean hills but her husband Zechariahs was slain by Herod‟s men.” While yet beyond the Euphrates we saw his star arise. the priests were plotting to restore the kingdom of the Jews!” He wanted to know more about this child that has been born a “King”. He saw to it that John was inducted into the Essene sect. When it was again safe. Well warned.” The Magians went their way and found the child with Mary in the shepherd‟s home. and we have come to honor him. that I may go and honor him.

and Knights of Columbus all admit to a chief role played by Sanctus Germanus in their rites and ceremonies. According to the Master Morya. Shrouded in their own self-imposed mysteries today. while she is asleep. Sanctus Germanus as Merlin. a step in the direction of Soul Liberation of mankind. Merlin arranged for the conception of Arthur when King Uther Pendragon of Britain fell in love with Ygraine. etc. According to tradition.So it was that Sanctus Germanus‟ incarnation as Joseph was to assure that the child Jesus was protected from the dangers posed by the political rulers of the times and to see to it that he was properly instructed in the ways of the Ancient Wisdom. In one version. a married woman. Albanus was subsequently beheaded along with other Masons and heretics. He was born as Albanus into a Roman family in the town of Verulam . and flees to spend his life in the Caledonian Forest in Scotland . circa 600AD In Sanctus Germanus‟ incarnation as Merlin. Masons. a nun at Carmarthen in southwestern Wales . gains the gift of prophecy. lies with his mother. For transforming King Uther into the likeness of Ygraine‟s . Sanctus Germanus: Founder of the Rosicrucian. a theme that would characterize his subsequent incarnations over the centuries until today. an incubus (male demon). the link between Jesus‟ teachings and that of the Brahmins of India. and Knights of Columbus Movements It is said that the Master reincarnated at least once per century since his “favorite” incarnation as Joseph. As the Christian Church merged its interest with that of the Roman Emperor‟s in the third century. the true mystical teachings that were part of the Christianity such as reincarnation. he lost his life defending the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom. England . became distorted and detached from their source. Some early tales portray Merlin as a warrior who goes insane after a battle. the spiritual advisor to King Arthur (El Morya). Mason. Yet by order of the Emperor in 303 AD. Information about Merlin‟s life varies widely from story to story in the body of Arthurian legend. Albanus returned to Rome where he became a Mason then journeyed back to Verulam and became active in public affairs. the Rosicrucians. we see the first seeds being sown for just human governance. he is conceived when his father. Sanctus Germanus is the true inner Sovereign Grand Master of both the Masonry and the Knights of Columbus. In one of his incarnations. Later versions of Arthurian legend present Merlin as an aged magician whose life is marked by marvelous deeds and experiences. Spiritual Advisor to King Arthur. It is at this stage that we see the Master Sanctus Germanus step in to try to preserve the original teachings of Jesus in the secret societies.

the Master Morya took that incarnation. the first principles of the rule of law rather than of the sword began to emerge and upon King Arthur‟s insistence. he wrote his Opus Majus (Major Work). experimental research. and astronomy. This was the famous Knights of the Round Table. In front of a cathedral appeared a large stone topped with an anvil. but the work could not have had much effect during Bacon‟s time. Merlin took the child Arthur to a man named Hector to be raised as a commoner. enjoyed a brief period of unprecedented peace and prosperity. objective thinking. physics. Bacon was critical of the methods of learning of the times. Sanctus Germanus as Merlin. The Opus Majus was an encyclopedia of all science. and he became king. Born in Ilchester. embracing grammar and logic. . mainly in alchemy. Sanctus Germanus as Roger Bacon (1211-1294) Sowing the Seeds of Liberal Thinking Sanctus Germanus‟ emergence as the English scholastic philosopher and scientist and one of the most influential teachers of the 13th century would add another theme to his quest for soul liberation: that of logical. Only the rightful king would be able to withdraw the sword. at the request of Pope Clement IV. “that one brief moment known as Camelot”. because it reached Clement during the period of his fatal illness. The response of the pope to Bacon‟s masterpiece is not known. only Arthur was able to withdraw it. in which a sword was embedded. he entered the religious order of the Franciscans and settled at Oxford . Under Merlin‟s advice. Somersetshire. It was through this radical system of governance that King Arthur‟s realm. He carried on active studies and did experimental research. When he returned to England in about 1251. a child of royal blood. and in the late 1260′s. As spiritual advisor to King Arthur. mathematics. After King Uther died. Merlin notified the barons of Britain that God had established a test to determine the successor to Uther‟s throne. a judicial court system was instituted whereby law rather than fiat became the criterion for judgment and solid observable proof had to be presented in order to condemn a man for a crime. England .husband so that she would willingly lie with him. When Ygraine gave birth to Arthur. and moral philosophy. where feudal princes occupied seats around a table all being considered equal in power. And of course. In this work he represented the necessity of a reformation in the sciences through different methods of studying languages and nature. optics. inspired the king to institute the first modifications to the feudal system of governance. Merlin asked for their child in return. He remained in Paris after completing his studies to teach at the University of Paris . Bacon was educated at the universities of Oxford and Paris .

Bacon accepted some of the popular but later disproved beliefs of his time. Whether he was or was not Christian Rosenkrantz. 1292) shortly before his death. In 1278 the general of the Franciscan order. saltpeter. we note the continued trend in the reincarnations of the Master: the preservation of the mysteries of the Ancient Wisdom. a monk interested in occult studies and said to be the founder of the Invisible Order of Rosicrucianism in Germany . says that Sanctus Germanus incarnated as Christian Rosenkrantz. 14th Century: Charles W. together with experimentation. He studied several languages and wrote Latin with great elegance and clarity. His writings brought new and ingenious views on optics. to support his project. Sanctus Germanus is known to have a cipher Rosicrucian manuscript bearing the secret codes of the symbolism used in the Rosicrucian movement. Girolamo Masci. Germain. and on the apparent increase in the size of the sun and moon at the horizon. Six of his works were printed between 1485 and 1614. later Pope Nicholas IV. Bacon considered mathematics. He then moved to Spain where after many difficulties. We know little of his work but in his later incarnation as the mysterious Count of St. has since been shown. Sanctus Germanus as Christian Keeping the Ancient Wisdom alive Rosenkrantz. His personal aim was to a westward route to Asia . He first tried to convince the crown in Portugal to support a westward trip over the Atlantic but failed. Leadbeater. on the apparent magnitude of objects. particularly on refraction. such as the existence of a philosopher‟s stone and the efficacy of astrology.The Franciscans condemned Bacon‟s revolutionary ideas about the study of science as heretical. however. convinced the Catholic monarchs. forbade the reading of Bacon‟s books and had Bacon arrested. some of them undoubtedly were derived from the study of Arab scientists. the only means of arriving at a knowledge of nature. Isabel and Fernando. He found that with sulfur. The previous use of gunpowder by the Arabs. Although many inventions have been credited to him. and charcoal. Bacon returned to Oxford . Sanctus Germanus as Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) Sanctus Germanus as the Italian-Spanish navigator Christopher Columbus was both well versed in theology as well as maritime studies. the renowned theosophist. Because of his extensive knowledge he was known as Doctor Admirabilis. a substance (now known as gunpowder) could be produced that would imitate lightning and cause explosions. After ten years in prison. Despite his advanced knowledge. . and in 1733 the Opus Majus was edited and published. He wrote Compendium Studii Theologiae (A Compendium of the Study of Theology.

and was given a pension in 1604. he is credited with opening the New World to the rest of humanity. On Salisbury „s death in 1612. but his suggestions were never implemented. As a holder of high office throughout most of his life. Sanctus Germanus was born Francis Bacon on January 22. He managed to secure for himself the title of Admiral. in the Strand. Sanctus Germanus himself has admitted that during this incarnation. His Advancement of Learning was published and presented to the king in 1605. He made two more voyages to the New World after being named the Viceroy of his discovered lands and after extracting an agreement from the King and Queen to receive ten percent of all wealth brought back. He regained the respect of the court. at York House. Queen of England. he was able to obscure his active involvement in the secret societies of the Ancient Wisdom. and he completely lost favor with the queen in 1593. 1603. Thereafter he was banned from further movement and died in political obscurity. he had discovered the New World which made him famous throughout Europe . with the accession of James I to the English throne in 1603. the differences between Crown and Commons grew critical. Bacon wrote several . Robert Cecil. however. however. London . He wrote letters of sound advice to Elizabeth I. English philosopher and statesman. Such activities undoubtedly contributed to his incisive thinking that advanced scientific thinking. this does not obscure the fact that through his endeavour. Elected to the House of Commons in 1584. As the First Baron Verulam and Viscount Saint Albans. For these efforts he was knighted on July 23. was made a commissioner for the union of Scotland and England . became one of the pioneers of modern scientific thought. Two years later he was appointed solicitor general. contributing to the fundamental advancement of the scientific method. he served until 1614. and educated at Trinity College . In the last session of the first Parliament held (February 1611) under James I. His work on “cleaning” facts of prejudice and preconceived notions added much empiricist thinking and logic. Instead. However. Sanctus Germanus again revolutionized mankind‟s thinking by introducing ampliative inductive reasoning to the formation of scientific hypotheses. and Bacon took the role of mediator. Following along the lines of his previous incarnation as Roger Bacon. Sanctus Germanus as Francis Bacon of England (1561-1626): The Planting of Ideas. Bacon proposed schemes for the union of England and Scotland and recommended measures for dealing with Roman Catholics. 1561. when he opposed a bill for a royal subsidy. he easily succumbed to personal greed and avarice. Francis Bacon. and more royal patronage poured in. University of Cambridge . 1st Earl of Salisbury. despite his distrust of James‟s chief minister.His voyage of 1492 failed to land him in Asia . his fame within a decade became tarnished with charges of corruption in his administration of the new territories.

