Writing In-Class Essays

English 0950 February 2009

What is an ICE?
Essay exam  Response/discussion/analysis style essay based on a reading  Two-hour session for planning, drafting, revising, and submitting an essay

Why do we do ICEs?
Course requirement  Common element of English 1101  Test of writing process  High-pressure situation similar to many writing situations

What is the process?
Prepare beforehand  Arrive in class, read writing prompt  Plan, draft, revise for two hours  Submit your essay at the end of class  One week later your graded essay is returned & can be revised at any time

How do I prepare?
Read the text(s) carefully and thoroughly, analyzing key elements  Anticipate possible exam questions  Annotate your text  Brainstorm ideas related to the text

When does this happen?
Practice exam, Thursday, 2/26  Essay 3, Tuesday, 3/3  Preparation for Essay 4, Thursday, 3/5  Essay 3 returned, Tuesday, 3/10  Essay 4, Tuesday, 3/17  Essay 4 returned, Tuesday, 3/24

Essay 3

Read the following:

“I Just Wanna Be Average” by Mike Rose, page 182 “Shame” by Dick Gregory, page 245

 

Choose one reading to focus on Try to anticipate possible essay questions

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