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Public Notice March 1st 2013

Public Notice March 1st 2013

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The returned Lord Jesus Christ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Public Notice March 1st 2013
The returned Lord Jesus Christ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Public Notice March 1st 2013

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Published by: Christ Is Back on Mar 01, 2013
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PUBLIC NOTICE March 1st 2013 The Queen Elizabeth II was served a demand by the Christ Brian Leonard

Golightly Marshall to abdicate; the notice of acceptance is June 14th in the year of 2010. Queen Elizabeth abdicated in favour of Christ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall on October 28th 2011, when the population of the earth reached 7 billion people. On that day in London at 12 noon the star directly overhead was Alpha lac at an altitude of 88.80 degrees. The sunlight over London was 651 which in Hebrew is to set like the sun and in Greek it means apostleship. The Queen was 4462 weeks old when she abdicated which means Rabboni, she was indicating to the Christ her recognition of him though she be totally surrounded by gross darkness and the evil of her controller husband Prince Phillip, an abomination. The verse John 20:16 containing the word Rabboni which means Lord she is saying unto the Christ “Lord”…The verse number 2016 in Hebrew means to turn over to change overturn be converted retire. Elizabeth indicated to the butler of Lady Diana in a warning that they were surrounded by gross evil, the real powers that are in control and for him to “go lightly”. The Pope Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger stepped down as Pope the Vicar of Christ on February 28th 2013. He as a man while cardinal was sickened by the gross filth and evil in the Church. He was the head of the

prosecution team to arrest and charge and remove from office those priests bishops and cardinals guilty of the perversions he learned of. He was stopped by Pope John Paul II who was elected as Pope in 1978 when the sunlight in Rome for the day was 666 minutes. When Joseph Ratzinger became Pope he immediately started arresting and ridding the Church of the abominations from within its walls. While the Christ was living in Port Alberni BC Canada 1991-1996, He was continually in the news and the courts demanding the Queen hand over the Throne and declaring that he was the Christ. It was big news in a very small town and everybody knew since it was front page news in the Alberni Valley times. Kevin Annet, a minister of the Church arrived in Port Alberni just after the Christ and left at the same time. He ignored the Christ then, did not seek him out and ignored him again in 2010 when his personal secretary was contacted and delighted to learn of the return of the Christ and promised to have Annet call after the exchange of phone numbers. It is he today who has brought about the charges against the Queen and Ratzinger for crimes against humanity and he has held them accountable for the sins and perversions of the Church of England which is headed by the Queen and the Catholic Church headed by Ratzinger. The verdict of guilty handed down by the International Court of Common Law on February 25th 2013, all Church

property throughout the world to be confiscated and a 25 year jail sentence against the Queen and Ratzinger. Both are innocent of the crimes that they had no control over being prisoners of the establishment they were both head of. The real perpetrators go free as in the case of Prince Phillip who is a paedophile, homosexual deviant and murderer of his prey and the dead Pope John Paul beloved by the world deceived by him. In fact Kevin Annet by ignoring the Christ twice has paved the way for the beast and is judged by the Christ to be part of the beast, especially telling is the absence of the demon Prince Phillip as a defendant when the 10 children from the native orphanage at Kamloops in 1964 went off with Prince Phillip and the Queen never to return. The Christ was contacted by William Coombs the last eye witness of the events on the day when the children went missing; he sent his testimony of what he saw, Coombs mysteriously died of a heart attack before giving his testimony before the tribunal. Prince Phillip is known for his animal lusts and predatory sexual perversions including snuff and yet he is not among the defendants listed. The Vatican cardinals gather daily around the coffin of Pope John Paul II in the vain hope that he will resurrect

Revelation 17:11 “and the beast that was and is not, even he is the eighth and is of the seven that goeth into perdition”. He was shot 942 days after he was elected Pope and did live, 942 is the number of verses that Jesus is found in. Revelation 13:14 “ and he deceiveth that dwell on the earth (by the means of) those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast, saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast which had the wound by a sword, and did live.” He, Pope John Paul II had said to his cardinals that dwell on the earth they should make an image to him, his tomb, he is the beast as he had a wound by a sword and did live. The 1314 number in Greek means to guard thoroughly, protect and to keep. There is a webcam in the Vatican that when the lights are switched on at 5am then the cardinals come and surround the tomb and pray. “The Vatican is preparing for Pope John Paul to rise from the dead” . John Pauls term of office of 26.46 years means to encase, protect, seal cover and overlay which is exactly what they did when they buried him and in greek it means to let down…which is what they did when they lowered him into the ground, it also means a lodging place and the breaking of a journey. He was born on the 18th May 1920 which is the birthday of the Christ’s grandmother and 2 aunts birthday. In weeks he lived 4428 which is King in Hebrew, he lived 31000 days exactly, when he came to Sydney Australia in December of 1986 he was in his bullet proof Popemobile