he was created Viscount Saint Albans. Bacon then resumed his writing. with no further consequence despite repeated petitions to James I and James‟s successor. particularly on relations between Crown and Commons. Indications Respecting the Interpretation of Nature (1620). completing his History of Henry VII and his Latin translation of The Advancement of Learning (De Augmentis) . that is. In 1620 his Novum Organum was published. The principles laid down in the Novum Organum had an important influence on the subsequent development of empiricist thought. that truth is not derived from authority. and Novum Organum . He died in London on April 9. Previous logicians had practiced induction by simple enumeration. which he called idols. must be abandoned. In the same year he was charged by Parliament with accepting bribes. After his release. and professional. or the peculiar possession of the individual (“idols of the cave”). Bacon‟s philosophy emphasized the belief that people are the servants and interpreters of nature. purely literary. Charles I. 1626.papers on statecraft. In it he maintained that all prejudices and preconceived attitudes. drawing general conclusions from particular data. Bacon‟s method was to infer by use of analogy. Bacon‟s writings fall into three categories: philosophical. The best of his philosophical works are The Advancement of Learning (1605). a review in English of the state of knowledge in his own time. whether they arise from too great a dependence on language (“idols of the marketplace”). and in 1618 he was appointed Lord Chancellor and raised to the peerage as Baron Verulam. In September 1621 the king pardoned him but prohibited his return to Parliament or the court. this method was a fundamental advancement of the scientific method. and that knowledge is the fruit of experience. who ordered him fined. or from tradition (“idols of the theater”). Because it added significantly to the improvement of scientific hypotheses. . and banished from Parliament and the court. Bacon is generally credited with having contributed to logic through the method known as ampliative inference. he retired to his family residence at Gorhambury. Bacon‟s Novum Organum successfully influenced the acceptance of accurate observation and experimentation in science. 1621. leaving to later experience the correction of evident errors. imprisoned during the king‟s pleasure. This philosophy would in part sow the seeds of revolution in the following century. from the characteristics or properties of the larger group to which that datum belonged. in order to gain the king‟s attention. a technique of inductive reasoning. In 1616 Bacon became a privy councilor.” He submitted himself to the will of his fellow peers. and on January 26. In March 1622 he offered to make a digest of the laws. In 1613 he was appointed attorney general. or. He confessed but said that he was “heartily and penitently sorry. whether they be the common property of the race due to common modes of thought (“idols of the tribe”).

England . and speeches in Parliament. Germain: Words are put into Action ONE of the most mysterious characters in modern history is the famous Comte de St. Italian. His History of Henry VII (1622) shows his abilities in scholarly research. faithfully performing the difficult task which had been entrusted to him. nemesis of deceptive ministers. described by his friend Prince Karl von Hesse as “one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived. They had. Italy . with a slender. the friend of humanity. Mason. which at that time was a highly secretive organization. He is regarded as one three English prophets of the Enlightenment along with John Locke and Sir Isaac Newton. were published at various times between 1597 and 1625. graceful figure. Germain worked in Europe for more than a century. American statesman Thomas Jefferson. a captivating smile. He may also have been a leader of the Masons. whose heart was concerned only with the happiness of others. “I have never seen their equal!” He was an extraordinary linguist. His proficiency in music was equally . Germain. Portuguese. and his knowledge of Sanscrit. Germain clothed himself was the outstanding topic of conversation among the nobility of the eighteenth century. Bacon was part of the period of Enlightenment. Russian and Swedish without the slightest trace of an accent. without any exception. his chief contributions to literature. pleadings in law cases. a disciple of the Enlightenment. Chinese and Arabic showed that he was well acquainted with the East. “Oh. Sanctus Germanus as Le Comte de St. ordering for his library in 1789 a composite portrait of the same three men.Bacon‟s Essays. he wrote to a friend. Sanctus Germanus was to be intimately involved in both earth-shaking revolutions.” Intimate and counselor of Kings and Princes. The amazing and inscrutable personality in which the Adept known as St. He was of medium height. agreed with this assessment. accredited Messenger of the Masters of Wisdom — the Comte de St. Germany . as we shall see in his next incarnations.” It is said that Sir Francis had a secret side to life and served as the Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order. Bacon‟s professional works include Maxims of the Law (1630). English. Reading on the Statute of Uses (1642). German. laid the foundation for the physical and moral sciences of modernity and were “the three greatest men that have ever lived. a philosophical movement based on the belief that science and human reason can triumph over political and religious tyranny. it drew proponents from America . he always presented the appearance of a man about forty-five years of age. During the 112 years that he is said to have lived in Europe . what eyes!” sighed the Countess d‟Adhémar. and eyes of peculiar beauty. France . An intellectual spirit that knew no national boundaries. speaking French. Spain . Spanish. and Russia. Rosicrucian. In his fanciful New Atlantis Bacon suggested the formation of scientific academies. Scotland .

His ability to improvise made a great impression on Rameau. One evening. bearing the dates 1745 and 1760. while two others. He was ambidextrous. and days afterward repeat its contents without missing a word. Germain was also a composer. he broke up a superb diamond of his own manufacture. Although he refused to betray his secret. One of his musical compositions was given to Tchaikowsky. are the property of the British Museum . Germain affirmed that he had lived in Chaldea and possessed the secrets of the Egyptian sages.remarkable. On another occasion he removed a flaw from a diamond belonging to Louis XV.000 francs. It must have been my predecessor. and could write a poem with one hand while he framed a diplomatic paper with the other. “Monsieur le Comte forgets. The charming personality of the Comte de St. Germain in his laboratory. Prince Ferdinand von Lobkowitz inherited a second. to his familiarity with occult subjects. giving the impression that he himself had been present. his favorite beverage being a tea which he prepared from certain herbs. As a violinist he is said to have rivalled Paganini. which he consistently refused to reveal. to his well. Many of St. as many claimed. He would merely glance at a paper. it was commonly supposed that he produced the effect by mixing powdered mother-of-pearl with his pigments. he turned to his butler and asked if any important details had been omitted. He spoke with feeling of things which had happened hundreds of years in the past. But while he often sat at table with his friends. and which he frequently presented to his friends. “that I have been with him only five hundred years. Germain‟s friends had practical proof of his alchemical knowledge. On gala occasions he appeared with a diamond ring on every finger and with shoe-buckles estimated to be worth at least 200. The prodigious memory of the Comte de St. The Comte de St. Germain was a constant source of amazement to his friends. and especially to the mystery of his birth and nationality. He was highly esteemed as an art critic and was frequently consulted in regard to the authenticity of paintings. increasing the value of the stone by 4000 livres. St. Germain also possessed the secret of melting several small diamonds into one large stone. While visiting the French Ambassador to The Hague . St. he said. an art learned in India . He ate no meat and drank no wine. while he was recounting an event which had happened many centuries before. while his performances on the harpsichord called forth enthusiastic applause from Frederick the Great. I could not. therefore. his own food was specially prepared for him in his own apartments. His extraordinary popularity was due to his prowess as a raconteur. Casanova relates that one day while visiting St. Germain made him a welcome guest in the homes of the nobility of every land. who met him in Venice in 1710.” his butler replied. have been present at that occurrence. In a few moments it was returned to Casanova as pure gold. the latter asked for a silver coin. Germain was also a painter of rare ability. He frequently read sealed letters without touching them and was known to answer questions before they had been put into words.” If. he may have spoken the truth .known intimacy with the greatest men and women of the day. famed for his power to reproduce the original brilliance of precious stones on canvas. St. the duplicate of which he had recently sold for 5500 louis d‟or.

