Date: February 28, 2013 File: 13-I-008

Subject: Amadouba T. Tall, A/K/A Amadou Tall, A/K/A Tall Amadouba – Invictus Executive Management Services LLC The NFL Players Association Security Department received information alleging that Amadou Tall is operating a business named Invictus Executive Management Services LLC, also known as Mr. Tall is NOT an NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor, nor is he an NFLPA Registered Financial Advisor. It has been alleged that Tall is actively advertising his business to NFL Players, and his advertising may lead players to incorrectly believe that he is certified and/or registered with NFLPA. Tall’s business operates utilizing the web site This business uses addresses in both Marina Del Rey and Los Angeles, CA. According to information received by the NFLPA and from reviewing information contained on the aforementioned web site, Invictus Executive Management Services advertises Contract Negotiation Assistance and Financial Investment Assistance among other services to the professional athlete. As mentioned above, Tall is NOT a Certified Contract Advisor and is not registered as a Financial Advisor. Services represented and advertised by Invictus are the following: 1. Business Management 2. Financial Planning 3. Contract Negotiation Assistance 4. Endorsement Assistance 5. Foundation Management Assistance 6. Investment Assistance 7. Temporary Financial Assistance 8. Legal Aid Assistance 9. Professional Guidance 10. Personal Guidance 11. Housing Assistance 12. Personal Assistance NFL players are cautioned that Mr. Tall is NOT certified by the NFLPA as an Agent, which means that he is PROHIBITED from any contract negotiations. Additionally, he not an NFLPA Registered Financial Advisor, which means that NFLPA Certified Contract Advisors are prohibited from recommending his financial services to any player. If you have any information relative to this matter you are requested to contact the NFLPA Security Department at 202-756-9102 or by email at ###