when he made eye contact with the Christ in the crowd and froze with a look of wide eyed fear and kept his eyes locked on the Christ while he could see him. Revelation 13:18 “here is wisdom, let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man and his number is six 5516 hundred 5516 threescore 5516 and six 5516” when adding 22064 (4x5516) to the birth date of the Christ it lands on the date of June 8th 2004 the transition of Venus across the face of the sun. The anticipated 112th Pope Petrus the Roman combined with the name De Labore Solis the clue from the Malachy prophecy of John Paul II the English gematria is 329 and being the sixth of the group of 8 mentioned in the Revelation 17:11 .The 329 is to rekindle, from 2226 and 4442, 2226 is a live thing, beast and 4442 is fire, lightning. 329 x 6 being the sixth pope = 1974 from 1984 to give in marriage rising renown also foolish from 1966 = Lucifer the morning star The distance from the Vatican to the Denver airport is 5555.5 miles where the Freemason plaque was laid on March 19th 1994, March 19th is the birthdate of Michelle Nye Mary Magdalene who herself is antichrist and a harlot. The age of John Paul II in weeks on 19th of March 2013 will be 484.4 which is the height of the completed pyramid in feet, making the target date March 19th 2013

in promoting him as the capstone which is the Christ position.

The time of this screen capture is 1332 = 2 x 666

The Christ promised the queen that he would not take vengeance upon her family, understanding that they are consumed by the devil since they are mentally ill and will be treated as patients. The International Court of Common Law in Brussels Belgium has announced a guilty verdict and arrest warrants have been issued for the Queen Elizabeth II and the Pope found guilty on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity. Further the queen was served a demand by the Christ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall to abdicate; the notice of acceptance is June 14th in the year of 2010. The Australian Federal Government and all State Governments are hereby put on notice that these government/corporate entity fictions are unlawfully operating under the illegitimate Monarchy trading as Queen Elizabeth II via her Governor Generals within each corporation trading as Federal and State Governments with an ACN inside the Nation of Australia. The Australian Parliament was served with a proclamation on June 17th 2002 where all politicians/corporation employees “acting” within their fictional capacities as representing the Australian Nationals, were charged with high treason and crimes against humanity. The charges specified the poisoning of Australian crops produced by farmers who were forced to adopt spraying with multiple poisons detrimental to good health,

producing food contaminated with various poisons including soy and bromide in bakers flour with the intent to cause the sterility of the population of Australia thereby reducing the population, as well through vaccine induced disease & sterility, consumption of fluoride within the water supply as well as other poisons causing involuntary medication, disease, aging, cancers, obesity and the general decline of the health of the Australian nationals in accordance with the immoral and genocide intent of the trade treaty known as “Agenda 21” doctrine of depopulation adopted by signatories to the UN instigated by the illegitimate Monarch and her controllers. The controllers of the Australian weather causing floods and drought through the use of HAARP and Pine Gap being owned by the United States military are hereby ordered to leave Australia Immediately. All aircraft spraying chemicals of any kind over Australia are to be grounded and those employees of the corporations responsible under contract are charged with crimes against humanity and can be arrested by any Australian National and turned over to the authorities for imprisonment. Presently the Australian Government is on notice, that all previous charges of June 17th 2002 are current and apply to every politician either presently in office or former members of parliament alive or dead and further all pensions and benefits are withdrawn.

The Commanding Officers of all armed forces are hereby ordered to bring all Australian troops employed by the corporate DEFENSE FORCES home and to withdraw from any further participation in UN, USA, English or NATO conflicts. All police, military, or immigration employees of the collapsed corporate entities of POLICE SERVICE, DEFENSE FORCES or DEPARTMENTS OF IMMIGRATION & CUSTOMS are hereby warned not to enter these grounds or premises under any condition, to do so will result in criminal trespass prosecution and 5 years jail. Any national newspaper, television, radio or any communications media which fails to announce the return of The Lord Jesus Christ to Australia; their owners and editors will face 25 years jail. King of kings and Lord of lords, The Lord Jesus Christ, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall.

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