Madame. which brought the colonial war between England and France to a close. From there he went to Vienna . It was a miniature of an exceptionally beautiful woman. On his return to France Louis XV gave him a suite of apartments in the Royal Chateau of Chambord. dressed in a costume unfamiliar to the Countess. which he always wore on his arm. was playing a double game. who will never die. “That. Germain on a delicate diplomatic mission to The Hague and London . his admiration for St.” Although no one knew when the Comte de St. This may have been St.” she gasped. and you were kind enough to admire a little Barcarolle of my composing. Germain was living in the Court of the Shah of Persia. Germain confided this fact to the King. who up to that time had been implicitly trusted by the King. and who knows everything. In 1760 Louis sent the Comte de St. From 1737 to 1742 the Comte de St. Germain was unbounded. “To what period does this costume belong?” the Countess inquired. Germain‟s fellow-Theosophist Saint-Martin. “But if that is true.” the Count replied. “No. Voltaire expressed his opinion that “the Comte de St. to the mother of the future Countess de Genlis. Germain was born. There are Initiates. Fifty years later the aged Countess met him in Madame Pompadour‟s house and asked him if his father had been in Venice in that year. Although Voltaire was opposed to St. where Voltaire was also an honored guest.without making any miraculous claim. in Touraine . This conference resulted in the celebrated alliance known as the Family Compact. The Count merely smiled and changed the subject. is not impossible!” In 1723 the Count showed his mother‟s portrait. Although St. and not necessarily of the highest. . no matter who received the credit. At that time he discovered that the Duc de Choiseul. Or perhaps he knew the secret of “the Elixir of Life. 1761. I had the honor to pay you court then. Both Rameau and the Countess de Georgy met him in Venice in 1710. Germain called upon the Duc de Choiseul and remained closeted with him the whole night. who are able to recall many of their past lives. Germain is a man who was never born. his life from 1710 to 1822 is a matter of history. Germain‟s way of calling his friends‟ attention to the doctrine of reincarnation. and afterward visited Frederick the Great in his castle of Sans-Souci in Potsdam . “you must be at least a hundred years old!” The Count smiled. This in its turn was the forerunner of the Treaty of Paris.” In 1755 the Comte de St. St. Madame. Here he often entertained the King and members of the Court in the alchemical laboratory which the King had provided for him. occupied with alchemical research. In a letter to Frederick . “but I myself was living in Venice at the end of the last and the beginning of this century. On his return from Persia he settled in Versailles and became an intimate friend of Louis XV and Madame Pompadour. So one evening in May. In the following year he was caught in the Jacobite Revolution in England . Germain accompanied General Clive to India . the former was determined that the Peace Treaty between England and France should be signed.” The Countess could not believe her ears.

St. Among the Kings. He acted as a delegate to the Wilhelmsbad Convention in 1782 and to the great Paris Convention of 1785. and the Church Register of Eckernförde in Danish Holstein contains the record of his death and burial. While St. Although an effort has been made to eliminate St. Princes. Germain. Germain‟s real mission. the Countess d‟Adhémar. with full credentials to which the imperial seal of Russia was affixed. Germain was living in Vienna he spent much of his time in the Rosicrucian laboratory on the Landstrasse. and known under the name of Graf Saltikoff. Early one Sunday morning in 1788 the Countess was surprised to receive a visit from the Comte de St. He warned her that a giant conspiracy was under foot. Germain‟s efforts to avert the horrors of the French Revolution. one who was directing not only the minor currents of European history. 582). The Comte de St. Germain was called to St. But as it happens. While Christian Rosencreuz. whom she had not seen in several years. Germain is said to have died on February 27. This fact is brought out in the Souvenirs de Marie-Antoinette. After the death of Louis XV in 1774. Ambassadors and scholars who met him during those years. He left the country in the uniform of a Russian general. Germain spent several years travelling in Germany and Austria . Germain. Shortly afterward he appeared in Tunis and Leghorn while the Russian fleet was there. transmitted his teachings orally. and one of his enciphered manuscripts became the property of his staunch friend. Germain recorded the doctrines in figures. some of St. and at one time lived in the room which Leibniz occupied in 1713. where he played an important part in the revolution which placed Catherine the Great upon the throne of Russia . H. in which the Encyclopaedists would use the Duc de Chartres in an effort to overthrow the monarchy. This diary was started in 1760 and ended in 1821. one year before the death of the Countess. part of which was the introduction of Theosophical principles into the various occult fraternities of the day? The Rosicrucian organizations were certainly helped by him. Prince Karl von Hesse. Germain also worked with the Fratres Lucis. again in Russian uniform. but some of the major currents as well? How many were aware of St. careful research into Masonic archives will prove that he occupied a prominent position in eighteenth century Masonry. written by one of her ladies-in-waiting. Germain‟s most important work was done after that date. 202) and quotes at length from another (II. Germain? How many realized that they were conversing with an emissary of that Great Fraternity of Perfected Men who stand behind the scenes of all the great world-dramas. mentions this manuscript in The Secret Doctrine (II. 1784. how many suspected that the soul of a great Adept looked out through the eyes of the Comte de St.P. St.In the following year St. and Deschamps says that Cagliostro was initiated into that Order by St. Petersburg . Germain‟s name from modern Masonic literature. . and a large part of it is concerned with St. and with the “Knights and Brothers of Asia ” who studied Rosicrucian and Hermetic science and made the “philosopher‟s stone”(1) one of the objects of their research.B. the founder of the Order. St. Cadet de Gassicourt described him as a travelling member of the Knights Templar.

What happened to the Comte de St. He is worth more than his renown. 1789. for I have but a limited time to give to France . and you have reached the period of which I informed you. He made use of my poor abilities on several occasions. he asked her to communicate his message to the King and to request the King not to consult with Maurepas. .” In that letter he asked the Countess to meet him early the next morning. and the decrees of Providence must be fulfilled. the day following the death of the Duc d‟Enghien in 1804. the sixth time was on the day of her death. the rise of Napoleon. “All is lost. on the eve of the assassination of the Duc de Berri in 1820. “I can do nothing now. “A great crime is brewing there. “I must go to Sweden . the complete ruin of the Bourbons. Now it is too late. She opened the letter and read: “My words have fallen on your ears in vain. “Madame. Germain came on July 14. and went directly to Maurepas. His Majesty Gustavus III interests me. in January.” True to his word. Countess!” he wrote.” He foretold the death of the Queen. I shall not be seen here again. . arrived on October 5. My advice has been scorned. during the French Revolution? Was he known to Lord Lytton about 1860? Who knows?” Who. who immediately called upon Madame d‟Adhémar. Germain appeared to the Countess d‟Adhémar on five different occasions: at the beheading of the Queen. who deigned to listen to me with kindness. on the 18th Brumaire. escape from the French prison where Grosley thought he saw him. . On the following day St.” he said to her. “And you yourself?” the Countess asked. 1789. the Queen confessed that she also had received another communication from this mysterious stranger who had protected her with warnings from the day of her arrival in France . 1813.” The Countess inquired if she would see him again. Presumably.” . Germain) made his last exit — home. indeed. In that conversation the Comte de St. “Do not wish for the sixth.” he answered. One of the Masters spoke of the “benevolent German Prince from whose house. This time over. and I do not think he regretted giving me his confidence. and I am going to try to prevent it. The hour of repose is past. Germain appeared.” The second warning from St. All the Polignacs and their friends are doomed to death. until after three successive generations have gone down to the grave. “This sun is the last which will set on the monarchy. My hands are tied by one stronger than myself.and asked her to take him to the Queen. and in whose presence he (St. Germain after that date? Did he. He confronted Maurepas with his treachery and said to him: “In opposing yourself to my seeing the monarch. addressed to Madame d‟Adhémar. Tomorrow it will exist no more.” His farewell letter. “die in the palace of Prince Karl von Hesse about 1780-85? Did he. on the other hand. Germain was admitted into the private apartments of the Queen. Germain informed her that the time when he could have helped France was past. “for twenty years I was on intimate terms with the late King. in 1822. when the Queen was saying farewell to the Duchesse de Polignac.” After warning her of the serious condition of France . When Madame d‟Adhémar reported the conversation to MarieAntoinette. as Andrew Lang asks.” he answered. But the King ignored the warning. the Comte de St. In the midst of the conversation St. you are losing the monarchy. The Comte d‟Artois will perish. “Five times more.

It was obvious to the European Royalty that the Comte de St. Germain play in the Theosophical Movement of the last century? What part is he going to play in the present century? H. and betake myself to the region of the Himalayas . Farewell. and not one country alone. I will rest. But what was all this flamboyance and phenomena about? Could the Great Brotherhood of Light have hoped that the powers that controlled 18th Century Europe would stop battling each other and listen to the advice of one so endowed and extraordinary? The Comte de St. while the Royalty continued to wine. was also at war with her colonies in America and trying to conquer India . gave a cryptic suggestion of the time when he would again appear: The Comte de St. Germain was certainly the greatest Oriental Adept Europe had seen during the last centuries. What part did St. But Europe knew him not. The Comte de St. Vol. I must rest. The constant state of war and conflict between the ruling families drew resources away from their respective populations keeping the masses in a state of abject poverty. Eighty-five years from that date brings us to 1875. in addition to warring with France . dine. Toward the end of this century I shall disappear out of Europe. for he exhibited the savoir-faire and mannerisms of the Court and an extremely high intellectual acumen in most fields of endeavor. 1938 . Germain” from a series Great Theosophists. . or does the real Terreur still lie before us? ( From “Count of St. saying. 27. Germain confided his future plans to his Austrian friend. which will affect all Europe when it comes. Austria and France were pitted against England and Prussia . I am much needed in Constantinople. 1. Germain also hoped he could bring the warring parties into a federated Europe that would exist in peace. ” Tomorrow night I am off. Number 28 of a 29-part series. Exactly in 85 years will people again set eyes on me. November.B. then in England. for under the Cosmic Law he was bound to respect the free will of those involved. But as a Master he could but advise. Russia was stirring up strife in Poland and England .P.) These words were spoken in 1790. Was the event of which she spoke the last great War. Franz Graeffer. Germain made a decision to work alongside King Louis XV. Germain was of high birth.In the last decade of the eighteenth century St.” (Kleine Wiener Memorien. No. for the King preferred to use secret diplomacy in his matters of foreign affairs. and scheme on their political alliances. Theosophy. He could but hope that his extraordinary feats demonstrated before their very eyes would add more validity to his words of counsel. Germain stepped into a Europe full of discord and conflict.) The Comte de St. Perchance some may recognize him at the next Terreur. there to prepare two new inventions which you will have in the next century — trains and steamboats.

Again the Great Brotherhood of Light demonstrated that it is the inevitable power of the word. Finally. No. the Comte de St. It is said that he inspired Abraham Lincoln‟s Gettysburg Address. We can see that the various incarnations of Sanctus Germanus from Merlin to the Comte de St. Instead internecine court plotting took precedence over the looming events. During the 19th and 20th centuries. Sanctus Germanus and the Process of Soul Liberation . The King‟s ministers feeling usurped by the Count plotted to eliminate him rather than take his warnings into consideration. the gentleman stood up and admonished in a loud voice. “Sign this Parchment!” The Declaration of Independence would create America . Instead. Queen of France. Germain dealt with creating the governing and social context for the liberation of mankind from tyrannical authority and poverty. an actual place on earth where ideas promoting man‟s liberation could be implemented. he merely disappeared. When the colonial leaders hesitated. Both the American and the French Revolutions came about in part from the liberal ideals advanced during the Age of Enlightenment of which Sanctus Germanus was an integral part in his incarnation as Sir Francis Bacon. often retreating to the Brotherhood‟s sanctuaries in the mountains of Europe or Asia for meditation and renewal. Sanctus Germanus would nurture this creation just as he did as Joseph. and then reappeared at key moments when it was safe. Back in Europe . their arrogant blindness led them into direct confrontation with the masses in the French Revolution. thinking of the war and deaths that would ensue in a war with England . More is not known about his role in the birth pains of America . A decade before. as an ascended Master. And indeed plot after plot to incarcerate or kill him followed him. those thought-forms designed to free man‟s soul that would triumph over the most powerful of Kings.As a Master. the Comte de St. Germain could clearly see the future fate of the royalty if they continued on their path of arrogance and war. He laid out these dangers to the powers that be. including the famous Marie-Antoinette. standing firmly behind the emancipation of America „s slaves. the father of the child Jesus. Sanctus Germanus played an active “behind the scenes” role in the realization of the idea of America . Germain took time off in Europe to externalize as a gentleman in the back of the room at the Philadelphia State House when the Declaration of Independence was before the body of colonial leaders for signing. But his visions of the future fell on deaf ears. that due his enemies would have to be left to the Laws of Karma. The revolutionary ideas that swept over the European continent following the fall of the French monarchy would level the influences of the royal courts forever. Sanctus Germanus could not use his powers to strike back at those who sought to kill him. Sanctus Germanus would turn his attention to the more difficult and arduous process of soul liberation.

Revealed to western thinking what those in the East had known for centuries was that God was within every man‟s body. the Great Brotherhood of Light externalized itself with ever more force and frequency in the form of the Theosophy. This body of enlightened teachings put in historical and future perspective the ongoing externalization of the Great Brotherhood of Light‟s activities and revealed the huge body of Cosmic Laws that governed such activities. and that each individual was indeed the son of God. Moreover. and dictated an impressive body of teachings to Alice A. He would have to look inward. It would be the Masters Kuthumi and Morya who would take on the major task of forming the Theosophical Movement in America . Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine would revolutionize western thinking and reveal to it the existence of the Great Brotherhood of Light and its hand in moving the course of events throughout history. Theosophy would introduce the notion that man‟s true liberation came from the soul within. although one sees him in the precipitated photo in About Us. their publications continue to provide a firm foundation establishing the Ancient Wisdom in the western world. kept alive by the rich research and insights done by the founders and luminaries during its initial stages of development. Madame Blavatsky only hints of the role that Sanctus Germanus played in her training and teachings. Bridge to Freedom and Summit Lighthouse Movements. the “I AM”. his reappearance in the 1930′s occurred in the midst of the Great . It revealed to the western world that Christianity had its roots in the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt and India and that Jesus had indeed traveled there and received instructions from the Masters of the Great Brotherhood of Light. Djwal Khul-Alice A. Blavatsky and Colonel Henry Steele Olcott founded the Theosophical Society in 1875 in New York city . Today. Bailey over a period of forty years. then wane. That the very foundations of Christianity came from the same source as Buddhism and other religions would plant the seeds for the coming World Religion. Germain in the 18th Century in a Europe in tumult. The Theosophical movement would spread throughout the world by the first quarter of the Twentieth Century.During the latter part of the 19th Century and throughout the 20th Century. if not part of God Itself. This was soul liberation and the salvation of mankind. reconnect with his own soul and then allow it to infuse his physical body and express itself. his Higher Self. It was no accident that this first embodiment of the Ancient Wisdom to the west would start in America when Helena P. Blavatsky‟s seminal works. It would not be until the 1930′s that Sanctus Germanus would again materialize and take a direct hand in the formation of the “I AM” movement. As with his appearance as the Comte de St. as internal strife in the Theosophical Movement caused it to lose momentum. Great Britain and India . The Tibetan Master Djwal Khul stepped in. All these movements would have in common the message of Soul Liberation. Bailey.

from Merlin onward he sought to liberate man‟s society from tyrannical authority and raise human thinking and logic. and laid before mankind its present and future plans to externalize and usher in the New Era. But as is often the case. Mr. From the time as Joseph he nurtured the child Jesus and saw to it that he was instructed in the tradition of the Ancient Wisdom. At the same time. and to keep it out of the worldwide insanity of war and turmoil that had engulfed the earth. Sanctus Germanus revealed more about the structure of the Great Brotherhood of Light. And the Master St. the God within or the “I AM”. He again appeared through another messenger. to advance scientific thinking-all this to set the stage for mankind‟s soul liberation which we are experiencing today and which we shall see in full bloom in the New Age. as you know. the movement became the target of the dark forces. leaving many disillusioned followers in its wake. it‟s continued governance of world affairs.Depression and the World Wars 1914 to 1945. the Present Hierarch of the New Age We have seen in the various incarnations of the Great and Holy Master Sanctus Germanus a constant theme of liberating mankind from the clutches of dark thinking and superstition. and formed the Summit Lighthouse movement in the 1970′s. a revolutionary experiment in freedom. Germain obviously is no exception to this. and misrepresentations from the astral plane bearing look-alikes of the Masters began to skew the teachings of the movement. If there is a favorite amongst them it is simply that the will of God be done and fulfilled. As an ascended Master Sanctus Germanus worked through his messenger Mr. Geraldine Innocente. Another thrust of the “I AM” movement was to invoke and preserve the idea of America . Through this rather short-lived movement. This movement attempted to formalize the teachings of the ascended Masters into a university curriculum to train disciples and initiates for the Great Brotherhood of Light. The United States of America subsequently joined the warring nations in the Second World War. In his subsequent incarnations he continued to keep the ancient mysteries alive in the Rosicrucian and Masons secret societies that survive until this day along with other embodiments of the Ancient Wisdom such as Theosophy. play no favorites. In the post-war years of the 1950′s Sanctus Germanus again appeared through his messenger. The “I AM” movement carried on the teachings of soul liberation. Here is what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said of the Master: The Masters of Wisdom. the ascended Master Sanctus Germanus has now been given the responsibility as the growing hierarch of the New Age. . In 1941. Marc Prophet. With centuries of experience on earth in various incarnations behind him. Sanctus Germanus. Godfry Ballard and together the “I AM” movement swelled to around 700.000 adherents. Ballard passed on and the “I AM” movement gradually lost its momentum. to form the Bridge to Freedom movement.

Sanctus Germanus has been the inspiration and promoter behind the tremendous explosion of innovations involving the computer and the Internet. but the temporary result will be a world engulfed in insanity. the separation of the tares from the wheat. those have all been his stomping grounds. yes. Unbeknownst to most. war. Email is right now the crude precursor to mental telepathy. you are experiencing in a small way. and political structures in the world and the rise of terrorism. rise and fall had to be flushed out but the technology and potential of broadband connections around the world stand ready to be exploited. so to speak. What will appear to the material eye as a collapse of the financial. He. . and plain insane behavior worldwide must be interpreted as a grading process. which will be the basis of communication in the advanced stages of the New Age. Each time you sit down at your computer and log on to the Internet. . we must pass through yet another period of earthly turmoil. Yes. In the year 2000 the Great Cosmic Beings responsible for earth decided to accelerate the pace of earth‟s evolution to make up for the various setbacks encountered during the Piscean dispensation. as it were. Today his presence is felt everywhere in the world. the weeding out of the evil influences on earth. yes. and Sanctus Germanus uses this innovation in ever more frequency and power to get his message of soul liberation to mankind. Of course.And so to him . of course. . But before these great promises of soul liberation and peace can be realized on earth. . takes his place as the growing hierarch of the NEW AGE. the precursor of the integral “knowingness” of the New Age. it would almost be like a sphere he holds in the palm of his hand. the planet. . Aquarius. At the helm of this momentous purging of earth‟s dark forces is the Great and Holy Master Sanctus Germanus again appearing at this particular flashpoint as he did in past history to guide and protect us at the threshold of the New Age. . He‟s not only alive with America or Europe or any of the places that he‟s reportedly to have haunted in the past. It will just be a matter of time before the earth will experience forms of the Internet heretofore inconceivable. But literally the whole planetary body is subject to his will. the greed that accompanied the dot. Time will fly. Through email and the semi-instantaneous access and connection to information all over the world. think of the Great and Holy Master Sanctus Germanus.

. rocks into diamonds. Germain The story of how this change will occur. takes us back to Tudor England.Comte de St. He learned the secrets of alchemy by studying ancient esoteric knowledge into the occult he was literally able to turn lead into gold. and later was able transmute his mortal body into a immortal angel conquering death itself. There was an enigmatic character by the name of Saint Germain. With his ―elixir of life‖ and positive thinking he never aged at all.

Using his techniques. to be used for humanitarian purposes. they along with the monarchies choose to squander the money for themselves. and combined the small investments into the large amount. Then around 1727 he shared his secret money making techniques to certain German bankers in hopes that they would use the money to help humanity. the flame of our desire. one million dollars.000 diamonds and pearls. the children of robber barons. These 100 children are known as ―wealthy visionaries‖. At the end of each cycle investors then reinvest or ―roll‖ the principle and interest earned over into the next cycle. Money earned from these bank roll programs became known as the ―Prosperity Programs‖ Over time the programs where secretly opened up to small investors so that one could invest as little as one hundred dollars at a time. These small amounts where handled by trustees. in suppressing in himself anger and the fear of illness. Eventually Saint Germain realized the money was never going to be used for benevolent purposes so he pulled his money out and in 1729 he put it into his own ―World Trust.000 and 1:500.‖ At the founding of the trust it was stipulated that this money would be released in the year 2000.‖ Comte de Saint Germain ―A man who knows everything and who never dies. The profits from these programs are utterly astronomical as monthly returns can be in excess of 1:100.According to Germain ―It is the activity of our nerves.000. these bankers have continued to keep this knowledge secret. and ―banksters‖ began to see the error in their parent‘s evilness and their use of wealth. The bank roll programs. Bank Roll Programs Around the turn of the century. which daily consume our organism. who collected the money and kept records. that was required in order to enter a ―roll‖. The name ―roll programs‖ comes from a method of rolling money over and over in short periods of time. Together they invested some of their families money into secret money roll programs. Even to this day. In the late 1990′s the bank roll programs finally ceased. . Many of which commented on his elaborate shoes stubbed with $40. is capable of overcoming the attrition of the years and attaining an age at least double that at which men now die of old age. allow wealthy investors to make insane profits by ripping off the assets and resources from third world nations. He who succeeds in raising himself above his emotions. No one knew the source of his income.‖ – Voltaire Comte de Saint Germain was noted for rubbing elbows with the monarchies. let‘s say. the acid of our fears.

and fraud became wide spread among the bankers. Level One — World Trust. 250 years of compound interest has mushroomed the World Trust into a net worth in excess of one quattuordecillion dollars. but little.000. at which time it closes.000.000. greed. or $1. At his direction The World Trust can only be activated for payout at only two times during any given year. and even some trustees who wanted to steal the money for themselves.000. Level Two — These are the 180 Royal Trusts under the control of trustees in various sovereign countries. the day before Christmas.000. This process continues down through the four lower levels of trusts to the people.000.The news of these programs spread by word of mouth and especially via multi-level marketers.000. The Russian Trust. If not. government. if the Easter window is activated. but God has another plan for humanity. pharmaceutical cartels. banks. The window remains open only if significant funds are moved to certain designated trusts during a set period of time.000. Easter and Christmas. World Trust. This is enough money to buy a gold cube the size of the orbit of Saturn.000. That‘s 1 with 40 zeros behind it. Level Three — . Germain‘s orders the World Court activates the funding process. So astronomical most people will not believe it! The money from the World Trust will be distributed in the following manner.000. Many have died because of this wealth. Then corruption. Trustees such as Clyde Hood and Mike Kadoski where sent to jail under false charges. if anything was ever paid back to the investors. and the Vatican Trust. and zero out all debt. the window can remain open until December 24. Germain. using Promis Software they could transfer stolen funds without being traced.000. Examples are The French Trust. At St. 000. Thousands of people invested and great wealth was generated.000. Even the Bush family had their hands in the pot. This is under the trusteeship of Master St.000. the funding window is closed when such deadlines are not met. and under certain conditions the funding window remains open until the next holiday funding window begins. The time has now come to release these Prosperity Funds and the funds from Saint Germain‘s. For example. This money will be used to buy out all oil corporations.000.

The largest trust is Freedom and it must be funded first. there are 4-5 trustees per trust or some 350 persons who must sign documents to activate these trusts. Lockheed. the 33rd Zion Lodge. deceitful trustees. Morgan. and various Internet channeling‘s straight out of CIA Langley have been spouting much disinformation and confusion on the subject. Omega. Examples are Bronfman. the NSA. Level Five — These are the Prosperity Program Trusts which represent the various 70-75 bank roll programs which are under the control of designated program trustees. Boeing. ITI. The information on the Wikipedia even has its facts wrong. General which is a CIA front. If you look closely this law it stands for National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act. As the funds pass through each trust. Morgan. Warburg. Sources such as quatloos. nesara. Again. Ford. Some examples include Bergevene. Wikipedia gives you the history of Harvey Barnard NESARA law. Carnegie. There is much disinformation on the Internet pertaining to this law. and the deadlines for funding to reach certain trusts are not met. Savage. etc. and it begins with NESARA. Marriott and AT&T. the funding window is then closed. NESARA Change is on the which is owned by the Bush family. . Examples are General Electric. Level Four — These are the 250 plus Corporate Trusts under the control of trustees from powerful companies and corporations. This is the problem members of the Bush family are blocking the release of these funds. Sherry Shriner. It is these trust‘s that hold the wealth from the enlightened robber baron children.These are the Family Trusts under the control of trustees of the world‘s wealthiest families. There are 4-5 trustees per trust which means that approximately 1200 trustees must sign documents to move money through these trusts. Then finally the funds will be released to the common man. Should this process be activated and then be stalled by deceitful bankers. which would reform the economy and replace the income with a national sales tax. the trustee must use only certain designated ―safe‖ banks and sign the proper documents with only certain designated banking personnel at those banks. and Rockefeller. SBC. Rothschild. and Freedom.

prince or foreign power. 13th Amendment If any citizen of the United States shall accept. Ever since England lost her most prized jewel the ―American Colonies. Nearly 200 years have now since passed. from any emperor.A. This NESARA.R. The act does away with the Federal Reserve Bank. This amendment was unacceptable for the British crown because this would essentially cut of all meddling into the affairs of the new republic‘s government. claim. The British monarchy knew the American people would never tolerate British rule again. It‘s the most ground breaking reformation to sweep not only this country but our planet in its entire history. and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them. To ensure its survival a nobility amendment was passed to prevent anyone who had loyalties to the crown from holding public office. we have been conquered and yet we don‘t know it. The pioneers of our new republic knew the threat that faced the young nation. without the consent of Congress. and much more. the IRS. any title of nobility or honour. The 13th Amendment was approved by congress and the House of Representatives in 1810. pension. It would also mean anyone who is a member of the BAR (Lawyer) association would not be allowed to hold public office. office or emolument of any kind whatever. 1819. king. as they are not allowed to be US citizens. or shall. accept and retain any present.C.‖ the royal crown was looking for ways to take back what was once theirs.This law was rejected by congress in the 1990′s. the 13th amendment was to be removed from the constitution. However there is another NESARA law on the books. so they offered back the republic to the people with one exception. receive or retain. was burned to the ground and the original documents which proved this was indeed a law were destroyed. It reads as follows. History of NESARA To understand NESARA‘s origins we must go back to the early years of the American Republic. the secret government. It was ratified by all the necessary states into law on March 12. This amendment is technically still in effect today and therefore all the laws that have been made by lawyers remains unconstitutional. or either of them. stands for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. is short for the British Accredited Registry. Washington D. such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States. This is why England fought in a war with us in 1812. Remember the B. .

when rulings are made by the U. Then we had the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which put America into slavery. Almost unanimously the U. A series of lawsuits where initiated against the banks and the government. and all U. Then in 1992-1993. they sought the help of the Farmers Union and did in depth research on all the banks illegal activities.000 Farm Claims filed for fraud against the U. These court cases ran up and down various state and federal courts from 1970′s till the 1990′s.S. Now. Over 336. massive reformations would be required. NESARA The beginnings of NESARA takes us back to the early 1970′s when the banks where foreclosing on farmers mortgages all over the United States. citizens. The farmers soon realized the banks where not only charging exorbitant and illegal amounts of interest. The Justices recognized that to remedy this situation. He provided testimony and records of the banks illegal activity. Finally in the early 1990′s we started to see a change. the farmers appealed their case to the US supreme court. five Justices were assigned to a committee to develop steps to implement required government and banking . Federal Government with an average of $20 million dollars per claim. Supreme Court. They requested help from military generals such as General Ray Swasinger. Supreme Court Justices ruled that the Farmers Union claims were VALID and that the U.Then we had the civil war which was really about the Rothschild family trying to gain control of the south‘s cotton industry. When these farmers began to seek legal action against the banks they soon realized that the government and banks where working in collusion with each other. So in the early 1990′s.S. but they where illegally foreclosing on their homes. Furthermore the court ruled the shocking truth that the IRS and the Federal Reserve where unlawful. that the income tax amendment was never ratified by the US states.S.S. out of vast sums of money and property. federal government and the banks had seriously defrauded the farmers. In retaliation the banks and the government sent the IRS against the farmers. In this case. This amounts to $6.S. to lead further evidence that the Farmers‘ Union claims were legitimate. When the farmers realized they where being unfairly targeted by the IRS they began looking for ways to fight back.6 trillion total. to sit in the court room to ensure the bribed judges would vote according to constitutional law. The Willie Nelson ―Live Aid‖ concerts were one of the fund raisers that helped these farmers. one or more Justices are assigned to monitor the progress on how the rulings are carried out. and that the US government had illegally foreclosed on farmers homes with the help of federal agencies. Irrefutable proof of such was presented by a retired CIA agent.

) Gag Order Due to the ground breaking changes required. At every step of the process. was about to break the gag order. This is why Alex Jones or TV news anchors will not talk about this on air. U. Nor will wikipedia tell you the truth behind the law. Furthermore all court records where sealed until after all the reforms are completed. Constitutional government and law. the Federal Reserve Bank owners. directly involved and the court case records. These agreements . This term is a most accurate term for these ―White Knights‖ are working behind the scenes to stop the madness. The Justices built coalitions of support and assistance with thousands of people worldwide. or face charges of Treason which are punishable by death. anyone directly involved has been required to sign an agreement to keep the U. Accords To implement the required changes. Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone. government officials. Nor will Sherry Shriner who is nothing more than a CIA stooge. the damages process name was changed to Bank Claims. the case details for the docket number assigned to the Farmers‘ Union case were changed. As the Justices went about developing the required reformations they enlisted the help of experts in economics. It refers to how a vulnerable company is ―rescued from a hostile takeover by a White Knight‖ corporation or wealthy person. Supreme Court. Anyone who broke this gag order would receive the death penalty. After the trial. and himself. banking. To maintain this secrecy. This term ―White Knights‖ was borrowed from the world of big business hostile takeovers. This gag order was placed on all media personnel. the five Justices spent years negotiating how the reformations would occur. known as ―Accords‖ where made with the U. From 1993 through 1996.S.S. government. an extremely strict gag order was placed on everyone.S.reformations. but before he could his small passenger plane crashed killing his wife. daughter. the World . monetary systems.S. the International Monetary Fund. (This process CLOSED in 1996.S. citizens filed Bank Claims against the banks and the federal government through the U. Treasury Department to obtain payment for the damages as specified by the U. these thousands of people working to bring us NESARA have been named ―White Knights‖. As a result doing a search for this case will fail to reflect the correct information until after the reformations are made public. Supreme Court‘s process of implementing the required reformations ―secret‖. and many other related areas. and bank employees.

banking reformations will impact the entire world and therefore the IMF. 14. Abolishes income activities tax 3. 12. Returns Increases Constitutional benefits Law to all to our courts senior and legal citizens matters. purposes .S. Treasury Department and the banks‘ fraudulent activities stopped. As the years began to pass.‖ So. the military generals who originally helped the farmers soon realized that the government had no intentions of implementing the ―Accords.S. Abolishes IRS. NESARA implements the following changes. 6. and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government 2. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA‘s announcement 7. the Justices authorized the reformations be put into the form of a 75 page document known as the National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA). 11. creates 14% flat rate non-essential ―new items only‖ sales tax revenue for government 4.‖ backed by gold. Creates new US Treasury currency.S. Zeros out all credit card.S.S. Initiates first phase of worldwide prosperity distribution of vast wealth which has been accumulating for many decades. and other countries had to be involved. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups 8. World Bank. mortgage. Plus remedies will need to be made to U. citizens for past harm due to fraud. these funds will come from the Level 5 Trust. Remember.Bank. Releases bank enormous sums of money roll for humanitarian programs. military worldwide world Establishes throughout 15. Every American citizen over the age of 21 will receive $100. Retrains Ceases all all Initiates new U.000 a month for 11 years. and with numerous other countries including the United Kingdom and countries of the Euro Zone.. 10. and platinum 9. 1. The law requires that the farmers claims to be paid first before the general public receives funds. The U. banking system reformations require the Federal Reserve Bank system be absorbed by the U. Treasury Bank the Restores judges and US peace precious System in alignment with metals Constitutional Law Eliminates Federal financial attorneys government in Reserve System privacy Constitutional actions the Law aggressive. 5. The U. silver. ―rainbow currency. 13. 16.

G. The only catch is to release these funds they must first be released by Goldman Sacs and Bank of America which are owned by the Rockefeller and Bush cabals. Before NESARA is announced to the public it is stipulated that the original farm claims must be paid out first in with gold or precious metals backed currency as stipulated by the constitution. This why there are no public Congressional Records! The unelected cloned President Bill Clinton and his puppet masters. The $6. One time when these packets where returned to Washington D.6 trillion is to be distributed in the form of ATM debit cards from the new gold back US Treasury system. This money will come from the bank roll programs originally set up by benevolent illuminati families. Together they stormed the White House and under gunpoint forced Bill Clinton to sign NESARA into law. and sonic healing machines. Federal judges ordered him to release the funds. This occurred on October 10. and major bank houses. the military generals enlisted the help of the elite Naval Seals and the Delta Force.17. From its very inception Bush Snr. which where the only ones constitutionally allowed to hold office. Enables the release of new technologies such as free energy devices. the false congress. 2000.S.. The drivers of these Fed Ex trucks are heavily bribed and many of are afraid of reprisals from the Bush family if they deliver their payload as required by law. Bush replied.. and some members of Congress have actually been charged with ―obstruction‖ and threatened with Treason charges.C. and the Carlyle group opposed NESARA. are being transported 24/7 between warehouses in Charlotte. NESARA requires all congress members to resign immediately. Secrecy was maintained by revising the official congressional registry. Therefore they cannot be paid in Federal Reserve notes which is not money anyway. which contains instructions on how to access the funds. NC and Washington D. ―You will . had no interest in signing NESARA into law. Our members of congress will not tell us any of this because they have been ordered by the U. 2000 by Congress. so all the corrupt members of congress refused to vote. It was voted on by seven members congress. The details of the bill number for NESARA were revised to reflect a commemorative coin and revised again more recently.W. Plus.C. all members of Congress pretend that NESARA has not been passed in order to comply with the Justices‘ gag order. So. To prevent the funds from being released the banking documents. Supreme Court Justices to ―deny‖ the existence of NESARA or face charges of Treason punishable by death. pollution cleanup. This law was passed secretly on March 9. This is because the nobility amendment prevents anyone with ties to the crown from holding office. Therefore. Bush placed them under military guard.

2007.S.S. It was approved by congress on September 19. Just before the announcement. Without a gold backed treasury system our country is headed to economic collapse. but it‘s not an easy task to do.‖ (code for we also work for the Illuminati) This has been going on for some time. This will ultimately kill the Federal Reserve System which is worthless fiat money. 2001. On October 19. ordered the demolition of World Trade Center to stop the international banking computers on floors one and two. 2001. The judge answered ―I can do no more. Treasury Bank system.S. in the North Tower from initiating the new U.m. at midnight the U. moved into the White house to steer his son on how to block the announcement. Despite the fact the Bush family was to be paid off $300 trillion dollars to cooperate with NESARA. and World Bank got together along with the Rothschild family to set up a new global banking system backed by gold. the Justices had the current Congress pass resolutions ―approving‖ NESARA on September 9. 2007. Bush Snr. they choose instead to maintain control over us. he is President of the U. 9/11 Attacks Groups opposing NESARA arranged for the attacks to occur on 9/11 to keep NESARA from being announced. The next step is announcing this to the public. The next day NESARA was set to be announced at 10 a.‖ The news media were called and refused to film the guards saying ―He is the President and we are afraid of what he will do. and eventual civil war. Logistics of 9/11 . On September 10. treasury of the Republic went on-line with the Global Banking System. Ultimately in the end the Bush‘s will end up with nothing. so the IMF. Many powerful groups have tried to stop the announcement and implementation of the NESARA law. EDT on September 11.never receive these packages. they belong to me‖. 2001 George Bush Sr. George Bush Snr decapitated any hopes of returning this government back to the people. 18 months after NESARA became law.

The World Trade Center weakened by the fires collapsed into piles of rubble. The recorder is turned off when the Airborne Warning and Control System takes over the craft. The problem is when one investigates the conflicts of interest and red flags we find a long series of improbable coincidences. and is prepared to act immediately to threats and emergencies. collapsed due to fire (a fact which most people are unaware of). With this in mind what would cause the massive breakdown in the chain of command? According to the Pentagon. and so it was obvious that Osama bin Laden had masterminded 9/11 from caves in Afghanistan. Remember the hijackers nearly flunked out of flight school. Between September 2000 and June 2001. These planes were most likely flow using autopilot because all 5 planes had their black box in flight recorders turned off at the same time. there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President…the plane is 50 miles out…the plane is 30 miles out…. It is standard operating procedure (SOP) to scramble a jet fighter whenever an airliner goes off course or radio contact is lost. who flew three of the four jets into the Twin Towers and Pentagon.and when it got down to the plane is 10 miles out. This seems to conflict with Secretary of Transportation. the Air Force and other armed services in pursuit of airliners in trouble. how are they able to maneuver an airplane in such a way even expert pilots could not. Norman Mineta‘s testimony before the 9-11 Commission. The FBI had compiled a list of hijackers within three days. the young man also said to the vice president ―do the orders still stand?‖ And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said ―Of course the orders still stand. ―During the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon. Norman recalled an officer coming in every few minutes to question the Vice President if NORAD should continue to stand down and not shoot the airplanes out of the sky. In 2000 jets where scrambled 129 times. With that in mind there was no need to seriously investigate 9/11.We are all familiar with the official story of September 11th: Four jetliners where hijacked by groups of four and five Arabic men armed with box cutters. NORAD is responsible for monitoring. It has the authority to order units from the Air National Guard. interceptors where scrambled 67 times. have you heard anything to the contrary!??‖ The airplanes which flew into the twin towers where military aircraft as no normal 747 could maneuver the way they did. Later that afternoon. air and space traffic continuously. The air traffic control system continuously monitors air traffic and notifies NORAD of all deviations. this is why they where unable to scramble jets in time. NORAD was conducting a mock terrorist drill on 9/11. He reports that at the time of the attacks both Dick Cheney and himself was in the Presidential Emergency Operations Command Center. . the 47 story Building 7.

This would suggest the detonators where on a timed circuit set to go off in a controlled manner. Hilary Clinton promised . claiming that ―global collapse‖ was ―inevitable‖ after the ―initiation of collapse. This can been seen in videos which show the towers mushrooming into vast clouds as they fall.S. they where probably gassed aboard their plane and then sent to either the Amtrak facility in Kansas City. This troublesome issue is avoided by placing them outside the scope of its investigation. It was planned out by a CIA unit of 100 people (Aquarius?) in August of 2001. however the World trade center collapsed in 7 seconds. Kansas or the FEMA crematorium in Terra Haute. This same CIA group also created the conspiracy story of 19 Arab hijackers. many of whom where either dead or in jail in the middle east. While the building is collapsing you can see puffs of smoke exploding each floor out in a timed demolition. In the entire report only two sentences in a half page section gives us hints as to what really happened. Even Columbia Observatory recorded minute explosions on their seismograph. This also explains why the building collapsed in a free fall. All of this make s sense especially when you consider the testimony from the firefighters. moments prior to the collapse. leaving only twisted pieces of steel and no large pieces of concrete. This group carried out the attacks and staged the so-called cell phone calls purported to be from passengers on the commercial airlines by using voice impersonation technology and other remote technologies. which explode outward 10 to 15 floors below the rubble as the building collapses. They reported hearing bombs going off but the media ignored their testimony.‖ Essentially it‘s a ―gyro on a chip. Air Force‘s ―QRS11 Triaxial Remote Guidance System‖ called ―JPALS. ID to be incinerated.‖ A striking distinction of the World Trade Center collapse was the pulverization of the concrete into dust and gravel before it hit the ground. These puffs of smoke are called Sprites.‖ It uses GPS satellite technology and electronics implanted in the Boeing aircraft allowing them to be controlled remotely.The Planes where controlled using the U. Explosions in WTC The official NIST‘s (National Institute of Standards and Technology) investigation is often cited as proving the theory that planes and fires caused the collapses. William Rodriguez who worked as a janitor reported hearing explosions in the basement just moments prior to the airplane colliding into the world trade center. Yet the report fails to mention how the buildings could collapse due to fire without a historical precedent of any steel framed skyscraper collapsing other than a controlled demolition. An unobstructed freefall using Newtonian physics would be 6 seconds. As for the airline passengers on 9/11. Logic would dictate as the building collapsed the floors below it would reduce the speed. The truth is the September 11th attacks where carried out using remote processes.

‖ Its funny thing you know with all this ―heat. professor of physics at Brigham Young University found that the rubble had evidence of evaporated steel. Steven Jones. So who allowed this to happen? Securacom (later renamed Stratesec ) was responsible for the security of the WTC complex. Maybe this explains why the government was so eager to ship all the ―evidence‖. and Jet fuel burns at 1. Instead he refused. There is no way Jet fuel could burn hot enough to melt the steel in the WTC. Maintenance workers reported seeing ‗engineers‘ coming in and out of the building. The truth is the fire burned around 700 degrees and was about to extinguish itself.‖ How come the terrorist‘s passports which linked Al-Qaeda to the attacks failed to burn in the inferno as claimed by the government? So now the question is how did those explosives get into the building without anyone noticing it? On the weekend of 9/8 and 9/9 there was a ‗power down‘ condition in the south tower. and Dulles International Airport. Even three weeks after the world trade collapsed their where still areas of rubble which where so hot fire fighters could not go near it. and thermite which is used in controlled demolitions. Prior to 9/11. In order for steel to evaporate it would require temperatures in excess of 5.800. the same place where the reported hijackers boarded there planes. This would mean there would be no security cameras.him a high position in her government if he remained silent about this. I mean ruble to China and South Korea. no steel building had ever collapsed due to fire. and the sound of heavy objects moving around on floors which where supposed to be unoccupied. security locks on doors. Building 7 . Furthermore. Isn‘t it odd that he has never been investigated especially considering Securacom was also in charge of security for United Airlines.700 degrees Fahrenheit. 2001. This can be confirmed by the black smoke which occurs in an oxygen deprived fire.W‘s brother was on the board of directors. this is because steel melts at 2. For 36 hours there was no electrical supply from the 50th floor and up. Even more red flags are raised when one considers the fact that bomb sniffing dogs patrols where halted on September 6. G. Even if the beams buckled it wouldn‘t cause them to melt with the fire proofing protection.000 degrees Fahrenheit. even today the media continue to ignore and distort his testimony. Oddly enough the company which was given the task to do this was none other than ―Controlled Demolition Inc. and by removing the evidence the government violated crime scene laws. This was crime scene. Marvin Bush. There is no way the fires could have burned as hot as the government claims especially when the videos show people sitting at the edge of the impact hole waiting to be rescued.

‖ Pulling is a term used in controlled demolitions. ‗We‘ve had such terrible loss of life. Building 7 had a number of fires of limited extent and unknown duration before the total collapse at 5:20 PM. ―I remember getting a call from the…fire department commander. the SEC was storing thousands of files related to pending Wall Street investigations on companies such as Enron and Worldcom. So how is it that Building 7 which was two buildings away from the North Tower. include the IRS. It would have cost much more than $7 billion to take the building apart piece by piece to remove the stuff. fires have never leveled a steel skyscraper before. Other tenants in WTC7. From the video evidence. but none of these other buildings collapsed. developed these fires when it wasn‘t hit with a plane. Building Seven also served as the command center for the . FBI. Now it takes weeks of planning and installation of detonators for a successful controlled demolition.Building 7 was the third building to collapse on 9/11 according to the government fires leveled the building. Official reports assume the debris from the North Tower ignited the fire at 10:29 A. The only problem with this is. and Department of Defense. Conveniently these document where destroyed when the building collapsed. Even the owner of the WTC complex. And I said. though it was inconclusive. How could all these detonators be conveniently in place unless Silverstein had foreknowledge the attacks would occur? Perhaps this explains why he bought a 99 year insurance policy worth $7 billion months prior to the attack. FEMA‘s report blamed the collapse primarily on fires. So not only is it cheaper to do a controlled demolition Larry Silverstein made money from it too! Buildings which where much closer to the World Trade center sustained more damaged yet did not collapse due to fire. In WTC 7. it is clear building 7 collapsed in a controlled demolition type manner. Maybe the smartest thing to do is pull-it. However other skyscraper fires exhibited more extensive burns and longer lasting than Building 7. The truth is the world trade center was loaded with asbestos.‘ And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse. The team that investigated the collapse was kept away from the crime scene. NIST suggested it was cause by severe structural damage. Secret Service.M. Maybe this can be answered when we look at who has the most to gain from the destruction of this building. The following are the prime suspects in the 9/11 collapse. Larry Silverstein admitted to this fact in 2002 on PBS. by the time their report was published in May 2002 the evidence had been destroyed. telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire. CIA.

All we can conclude from the video is a blurry metal bogey of some sort hit the pentagon. (Israel is actually a state within the United States so it‘s really the US-Egypt peace treaty. on 9/11 Giuliani didn‘t bother to put the center to use. and a full commanding view of the entire WTC complex. with the only evidence left. as many of the major news networks have been paid off to lie to the American people. . What else are they hiding from us? What happened to the debris from flight 93 in Pennsylvania? It was mysteriously missing. Marvin Bush. choose to omit any reference to building seven. He decided instead. which was headed by the President‘s brother. whose contract ended ―coincidentally‖ on 9/11. even though that‘s what it was built for. in 1998 as a ―bunker‖ for emergences such as 9/11. Its all about the money! Pentagon There is no way a 124 foot wide Boeing 757 airplane could fit into a hole 15-18 feet wide. This was built on the 23rd floor. because such a large aircraft flying at 450 mph would literally be torn apart from turbulence created while flying under 60 feet in altitude. Seriously of the entire WTC complex. its own water and air supply. the ability to withstand 160 mph winds. Camp David was targeted by our government because it was the anniversary of the ―Camp David accords. It is safe to rule out a 757. It had bullet and bomb-resistant windows.‖ Which was the 1978 Israeli-Egypt peace treaty. The truth is flight 93 was intended to hit Camp David. and eyewitnesses had to sign nondisclosure agreements. a 15 foot hole in the ground. After the impact. To date only one of these videos has been released and this video is only 4 frames. The government will not answer them because they are at fault. 9/11 was totally scripted that day. to set up a makeshift command center down the street. Why was their no investigation in the put options on American Airlines stock? Why was members of the bin laden family flown out of the country on 9/11 when all other planes where grounded? Where did the missing $700 million dollar stash of gold stored under the WTC complex disappear too? The questions go on and on. So what hit the pentagon if it wasn‘t a passenger airplane? Unfortunately the government confiscated most evidence covering up what happened. The whores in the media will not tell us the truth. pentagon officials confiscated 80 video cameras which where focused on the pentagon. Interestingly. It was also host to then Mayor Rudy Giuliani‘s Office of Emergency Management command center.) By blaming the Muslims it would have given our government another excuse to bomb the Middle East. If you go to YouTube you can hear the actual sound bites from the new networks which announce flight 93 hit Camp David. Isn‘t it strange that the official 9/11 commission report.

The following death totals comes from the Pleiadian Commander in Chief Hatonn (more on who he is later.S. ―He who trades liberty for security.‖ – Thomas Jefferson The Bush family and the Bin Laden family are in fact best friends. According to Patrick Bellringer. They where both business partners in Saudi Oil and members of the Carlye Group. Iraq. At the time they where coordinating activities supporting NESARA‘s implementation nationwide. THE TERRORISTS ARE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Patriot Acts I and II will eventually take away basic constitutional liberties such as a trial by jury and search warrants. He later died on December 26. This fictional story has given Bush an excuse to send the U. The actual death count is 30. 2001 seeking medical treatment for his kidney problems. the Bush family was protecting Bin Laden. and create Patriot Act I and II. sat in a classroom reading a children‘s book about a pet goat for seven minutes. Now our country remains at war and the media covers up the amount of body bags coming out of Iraq. the seismic data. the terrorists they are referring to are not Al-Qaeda. and eyewitness accounts the government‘s conspiracy theory just does not make sense.700. as if this epic cosmic tragedy was no big deal. When you analyze the video footage. So they have no way of knowing how many truly died. 2001 from kidney (renal) failure and lung complication. The big lie by the US government is to keep the people believing there are terrorists out there to get us.The truth is Bush ordered the destruction of the Pentagon building to prevent this country from returning back to constitutional law. He checked into the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.) . people who have lost loved ones do not make contact with others who have died in 9/11. When one takes a closer look at the secret memos and executive orders the intent of the elite is clear. if there are no terrorists! Furthermore the media refuse to investigate how a dying man can survive on a dialysis machine in remote Pakistani caves for over six years. deserves neither and will loose both. Remote pilot technology was used to fly a small white private plane loaded with explosives into the Pentagon at the exact location of the White Knights in their new Naval Communications Center. MN prior to September 11. Al-Qaeda Every time Bush says we are in a war against terrorism. We are now living in a police state just like our Nazi leaders have always planned for us. No one questions the insanely small numbers given out by the government because New York City is a large place. The hospital gave him and his family a floor unto themselves for privacy. Nor do they report the real death totals on 9/11. Military to Afghanistan. It‘s hard to have a War on Terrorism. Now you know why on 9/11. especially when their government lies to them. Bush Jr. Further more anyone who tries to cash their refund from the NESARA trust funds are arrested under the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Gestapo.

official death toll 2. soldiers hostile injuries and of Defense.washingtonpost.S. soldiers killed War 680 U. Gov.000 http://projects. U.000 Iraqis Iraqis injured 555.600 22.S.S.527 . Data of the U. U.063 22. official Dept.600 Number of the 30.S.S. deaths of Defense 494 killed 36.S.S.000 Official Confirmed U.S.000 U.752 9/11 People Total deaths – killed to date World Trade that resulting from Tower day this disaster Disaster 30. 26. 2007 3. Dept. soldier-non-hostile U.000 dead injuries disease ( http://icasualties.884 victims 24. officially identified 1. soldier.S.700 56.S.823 killed 960. soldier bodies dumped into Persian Gulf 7.S.S U.700 picked up by Starship that day 20. soldiers.800 5. Jan.400 Official U. Gov.Casualties Report March 2003 till January 2007 Iraq U.400 U. civilians war killed injuries killed War 11. Data soldiers of the U. soldiers Afghanistan U. war injuries 660 Afghans Afghans injuries 67.S.S.

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